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(Editor's note:  I was just reading the indictment to try and place the events and attorneys - ¶¶ 3-7 say Person "A" was an attorney"  Was?  have their been secret disbarments?  Also, a man stands his ground - when I was told if I go after Darryl Jordon, top lawyer for the State Bar of Texas, over his role in trying to void the $119 million dollar judgment against Dallas Diocese, I said - do not care the Diocese must be held accountable for the priests molesting the children.  The criminal enterprise of the State Bar of Texas said - no - Darryl Jordon must be protected even if it means children being molestedby priests.  I held and paid a price - but not as to my integrity or honor because I did the right thing.  i still hold my integrity and honor.

People want to say Peter Z did this to Limas - what did he do?  Nothing - he used it as a campaign gag - be never showed an ounce of manhood by putting his name on a lawsuit for force Mueller to act  - he was so incompetent as a DA candidate he could not beat an openly corrupt DA - he knew nothing about criminal law.  This is why he lost - defense attorneys were horrified how little he knew.  When it came time to be a man for his criminal conduct he threw Yolanda under the bus and took a plea anyway.  Justice allowed Yolanda to walk free.  It blows my mind anyone other than a lunatic can say anything positive about Peter Z.- sorry for that but I hate disinformation -

But what about the phrase "was an attorney" typo or have there been secret disbarments?)

I am using this particular source because I think it gets it best.  He first plead not guilty before the magistate judge and then later in the day before Judge Hanen he plead guilty.  Sentencing will be in 14 days.

Not that facts matter but here are posts from the BV which are a bit dated wherein I talk about the FBI calling my allegations against Judge Limas fanciful.

More on Judge Limas

I will be asking the federal judge in the case to sanction FBI Director Mueller for lying to the court.  For the record, this is one of the cases Montoya, Quintanilla, and McHale call evidence of me being vexatious.  You see when it serves their needs Limas is their hero and I am the bad guy.  McHale vilified me for pushing for the unelection of Limas.

Now Montoya wants Martinez to distance himself from Limas - I agree he should.  But read the indictment at the  Herald - it applies equally to Ben Neece and the special deal he gave Montoya by changing the felony charge to a misdemeanor.

Here is my question - I agree Tony Martinez needs to act fast and denounce eveyone involved and distance himself.   If he does not he will tarnish his campaugn in a way I would certainly never defend.

So Camarillo and Atkinson since Ben Neece did the same thing for Juan Montoya by changing a felony charge to a misdemeanor charge will you each run from his endorsement or embrace him?

Yea we know the answer - Camarillo and Atkinson will continue to protect Ben Neece and go to Montoya to defame anyone who challenges these two scums of the earth.

In addition to the criminal complaint I put on FBI Director Mueller's desk against Judge Limas with all the supporting evidence I alleged the following in the lawsuit seeking to compel action.

30. With this knowledge in hand and the agreement to protect Bush crony Dannenbaum, Villalobos knew he could be party to allowing a confessed convicted murderer to walk out of court on a promise to return after he got his personal affairs in order. Amit Livingston is now on the FBI’s most wanted list. The corrupt agreement was, Judge Limas would give Livingston’s $500,000.00 cash bond to Eddie Lucio, former law partner of the DA, in exchange for DA Villalobos not objecting to Amit Livingston walking out of court to get his affairs in order. Eddie Lucio, based on press reports, made $200,000.00 on the deal for the time put into processing the check and cutting a new check to the children of the victim. DA Villalobos had the local FBI and Mueller as part of the cover-up in the Dannenbaum mess and knew they could not touch him."

For those who do not know Mueller is in the process of being replaced as FBI Director.  I will say this, if Villalobos had a half of brain he would look to moving to Cuba, like yesterday.

I am proud of my work.  I am proud to have a convicted felon like Quintanilla call my claims against Limas vexatious.  It shows Limas and Quintanilla are of like mind.

The BV stands by its work.

To date - two city employees indicted and fired for theft - now Judge Limas -  BISD found twice to have violated the rights of special needs children, Texas Ethics Commission Sanctions Escobedo and negotiates deal with Robert Sanchez - current pending investigation against Ben Neece - exactly what have Quintanilla, Montoya or McHale done to clean up Brownsville - nothing in fact McHale vilified me for opposing Limas.


I discovered something a few minutes ago - I am deciding how to proceed - story by this afternoon.  I cannot get anyone to talk with me directly on this issue, but Jim Gallagher is in for the biggest financial battle of his life.

Pan Am has reserved the rights to "Fly Frontera"  This means for 120 days Jim Gallagher and his convicted business partner Carlos Quintanilla cannot use the name in any contracts as a corporation.

Pan Am has reserved the rights to Frontera Airlines, Inc.   This means for 120 days Jim Gallagher and his convicted business partner Carlos Quintanilla cannot use the name in any contracts as a corporation.

Further I have engaged an attorney to see if we can sue GBIC to void any agreement they have with Gallagher since at the time of the agreement he was not legally authorized to do business in Texas.  The question is the agreement void or voidable.  If it is void, then there is no agreement. How incompetent can this man be that he never sought authority to do business in Texas and never bothered to spend $40 dollars to reserve the name Fly Frontera or Frontera Airline.  Are the problems with Sky King's bankruptcy already impacting his cash flow?  GBIC says this is a competent business man who can be trusted.

His press people - convicted felon -  convicted drunk - city spokesman - discredited Home Land Security employee - no authority to do business in Texas, and now has lost right to use the name Fly Frontera or Frontera Airlines.  This is the man Ahumada, Troiani, Longoria, Gowen, Camarillo, and Atkinson want to give your money to, while committing Brownsville to daily payments for any flights which do not meet the break even point on cost of the flight.

Investors who believe in Pan Am have invested millions.  COB offered no start up money to Pan Am.  Had they offered the same deal to Pan Am, by this time we would have 737 non-stops to SA, with additional non-stop service to Mexico.  Where was Charlie when it came time to help Pan Am?  Where has Charlie been on the issue of fixing Iowa - a street which looks like a bombed out street in a war zone?   This is every busniss person's first impression of Brownsville.  It is not a good impression.

Now a convicted felon wants money and Charlie is "you got it." Sorry Charlie Atkinson wants to offer his convicted felon buddy - Carlos Quintanilla - the same felon working with BISD to fire Brett Springston and make Sorry Charlie's sister the superintendent, one million dollars.  And it does not stop there - Brownsville is still on the hook for subsidies.  If the plane flies empty Brownsville must pay Jim Gallagher the cost of flying the empty plane.  And given the soring price of plane fuel empty planes are a real possibility.  Who takes the loss, not Gallagher, but the Brownsville taxpayers.

In simple numbers - let's say the cost of flying the plane to Monterrey is $10,000, and Fly Frontera only sells $6,000 worth of seats, Brownsville owes Jim Gallagher $4,000.  This can go on for ever.

All the while to all you city employees - you need to ask Sorry Charlie Atkinson, why he has money for a convicted felon, $30 million for a sports park and not one penny for city employees for a pay raise?

If I were Pan Am I would pull out - Ahumada, Troiani, Longoria, Gowen, Camarillo, and Atkinson have made it clear - they will not defend Pan Am against these attacks.  Money Pan Am should be using to develop the business will now go for lawyers.

Why would any ethical business come to Brownsville when they know Ahumada, Troiani, Longoria, Gowen, Camarillo, and Atkinson, will not defend them against false attacks by a convicted felon?

I am hoping to break a story on a criminal investigation which could include the City of Brownsville related to this mess.   It is clear by the refusal of Ahumada, Troiani, Longoria, Gowen, Camarillo, and Atkinson to denounce Mr. Gallagher's use of a convicted con artist and convicted drunk as his press agents and their unrelenting lies that honest businesses have no home in Brownsville. 

While it is highly unlikely the criminal investigation which may be opened against Charlie Atkinson will envelope the COB, it certainly will lead to interviews of every commissioner to determine what Gallagher told them and when, and all emails between themselves and Atkinson, Gallagher and Quintanilla.  The question is, who other than Charlie Atkinson will be caught up in this criminal investigation.  Guys - be careful what you say in your emails -

It is time the people let the city commission know how they feel - no money for road repairs or city services but a million dollars for a convicted felon and his con artist business partner Jim Gallagher of Public Charters.  You employees who are being played by Atkinson, instead of blaming the firefighers who save our lives how about asking him why a million dollars for a convicted felon and his partner while there is no money for pay raises.

Mayor Ahumada -

Anthony Troiani -

Rose Gowen -

Rick Longoria

Charlie Atkinson

Melissa Zamoara

Edward Camarillo

Now if you want to give your opinion to Jim Gallagher you can email him at

Or better yet , call him 570-457-1950 - demand he issue a public apology to Tony Martinez - he will never apologize to Tony Martinez because he wants a sap like Camarillo running his con for him as his mayor and not the mayor of Brownsville. He intentionally authorized the lies about Tony Martinez so that the election would favor his own sap Edward Camarillo.

Wednesday, March 30, 2011


Camarillo, Quintanilla, Montoya all bow down to Jim Gallagher as modern uncle Toms - money buys self hatred - how sad this is still happening in Texas.

No one and I mean no one in the State of Texas has worked harder to expose the racists attitude the Texas Democratic Party has towards Latinos, than Bobby Wightman-Cervantes. I have been at it for at least 11 years. I take pride in the party’s leadership contempt for my views which are truthful. Since war broke out between the Mexican American Democrats and the newly formed Tejano Democrats during the Richards/ Bush campaign I have stood with the Mexican American Democrats whose original membership suffered for our rights and marched at a time arrest and assassination of our leaders was legal. When Dr. Jose Angel Gutierrez needed a lawyer to defend the Mexican American Democrats he called Bobby Wightman-Cervantes. He knew money would never be an issue. He knew I would stand my ground and not cave under threat from the terrorist organization known at the State Bar of Texas. I take pride in knowing one of the best known leaders for equal rights for Latinos in Texas came to me for help.

The Texas Democratic Party and in particular Cameron county remains a bastion of corruption and racism - but at least they have not declared war on us. I will take the Cameron County Democratic Party any day over the Republicans. Yes - many are corrupt - but change comes from within - Tony Martinez can help bring that change. We should be fighting for change from within, rather than aligning with those who seek to destroy us as Latinos and vilify us.


“Host Michelle Norris set the biased tone in her introduction for the correspondent's report: "In Texas, the Republican Party is changing tack on illegal immigration. The relatively welcoming, tolerant attitude embraced by George W. Bush when he was governor is waning. It's been overtaken by a flood of Arizona-style get-tough measures. Nearly 100 immigration bills have been written or filed in the current legislative session."

Read more:

“The state is now more than ever in the nation's conservative vanguard. Among its most conservative leaders is state Rep. Leo Berman from northeast Texas. Though Berman's district is far from the Mexico border, he's leading the charge on immigration. One of his bills would "stop giving automatic citizenship to children born in Texas."

There's also a voter ID bill; a bill that would require elementary-school children to prove their citizenship upon enrolling data that would then be turned over to state and federal authorities; and another Berman bill that would make English the official state language.

"That will shut off the state printing anything in any language but English," he says, "and that's going to save millions of dollars right there."

Jim Gallagher the con man trying to take a million dollars from some of the poorest people in the US, the convicted felon and convicted drunk and disgraced Homeland Security employee and promoter of pornography, are the only people publicly supporting this tactic of attacking anyone associated with Tony Martinez and the Democratic Party. Jim Gallagher’s publicists are certainly the cream of the crop - don’t you think? If we allow for this tactic to continue Brownsville will never lift itself up. There is no place in Texas or humanity for Jim Gallagher and his types.


No matter how justified we are in being mad at the Democratic Party do we really want the anti-Latino uncle Tom Republicans and sell outs like Edward Camarillo running the show? Edward Camarillo learned his politics well from Juliet Garcia. Sell to the highest bidder and screw the people - remember how he sold us out to the developers and cost us millions?

Yes, it disturbs me that the Cameron County Democrats are endorsing people - but Tony must play the political machines - this is the nature of the beast. But Tony unlike so many others has given his money to educate the poorest of the poor in Brownsville. Tony unlike the others marched for our equal rights. His documented history is that of a real Democrat a real Latino and not a DINOLINO like Oliviera, Quintanilla, or Montoya.

Remember how Oliviera was their hero when he was going to get hired to help carry out the agenda of the corrupt 4 on the BISD Board, but now that Jim Gallagher has money on the table for them Oliviera is the bad guy. Remember when Ernie paid Montoya to cover-up the theft of senior citizen mail ballots, but now Ernie is the bad guy because Jim Gallagher is putting the money on the table.


Your other choice is to go with those supporting the Republicans like Camarillo, convict Quintanilla, drunk Montoya, and promulgator of pornography McHale. Your choice - Yes the Dems are bad, but the Republicans want us all deported and hated by all. The choice seems easy to me. Tony Martinez who protested for our equal rights and gives to educate poor children and or Edward Camarillo who sold our children out as the President of the Student Association under Juliet Garcia. Who sold us out to the developers.

The choice is a no brainer - a man who gives to poor children and marched for our equal rights or a uncle Tom like Camarilloa who beds down with convicts, and promoters of pornography


A competent city commission would issue press releases today denouncing Atkinson and Quintanilla for their conduct thereby sending a clear message to Pan Am Brownsville will not tolerate such conduct - but dare I say they will not - Camarillo needs the dirty politics to win the mayor's race, and the other commissioners are too busy trying to save their own asses to care about how much Atkinson and Quintanilla are hurting Brownsville and Pan Am.  It is sad our city commission and mayor support such vile attacks on Pan Am and new business in Brownsville.  It is no wonder only dishonest people like Jim Gallagher have a business interest in Brownsville.

I was asked to hold off on filing the lawsuit against Jim Gallagher and his monkey friends because insiders were saying his lawyers were preparing a statement slamming Quintanilla and apologising to Tony Martinez and Brownsville for Quintanilla's and Montoya's conduct. I was just finishing a letter informing Mr. Gallagher that if these claims were true I would drop all claims but then comes along Quintanilla and continues with the defamation per se about me being a drug addict.    My offer to Mr. Gallagher will be what is considered a nuisance settlement plus the letter it is said his lawyers have been drafting.  We shall see if he will put integrity first and try and save this  deal or continue to use a convicted felon and convicted drunk as his press agents.

You know in Dallas Quintailla told everyone he was going to sue me and bankrupt me - then the judge saw my name and his name on the lawsuit and dismissed it without me having to lift a finger. He later dismissed Rick Zayas and Ruben Cortes. Quintanilla's track record in court is refusal to pay judgments and perjury. I think he is in for a bit of a shocker her in Brownsville.
Sorry Charlie Atkinson sent me the following email slamming Pan Am. Quintanilla in his own words is saying Atkinson is doing the right thing in how he his handling the Fly Fronterra deal. You tell me is this how Brownsville treats its new corporate clients who are actually paying wages to people in Brownsville versus how Sorry Charlie Atkinson wants to give a $1 million dollars of your money to a convicted felon who uses verbal terrorist tactics of defaming and trashing anyone who does not go along with him?

From Charlie

"Dont slam me when all I'm trying to do is bring in something good for Brownsville. Quintanilla is not on the contract and does that upset him ya but that is life. You hate him and you have your reasons but don't try to kill a great opportunity for Brownsville. I talked to Larry Brown and he told me Pan Am has yet to bring a plane in. Mr. Hendricks needs to deliver on his promises before trying to venture on some other project. I was there when Hendricks was trying to hire these guys right when they were coming out of a meeting at our airport. He came across so arrogant and pushy and right after I was embarrassed that he was trying to get a new deal for himself. He threw out mexican investors that wanted to give him money. He said Fred Rusteburg was putting the deal together. I talked to Fred and he told me that there wasn't any deal on the table and that Mr. Hendricks was no where close to getting anything done. I believe that or why else would he show up to the airport and try to hire this charter company. Bobby, this needs to stop and it needs to stop now. This is something good for Brownsville. If Tony were elected, he would want this too. Chill out and stay true to Brownsville. I know you will keep on intimidating and harassing potential businessmen who want to invest but you need to remember that you are part of the dirty politics because you go out of your way to hurt a great opportunity for Brownsville."

I will tell you Pan Am has cargo flights in and out of Brownsville, Atkinson is playing word games on what he means by planes.  I defy Atkinson to name one businessman I have ever harassed over bringing a deal to Brownsville - he cannot.  he lies because his brain gets in the way of intelligent thought.

I called Mr. Gallagher - he asked me how to overcome the "toxic politics" which includes Atksinson and I said if he waits until after the election if anyone could make this happen and bring calm to the city commission it is Tony Martinez.  Note I am saying Tony Martinez could make this work even in light of the toxic politics. this means I believe if the deal is good Tony Martinez would support the deal, but of course  I  cannot speak for Tony Martinez.   I told Mr. Gallagher that he needed to expand his business model to include tourist trips for the winter Texans, especially the Canadians.  Mr. Quintanilla was so poorly educated about the market he never even mentioned this to Mr. Gallagher.  This according to Sorry Charlie Atkinson is me harassing Mr. Gallagher. 

Quintanilla and Montoya found out about my kind words and support for Tony Martinez and fearing it would hurt Edward Camarillo went on line and point blank lied about my conversation with Mr. Gallagher.  I gave Mr. Gallagher a chance to tell the truth and he refused.  This is not how honorable people do business.  He allowed for the lies to gain the vote of support from Camarillo.  In the interest of transparency Mr. Camarillo should either abstain from the vote or allow the new commission to decide the question.

The simple facts are Mr. Gallagher has used a convicted felon, Carlos Quintanilla, a convicted drunk Juan Montoya and a disfavored Homeland Security employee and city  commissioner to trash everyone in town who refuse to just accept this deal without questions.  The attacks came from Mr. Gallagher - according to these clowns we as Latinos in Brownsville have no right to defend ourselves against an asshole white piece of shit asking that we just hand over $1 million dollars for an iffy project.

No on is claiming Fly Frontera is not a great idea - it is a great idea and is needed.  But Brownsville does not want the reputation of doing business with dirty businessmen who hire convicted felons and drunks to do his dirty work.

Now Quintanilla says I have no vision for Brownsville - facts

For 4 years Sorry Charlie Atkinson has refused my efforts to redo Iowa which looks like a bombed out street in a war zone.  Business people coming to Brownsville see Iowa as their first impression of Brownsville.  According to Quintanilla Atksinon's  neglect of this eye sore is AOK, but my desire to fix it so Brownsville looks better is evidence I hate bringing new business to Brownsville.

Since the BV started it has pushed for the extended runway at the airport so that we can bring in new business.  Because the BV has been ignored and the city had lied in article after article about the runway expansion, the city of Brownsville lost the Boeing contract.  Again according to Quintanilla this is me hurting  Brownsville.  Had we had competent leadership the new runway would have been completed 10 years ago and Boeing would be in Brownsville.

The BV for 4 years has been calling for a new airport off of East and 77 which makes it closer to the border and with easier access  - Boca Chica has turned into a parking lot.  The new airport with the longer runway would mean more business.  But according to Quintanilla this is the BV being anti business.

When the world attacked Sorry Charlie Atkinson for wanting additional infrastructure out at the Sports Park the BV backed him when it learned that it would support the area of the possible future convention center - something Brownsville needs in order to draw in new business.  Again this is anti-business according to Quintanilla.

The BV has supported long term tax abatements for any private developer willing to build a multi-level parking garage downtown.  According to Quintanilla this is anti-business.

The BV has supported the mayor on the weir dam because it will mean development of downtown.  When the question came up about the violence in Mexico the BV responded with we need to look to the future and not just today .  In the time it takes to complete the weir dam the violence could be over and the new water front could bring millions to Brownsville - according to Quintanilla this is anti-business.

My readers know my long history of ideas for bringing in business to Brownsville.

Quintanilla says the following:

"First of all get your facts rights about the 121 Certificate, get your facts right about Pan Am and get your facts right about Quintanilla."

Okay then - tell us what the facts are - Quintanilla does not know them or he does not like them.  He is so poorly educated about how the Fly Frontera deal works he does not even understand the problem with the 121 Certificate.

The companies which have been investigated are the companies which will supply the planes.  Gallagher will get a commission on the leased planes from companies other than his own.  Those  companies appear to be clean.  My questions have never been about those companies.  Sky King is in bankruptcy.  The 121 certificate will be sold to the highest bidder.  If Sky King is not the highest bidder every plane Jim Gallagher flies under that 121 certificate is grounded.   My question was simple - how will this affect his business cash flow and his ability to keep his part of the deal on the Fly Frontera deal?

The Wall Street journal raised the issue of the price of jet fuel - it is up depending on the source somewhere between 45 to 49 % in one year.  Quintanilla rather than explain how Fly Frontera intends to deal with this does what he always does - he defames - it his accusations against me are going to cost Gallagher big time in one state lawsuit and two federal lawsuits.  Now remember, yesterday I was trying to give Gallagher a way out, but he unleashed Quintanilla again.


Fly Frontera wants to fly 30 seaters.  Continental is slowly abandoning its smaller planes because of the high cost of fuel.  The new program will start in Houston.  For now the Brownsville flights will remain the same.

"American Eagle canceled its flights to the Bay Area in November, and John Wayne saw its number of commuter flights – the regional hops on planes with fewer than 70 passengers – drop by half.

Read more:
For a year now the major airlines have seen they can no longer fly the smaller planes because the cost of jet fuel is simply too high.  This is why Pan Am wants to use a 737 to fly from SA to Brownsville and then non-stops to Mexico.  It is more cost effective and also gives the people of Brownsville non-stop service to SA.


Our city commission better get the answers because GBIC did not give a crap about whether these smaller planes are cost effective with the increase in jet fuel costs.

So Mr. Quintanilla you accuse me of trying to hurt Brownsville by opposing Fly Frontera - a company which has come to town and attacked elected officials, mayoral candidates and disabled veterans with lies and defamation.  Again Mr. Quintanilla you prove yourself delusional.

Pan Am is here and paying wages and flying planes.  And by your statement you trash them along with Charlie Atkinson and who according to you this is not hurting Brownsville?

Again delusional.  Well I know our city commission they will not defend Pan Am against your lies - because that is business Brownsville style - trash everyone and do nothing - which is why Iowa remains the symbol of Brownsville's view of business - a bombed out street in a war zone.

See you in court Carlito - and I can assure you this judge will not be signing an order dismissing the lawsuit without you having to lift a finger such as the judge did in Dallas when you sued me.  And one more thing - I can assure you a  federal judge is like the judges in Cameron county - he will throw you in jail if you try and refuse to answer questions or commit perjury.

It is time the people let the city commission know how they feel - no money for road repairs or city services but a million dollars for a convicted felon and his con artist business partner Jim Gallagher of Public Charters.

Mayor Ahumada -

Anthony Troiani -

Rose Gowen -

Rick Longoria

Charlie Atkinson

Melissa Zamoara

Edward Camarillo

Now if you want to give your opinion to Jim Gallagher you can email him at

Or better yet , call him 570-457-1950 - demand he issue a public apology to Tony Martinez - he will never apologize to Tony Martinez because he wants a sap like Camarillo running his con for him as his mayor and not the mayor of Brownsville. He intentionally authorized the lies about Tony Martinez so that the election would favor his own sap Edward Camarillo.

Tuesday, March 29, 2011


This is to serve as a reminder that PFLAG BROWNSVILLE will be meeting on Monday April 4 at 6pm at 124 Paredes Line Rd. After the meeting, PFLAG BROWNSVILLE will have guest speaker Antonia Harter provide her presentation on Transgenderism. Enclosed is a press release to explain the subject matter will be discussed. PFLAG Brownsville is going to try to have a guest speaker at every meeting for this year and many years to come. If you plan to attend, please RSVP by April 1 as seating is limited. I sincerely hope to see many of you there to support our efforts to "move equality forward" through our education and empowerment series. If you have any questions, please feel free to call me at (956)433-3524.

Thank you for your support!


Yolanda Speece





Commissioner Atkinson


The Herald is reporting the Secretary of State is forcing Brownsville to put Jessica on the ballot as a write in. She will need a lot of money to get word out. I think some type push cards with her name on it so there are no problems on the write in is best - but what do I know.

As soon as I know where money can be sent I will post it.

There is a question as to whether or not Jessica can have her name placed on the ballot without having to be a write in.

In seems in 2003 in response to the Sanchez case I referenced in an earlier post the legislature amended the election code.  The underlined part is what was added.  I think it is pretty clear that the Texas Legislature was upset with the Texas Supreme Court so they amended the law to take away from the cities the filing deadlines.

" SECTION 1.  Section 143.005(a), Election Code, is amended to read as follows:

(a)  A city charter may prescribe requirements in connection with a candidate's application for a place on the ballot for an office of a home‑rule city.  This section does not authorize a city charter requirement in connection with the timely filing of an application, and any charter requirement related to an application's timely filing is superseded by Section 143.007 and other applicable filing provisions prescribed by this code.

Sanchez won because the law at  the time did not include the underlined part.  The underlined part changed the law and took from the cities the right to set the deadlines.  I think on this issue, Jessica is limited to being a write in candidate.

For me this entire Home Rule issue is a mess.  What I have learned since the bond issue was first raised is Home Rule Cities were created and year by year the state legislature has taken away their power.  This is sad.

Anyway, I think the law is clear - other than as a write in candidate Jessica has no options.

It is up to the people to work hard to get her supporters to turn out and write in her name. 

Sorry  for the bad news - but I do thank the reader who told me I needed to check on the change in the law.


"And between you and me, you are too obvious that you are supporting Tony Martinez because Rick Zayas pays you to."  SORRY CHARLIE ATKINSON

He spent most of the night awake sending me emails- I considered posting them but since I know the above is a lie and he knows it is a lie why would I further bring hardship on the Honorable Tony Martinez by printing Mr. Atkinson's lies.  He wants me to believe he is all buddy buddy with Tony and can speak about Tony's opinions after he posted the above lie.

I will say this again because Mr. Atkinson does not seem to understand - Fly Frontera would be good for Brownsville - if it can make a go of it

The problem is Mr. Gallagher is a scumbag lying piece of shit.  Mr. Atkinson says it is okay to do business with people like this, I say no.

Again I told Mr. Gallagher that Tony Martinez was his best bet to control the toxic politics at city hall.  Quintanilla and Montoya did not like this so they point blank lied about the conversation to protect their candidate Edward Camarillo.  Atkinson has no problem with this dirty politics.  I gave Mr. Gallagher a chance to tell the truth and he refused.  This is not honest business.

I have gone so far as to say that Tony Martinez if he wins will still look at the deal for what is good for Brownsville with no hard feelings.  I only believe this because of what I have been told my someone who has known him for ever and is a trusted business associate of his.  Again another complement to the character of Tony Martinez.

Why does Atkinson refuse to denounce Montoya for his lies about Tony Martinez?  Answer Montoya has agreed to defame and destroy anyone who runs against Atkinson.

All I have done is raise issues any competent city commission would raise.  Fuel costs have the major airlines looking at billions of dollars in losses - I ask how does Fly Frontera intend to deal with this issue? - Atkinson responds with attacks.  If Atkinson does not believe this is a valid question then he is a bigger moron than anyone ever  imagined. 

The Sky King bankruptcy will not impact the planes Fly Frontera intents to fly.  This is why I said not the planes, but the cash flow.  If Gallagher's business is about to lose the 121 certificate it uses to fly some of its 737's and lose a 737 to a lien holder because of Sky King, how does that impact his cash flow?  Atkinson calls this irrelevant.

If you have a good business plan why attack - who opened the attacks - Gallagher by going after Melissa Zamora.  This is not how you do business. 

Atkinson demands that Gallagher's  convicted felon and drunk be allowed to attack everyone while Atkinson remains silent, but the second I respond to the false attacks I must suffer Atkinson's tirades.

The truth is coming out Sorry Charlie - and you hate it.  We will get the flights to Mexico from an honest businessman who does not attack our elected officials, mayoral candidates and disabled vets.

On Larry Brown - and BEDC - a local investor would make clear he lost $900,000 when he trusted them.

You say trust Larry Brown and then attack Pan Am as a failure - didn't Larry Brown bring us Pan Am? 

How many  failures does Larry Brown get Charlie?  for the record I like Larry - I just use the examples to show how desperate Atkinson is. 

BTW Pan Am is not a failure.  And they are flying planes - you can lie all you want Charlie but the planes are real.


Tony you know who I am and you know the man who came to me with all of the good things about you and asked that I support you.  I remember he told me that you told him things will get nasty and he should not believe all of the lies.  He told me he did not need for you to say that because he knows you and he does not need any liar to tell him otherwise.  This is exactly what he told me last night when from Austin he called me and again this morning - he said to me"I have known you for ever, we know who you are and the truth, why do you let the lies get to you?"

Well Tony I am not sorry I endorsed you for your wonderful work for Brownsville.  I am proud to have you live in Brownsville and all of the wonderful things you have done for the children at Guadelupe Middle School.  While others would have destroyed the old jail for a cutter box office you spent extra to maintain the flavor of the old jail and keep that history for Brownsville. 

While we have only met once in your office, I know men who give to children and use their own money to restore Brownsville are the type men we need running Brownsville.

My Austin caller is telling me you know enough to know it is true they lied about my conversation with Mr. Gallagher because they fear you and wanted to help Camarillo. He is telling me to stop worrying about how I might have hurt you.  He knows how bad I feel on the issue.

It is said that Brownsville's politics have reached the point that people are attacked not on the content of their character or lack thereof, but on who endorses them.  We saw again how these same people attack you because other elected officials endorsed you. 

We will lose our democracy if we allow the Jim Gallaghers, convicted felon Carlos Quintanilla and convicted drunk Juan Montoya to silence anyone who tries to endorse anyone running for elective office they oppose.

This is why my lawsuits are important - they send a message - Freedom lives in Brownsville and we the people in spite of these criminals will endorse the candidates we believe in and will not suffer the lies and defamation.

In closing Tony, I am sorry if my endorsement has caused controversy - but if we allow them to silence us then no one will endorse you - you yourself saw their latest attacks.  I am certain everyone of the these people will stand with you in spite of the attacks on their character. 

No one can point to any harsh word I have ever said about your character. Now I have been mad over your silence in the BISD mess.  Like many people in Brownsville I am disappointed in the fact "all" of the candidates remained silent about the BISD mess, but as you can see they came after you anyway after you remained silent.  But I get the political machine process and understand that if in my heart I know you are our best, I must put aside the political machine process and just allow it to work and trust my instincts about what you will do for Brownsville.

But I get politics and put it aside because I know in the end if anyone can lead Brownsville out of this mess and the economic crisis facing the city it is you.
Good luck and I hope you win.
Again I am very sorry if my endorsement of you has caused you any hardship.

And I am certain when you win if the Fly Frontera issue is still on the table you will look at the deal as a businessman and do what is right for Brownsville with no hard  feelings over Jim Gallagher's lies.

Monday, March 28, 2011

Confused does not begin how I feel about the district 2 race and Jessica.  Craig Grove does not have legal training and therefore cannot be faulted for the way he seems to be arguing this case.  But if I understand the endless argument - this is all that matters.

COB filing deadlines govern - case closed.
"We accordingly conclude that San Juan's Charter filing deadline applies here. Ramirez does not dispute that relators attempted to file their applications within that deadline. Further, the only reason Ramirez gave for rejecting relators' applications was the deadline in Election Code section 143.007. We therefore hold that Ramirez was required to accept the applications and place relators' names on the ballot"
Re: San Juanita SANCHEZ, Pete Garcia, and Esperanza Lopez Flores, Relators ,  81 S.W.3d 794, 798  (Tex. 2002)

As I noted before both Ben Neece and Ed Stapleton messed up the case they worked on because they did not know the Texas Supreme Court has immediate jurisdiction if the printing of the ballots is too close for a full review by the trial court or court of appeals.  This needs to be filed now.  It may need to be  filed in both the Texas Supreme Court and trial court on the same day.  I will pay the trial court filing fee.

Here is the opinion without citation -

The other issue is how do you count the signatures - it is governered by state law.  see section d.

The Texas Election Code:

Sec. 143.005. APPLICATION FOR HOME-RULE CITY OFFICE. (a) A city charter may prescribe requirements in connection with a candidate's application for a place on the ballot for an office of a home-rule city. This section does not authorize a city charter requirement in connection with the timely filing of an application, and any charter requirement related to an application's timely filing is superseded by Section 143.007 and other applicable filing provisions prescribed by this code.

(b) If a city charter prescribes the requirements that a candidate's application must satisfy for
the candidate's name to be placed on the ballot, Section 141.031(a)(4)(L) also applies to the application. The other provisions of Section 141.031 do not apply.

(c) If a city charter requires candidates to pay a filing fee, the amount of the fee and an alternative procedure to payment of the fee shall be prescribed by the charter or by ordinance under charter authorization. However, if an ordinance prescribing an alternative procedure to payment of a filing fee is adopted before the effective date of this code without charter authorization, the ordinance, as it exists on the effective date of this code, continues in effect until the adoption of a charter provision prescribing an alternative procedure or authorizing prescription of an alternative procedure by ordinance.

(d) For any petition required or authorized to be filed in connection with a candidate's application for a place on the ballot for an office of a home-rule city, the minimum number of signatures that must appear on the petition is the greater of:

(1) 25; or

(2) one-half of one percent of the total vote received in the territory from which the office is elected by all candidates for mayor in the most recent mayoral general election.

(e) If the city charter of a home-rule city with a population of more than 1.18 million that holds nonpartisan elections for its offices requires both a petition and a $50 fee

I hope this helps - but to be honest I cannot make heads or tales over Carig Groves argument - but if the issue is whether Texas of COB filing deadline applies - the law is clear - COB law applies.


What we know for sure, Jim Gallagher is a scumbag who buys votes by publishing lies. He knows every statement Montoya claims was said about Tony Martinez is false - but he also knows by pushing lies about Tony Martinez he buys Edward Camillo's vote.

We know that when I published the truth about Sky King's bankruptcy he had his other publishing liar call me a paid liar to cover up for Sky King who according to Jim Gallagher is an important part of Public Charters. The BV posted the bankruptcy papers which authorized the seizing of Sky King's plane. Why did he have Quintanilla lie? It is a con job people to the tune of $1 million dollars. 

These are two very simply proven lies put out by Jim Gallagher to force is con job down the throats of the people of Brownsville. Sorry Charlie Atkinson for more than 4 years has ignored the fact Iowa in front of the airport looks like a bombed out street from a war zone - he always claimed no money to fix the street - now he is out of job and a convicted felon comes to town and Brownsville has a $1 million dollars for an iffy new airline.


A 121 Certificate gives an airline permission to fly. Sky King is in bankruptcy. All of it contracts under the 121 are void once the new owner of the 121 certificate purchases same on the court house steps.

This is from Jim Gallagher's web page.
"Aircraft Owners
We currently own two B737-200’s. One currently operates on Sky King, Inc.’s certificate. Sky King operates a fleet of B737's selling charter flights both domestically and Internationally. The second aircraft is in a long term lease with a Venezuela Air Carrier."

If Public Charters find it has no way to fly its plane under the Sky King Certificate how will that impact its cash flow and ability to run Fly Frontera?   The question is cash flow not the plane.
Here is my concern - Jim Gallagher had his convicted felon lie about the bankruptcy - why? - what is he hiding? If he has to lie he must be hiding something.
He had a convicted drunk lie about Tony Martinez to get Camarillo's vote - why?
This is not an honest business deal and everyone knows it. This is not how honest business companies do business.


""We have been forced to pursue fare increases for the obvious reason with surging oil prices in 2011 and at the same time we’ve seen very strong demand," Kelly said"
Read more:

Now SW will continue to grow because of its name. But all airlines are raising rates to address the surge in the price of jet fuel. SW buys it jet fuel years in advance by gambling on a price and locking in - Fly Frontera will pay the current rate for aviation jet fuel.

According to the IATA the price of jet fuel has gone up 49.4% in one year. Buy yet Jim Gallagher and his convict business partner are guaranteeing Brownsville certain pricing for the seats on these planes. How is that?


"With the current price of jet fuel running 45% higher than last year’s average, there is potential for the eight airlines above to accumulate over nine billion in added expenses compared to last year. It should come as no surprise that the airlines must find ways to increase revenues and/or decrease costs to match these large fuel price increases. Fuel is every airline’s highest expense item and covers more than 30% of an airline’s total revenue.

Read more: The Drastic Impact To Airlines from Fuel Price Increases - 24/7 Wall St.

At a time the entire airline industry which locked in its prices for jet fuel before the big increase are looking at billions in losses, Jim Gallagher and his convicted felon partner say " be happy, no worry man - trust us."

Really? They lied about the Sky King bankruptcy, they lied about Tony Martinez - to distract from their lies they lied about me using copious amounts of morphine - how many lies are needed before our inept city commission sees the writing on the wall - another million dollar boondoggle.

With every airline in the world scrambling to deal with the increase in fuel costs, how does this new discount airline expect to compete with such low prices? It cannot not and no one at city hall bothered to ask.

It is time the people let the city commission know how they feel - no money for road repairs or city services but a million dollars for a convicted felon and his con artist business partner Jim Gallagher of Public Charters.

Mayor Ahumada -

Anthony Troiani -

Rose Gowen -

Rick Longoria

Charlie Atkinson

Melissa Zamoara

Edward Camarillo

Now if you want to give your opinion to Jim Gallagher you can email him at

Or better yet , call him 570-457-1950 - demand he issue a public apology to Tony Martinez - he will never apologize to Tony Martinez because he wants a sap like Camarillo running his con for him as his mayor and not the mayor of Brownsville. He intentionally authorized the lies about Tony Martinez so that the election would favor his own sap Edward Camarillo.


Brownsville will not buy Jim Gallagher's tactics or lies.  Camarillo is for sale - he proved that as the President of the UTB/TSC student association.  Are students are still paying that price - how long we the people of Brownsville pay for this million dollar boondoggle?

Sunday, March 27, 2011


Normally I would not have published the above comment because it is the type garbage which spreads disinformation - but I was thinking about Ernie when the ding went off to tell me there was a comment. (in the previous post I am referring to a comment posted related to little lady and Ernie Hernandez)

I praised Ernie Hernandez, notwithstanding a history I find repulsive - why? - he worked hard and brought Brownsville Continental.  When I praised him for this I was attacked in the blogs.  Why - what ever his past I did not  care - it was a good deal and he did good - I can separate good from bad and do not forever judge someone based on a bad decision or bad conduct.  But the bottom line is, for good or bad Ernie Hernandez worked his ass off to bring air service back to Brownsville - He should always be remembered for this - but it does not mean we forgive him for using politiqueras or any other wrongful conduct.

If Fly Frontra can make a go of it - then so be it - it will be good for Brownsville - no one can question that -

But for everything Ernie is - he did not go on the immediate attack against anyone and everyone and defame them if he felt like they would not back the Continental deal.

The primary problem with Fly Frontera is Quintanilla - not because of his past as a fraud but because rather than let the process play out - what did he do? - he went on the attack with the same game of defamation and lies he always does to try and make his business deals work.  This is not good business and Jim Gallagher should have denounced it immediately.  He refused.

That is the problem - if you want corrupt government then you support such conduct - if you want open and transparent government you tell people like Jim Gallaghger - number one - Quintanilla did not come up with the deal - Pan Am had already announced the air routes and made the connections in Mexico - all Quintanilla did was go to Gallagher and say - let's steal Pan Am's deal -
This is the problem -

But clearly in an open and fair fight in a bid before the city commission Pan Am wins - contrary to Atkinson's lies Pan Am is already flying cargo in and out of Brownsville to and from Mexico

Pan Am unlike Jim Gallagher studied the market and did not go to a convicted felon for a stolen idea.
Right now people in Monterrey are paying upwards of $350 RT  for shopping and medical tourism to SA.  Any Brownsville routes must include SA to take advantage of the medical tourism. That is Pan Am's model which the COB refused to help fund.  But Atkinson and Camarillo want the COB to fund an airline which does not include the SA market and puts the advertising in the hands of a man with over $100,000 in judgments for bad business deals, child support and mechanic's liens for non-payment of services.

Pan Am's plan which would already be in the air had COB not turned them down which includes allowing the people of Brownsville to have non-stops between Brownsville and San Antonio with the flights continuing on to Mexico non-stop - on 737's not small 30 seaters.

No one faults Atkinson for wanting to bring business to Brownsville  - the problem is how he does it and like Quintanilla threatens people who do not get on board - again this is not how business is done.
So anyone whether it is Quintanilla or Atkinson or Camarillo who brought knowledge of the market to Jim Gallagher deserve credit - but they also deserve to be vilified for supporting the terrorist like tactics of Jim Gallagher to intimidate Brownsville to go with his plan.

I believe if Jim Gallagher would simply tell the truth about Quintanilla and Atkinson and denounce their conduct he can still make this work - assuming he has planes - which he may not - more on that tomorrow. 

I also remain convinced Tony Martinez's greatest asset as our next mayor will be ending the child like conduct on the COB commission.  It was Mr. Gallagher who asked me what he could do to overcome the toxic politics of the COB commission.  I never mentioned it.  It is this reality and fear Camarillo would lose the mayoral election is why Jim Gallagher turned a blind eye to why he knows are lies concerning my statements to him about Tony Martinez. 

My sources are telling Tony will not hold it against him - my sources are telling me that Tony will get the entire city commission behind any project which makes money for Brownsville - all personalities aside.  This is what Brownsville lacks - this is why Tony Martinez must be our next mayor.


Answer - Politics Brownsville style

Saturday, March 26, 2011


I have no idea if Zeke Silva got a raw deal or not. Both he and his lawyer failed to put out how it is he does not have a felony conviction. My view was and remains - go to DPS - if it shows a felony conviction he has a felony conviction - if it shows he does not - he does not. Now to be fair - I just corrected a domestic abuse record for a friend wherein DPS had it all wrong - so they are not always right. But if Silva believes they have it wrong I can assure him they were 100% professional with me in correcting my friend's record.

I do not know if she is a good or bad person - I do believe Sossi is playing games and doing everything he can to keep Atkinson on the commission. Sossi knows that if the wrong people get on the commission his job is history. Sossi represents Sossi and no one else.
If someone can find the election code section for me which outlines the process for filing a ballot access lawsuit, I will prepare a draft of one Jessica can use to file pro se if she has to. Obviously I cannot charge a fee and never would even if I could. These are the type issues which merit free representation.

I will go one step further, if she can find someone to prepare the ballot access lawsuit I will pay her filing fee and the fee for the process server. I believe in ballot access. This does not mean I believe in her - for all I know I may end up hating her - But she has a right to be on the ballot.

I strongly recommend she not hire Ben Neece or Ed Stapleton - they both proved incompetent in the Rubio case. In a ballot access case the court should set it for immediate hearing. If the court does not under TRAP - Texas Rules of Appellate Procedure - she can go directly to the Texas Supreme Court.  Depending on the date for printing the ballots, she can go directly to the Texas Supreme Court the same day the trial court rules against her.  In fact if the print date is around the corner she may be able to get the Texas Supreme Court to stay the printing of the ballot until the trial court can rule.
I wish her luck - my dear - my check is ready for the filing fee - just find the statute so we know how to file the lawsuit. Good luck - and thank you for bringing us choice - although to be honest I may find I do not like you - but I will fight like hell to get your name on the ballot.


Everyone knows I went after Roman Perez for making promises he could not keep given our budget problems. But I believe in choice and our democratic process. I was down in his area on Friday and was pleased he had raised enough money to put out some good size signs. Does this mean I endorse him - no - it means I am happy he is getting a fighting chance to participate in the process. But I certainly do not endorse Longoria. If you believe Roman will do a good job for the district then send him money. The more signs the better. If you believe Longoria is your man - then send him money - but decide and then send money to your candidate - you would be amazed how going to your neighbors and raising a $100 here and there can help.



If you want these 4 running our city then remain silent. I initially boycotted the election - but not now - we must defeat Atkinson and Camarillo and then send Sossi packing - I fully support bringing Jim Goza back as the city attorney.
People you know I have never been strong on endorsing people - but I profoundly believe Tony Martinez will bring a professionalism and poise to the meetings which will restore the commissions' reputation. Everyone will be heard, but the child like behavior will end.

They say he is connected to Juliet Garcia and cannot be trusted, but then they endorse Camarillo -
FACTS: For a job guarantee Camarillo worked to raise tuition and student fees to record highs at UTB/TSC - no elected official in Brownsville worked so hard to bankrupt our children and their families as Juliet Garcia's punk boy Edward Camarillo. 
They continue their rightful attacks on Juliet Garcia but push Camarillo for mayor while opposing Tony Martinez who never voted to raise fees on anyone. In fact Tony gives a free education to some of the poorest children in Brownsville through Guadelupe Middle school.

Given these simple black and white facts you have to know the group of 4 corrupt and unethical Sossi. Atkinson, Quintanilla and Camarillo have something up their sleeves to help themselves while milking Brownsville.

Camarillo and Atkinson - every person in Brownsville will be reminded that you voted to raid PUB to pay the city's bills, and then allowed for a rate increase and late fee increase on the very people in Brownsville who are living day to day and some days go hungry.  But yet there is a million dollars for the convicted felon supporting their campaigns and his con artist business partner Jim Gallagher.
There is a clear contrast between Camarillo and Tony Martinez - Tony brings a free education to the poorest of the poor in Brownsville - Camarillo helped Juliet Garcia defraud our children to near bankruptcy, sides with a convicted felon who wants to milk the taxpayers out of a million dollars, and authorized the increase in PUB rates and late fees on people who go hungry - all while saying - "btw we have a million dollars for a convicted felon to gamble on an airline while telling Pan Am who already is established in Brownsville - sorry no money for you."

Something is real rotten - a vote for Camarillo is a vote for the continued milking of some of the poorest people in the US for the wealthy few willing to throw scraps at Camarillo.

Friday, March 25, 2011


This morning he called me and told me he was going to kick my ass all over Brownsville. I am waiting to see if the police agree this constitutes a crime. I was going to file the lawsuit today, but after a meeting and learning about even more fraud by Gallagher and his other investors I am holding until Monday when I can include his other investors in the lawsuit.

Mr. Quintanilla - come on my property and you will be arrested for criminal trespass. Your history is in threatening people. In my TRO affidavit I will include your threats against Bill Jorn of NBC 23 and he will testify at the temporary injunction hearing.

Gallagher - any damage to me or my property will be put on you.


I think most people believe flights to Mexico are a good thing - although McAllen a significantly more successful airport than Brownsville failed at the flights.  And fuel costs are going up causing airlines to already cut routes and flights.
Pan Am was told no public money when it asked about commericial flights - Why was Fly Frontera given a different deal than Pan Am?. Pan Am is already here and operating.  But Pan Am did not offer kick backs.
What is the big deal of the COB simply saying to everyone Pan Am, Fly Brownsville and everyone else. There is a million dollars on the table for start-up assistance -  make your best offer - the COB will review who is making the best offer to the city and award the contract.
Transparency - yea not going to happen - Pan Am will never offer a kick back.

This is the truth people - if the question is what is best for Brownsville then why not open it to bidding? Answer - it is what is best for Atkinson and Camarillo.


GBIC and BEDC should both be disbanded for extreme incompetence. This morning the news GBIC gave a convicted felon and his con artist partner Jim Gallagher $500,000 has the business community besides itself.  They are asking is this another $24 million bridge to nowhere, another million for Imagine Brownsville, or how about the $900,000 a local investor was defrauded out of when Larry Brown and the BEDC vouched for the company and even provided then access to BEDC office space to run the fraudulent scheme on a local developer.  Larry Brown and the BEDC both vouched for the company which ended up defrauding a local developer out of $900,000.  Neither of the people are trustworthy when it comes to vetting prospective new clients at the airport.

The problem with Larry Brown who I personally like is, if anyone tells him they are offering business for the airport in his excitement he will not do his due diligence.  What you will see here is when it comes to Jim Gallagher he did nothing but see him as eye candy.  The GBIC was so excited over the idea of air service, which is needed, they would have approved a pedophilia organization to fly children to children's hospitals.   They did not investigate and the proof is in the the lack of legal filings with the Secretary of State and lies about the Sky King bankruptcy.

PublicCharters is not authorized to do business in Texas.  So who at GBIC authorized them to do business with a company not authorized to do business in Texas?  It is all lies when they say they were vetted.  Fly Frontera is not incorporated or authorized to do business in Texas.  The FAA is investigating why they have a web page for a non-existent business not authorized to do business in Texas. 

This is from Jim Gallagher's web page.

"Aircraft Owners
We currently own two B737-200’s. One currently operates on Sky King, Inc.’s certificate. Sky King operates a fleet of B737's selling charter flights both domesitically and Internationally. The second aircraft is in a long term lease with a Venezuela Air Carrier."

I told my readers Sky King was in bankruptcy. Quintanilla being the lying piece of shit he is, point blank lies to Brownsville and says - not true Wightman lies.

The IRS has authorized the lien holder on Sky King's plane to take control of the plane as part of the bankruptcy. Why is Jim Gallagher still misleading his possible customers about Sky King when he knew about the bankruptcy and the IRS approval the lienholder to seize their plane? Answer Jim Gallagher is a con-artist. He proved to everyone he will use a pathologically lying convicted con-artist to sell his snake oil. There are no lies he will not support to get what he wants.  Which is why I am suing him and all of his investors  for encouraging Montoya to defame me by claiming I am on copious dosages of morphine. All my readers know  I had back surgery.  I was given 15 days worth of pills.  On this the 25th day of March some 25 days later I still have 11 pills - hardly an abuse of the morphine.

Here are the Sky King documents. You will note $4,319,154.68 in assets and $26,695,625.47 in liabilities.

Quintanilla true to form - if he speaks he lies - this is what he wrote about the BV reporting on the bankruptcy of Sky King.

"He Lies Because He Gets Paid To Lie

Sky King, Inc.From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Jump to: navigation, search

This article is about the North American charter airline. For the Caribbean airline, see SkyKing Limited.

Sky King, Inc.

Founded 1990

Fleet size 11

Destinations 27

Headquarters Sacramento, California>"

Do you believe Quintanilla or Thomas M. Rohall, Special Assistant  U.S. Attorney who filed with the bankruptcy court an agreement by the United States government to allow the lien holder to take control of Sky King's plane? I say we believe the United States Department of Justice.

Firm sources are claiming Jason Hilt told BEDC members and GBIC members that Jim Gallaghers lawyers were working on the formal paperwork to remove Carlos Quintanilla from any association with this enterprise. They were told his last official act would be the presentation and then he would be out. Jason Hilt appears to be telling people Jim Gallagher lied to him to get the money. Who is lying? I do not know - I was not there.

I know this, when the GBIC tells businesses you can come to town and accuse disabled vets of being addicted to morphine as a way to cover-up their con and defraud the taxpayers, it is fair to say GBIC is a corrupt organization run by the worst people Brownsville can find.


I can now document Charlie Atkinson and Edward Camarillo, have been in bed with Carlos Quintanilla since the BISD election.  This is why when they learned I was praising Tony Martinez as the best option to unite the commission behind the deal they intentionally had Montoya lie about my conversation with Jim Gallagher.  I already have a formal complaint against Gallagher with the FAA. 

Multiple sources are claiming Atksinon is claiming poverty over the loss of his job.  Quintanilla knew from experience Atkinson and Camarillo could be relied on as bad people to do con work for his adventures.  He learned this during the BISD election.  Camarillo more so than anyone helped Juliet Garcia bankrupt our children at UTB/TSC.  The fact Quintanilla and Montoya now back him should tell you there is a corrupt deal in the making. 

My sources are working on this story.  I am being told a businessman has a message from Atkinson he considers to be threatening if the businessman does not get behind Jim Gallagher.   I am hopeful whomever this man/woman may be, they will come forward next week with the promised transcript which I am told will prove Jim Gallagher came to town looking for corrupt politicians and he found them in Atkinson and Camarillo.  It is my understanding his lawyers are looking at the best way to do the press release while addressing all liabilities issues.

Tomorrow, more on the missing money.

My question to Brownsville - $24 million on the bridge, $1 million plus to Imagine Brownsville - now $1 million to a convicted felon who has terrorized this town with defamation left and right to get what he wants.  Are we SAPs or are we fed-up? - email your city commissioners and tell them not one penny to Jim Gallagher.

You know it is funny, at the Pan Am inauguration I asked Larry Brown if Pan Am would be given the same deal as American - he said no - the city commission was claiming poverty.  Now all of a sudden Atkinson is out of a job and Camarillo wants to look good for the election and they both are offering $1 million dollars to a convicted felon and and is con-artist partner.  I guess Pan Am was too honest to offer anything back to the city commissioners.  Had Pan Am gotten the same deal Atkinson and Camarillo are now pushing for this con artist, Brownsville would already have 737's flying San Antonio to Brownsville and then on to Mexico City, Tampico, and Montery - not some prop planes.  I guess Pan Am's lesson is integrity has no place in a city of saps with corrupt politicians looking out for themselves.

Brownsville needs the flight services - but not from con artists.   It is time Larry Brown and the city commission ask Pan Am who is already here with jobs and planes - how much money do they need to start the immediate flights from San Antonio to Brownsville and then to Mexico City, Tampico and Monterey?  How about let's give the money to the airline offering the best deal?

That will not work - Pan Am will not offer kick-backs.

Now how about emailing our city commissioners and asking that they bid the project for the flights in an open and transparent way between Pan Am and Fly Frontera.

Mayor Ahumada -

Anthony Troiani -

Rose Gowen -

Rick Longoria

Charlie Atkinson

Melissa Zamoara

Edward Camarillo

Now if you want to give your opinion to Jim Gallagher you can email him at

Ot better yet , call him 570-457-1950 - demand he issue a public apology to Tony Martinez  - he will never apologize to Tony Martinez because he wants a sap like Camarillo running his con for him as his mayor and no the mayor of Brownsville


This is one of Charlie Atkinson's tirades.  His diabetes meltdowns appear to have destroyed his ability to think rationally.  Apparently he hates Tony Martinez.  I guess supporting private schools for poor children makes Tony a bad person.  His thinking is so delusional that he actually believes anyone who supports Tony is paid by Rick Zayas.  Atkinson will put his proof before a court.  I met Tony some 5-6 years ago when introduced to him by a family member who has known Tony for years.  While we have only spoken once in his office some 5-6 years ago, I have come to know him through his work for the community.  Apparently Charlie has problems with people who support free education for poor  children.

"Bobby, you two hate each other and that is fine. We have competent city staff at the airport checking things out. The airport contracts with a FAA recognized firm who does background checks and they say the two companies are squeaky clean. Jason Hilts from BEDC ran the checks and found that the principal partners are legit and currently flying. The commission will look at this project and ask the tough questions like every other board has. GBIC asked the tough questions and they were satisfied and that's why it passed. Your personally vendetta with Carlos Quintanilla should be kept between you to. You have personally attacked everyone on the commission and now you want us to listen to you? We will listen to you but will make a decision on what is best for the citizens of Brownsville. And between you and me, you are too obvious that you are supporting Tony Martinez because Rick Zayas pays you to. Oh yea, Carlos Quintanilla went against your boss. I forgot. Let us handle it because you are the one making threats.


So now we know as a law enforcement officer Atkinson stands with a convicted felon running from service of a lawsuit in Dallas and with over $100,000 dollars in judgments against him in terms of judgments and mechanics liens.

These are Charlies words on Melissa - the Melissa who invited him to stand next to her at the Pan Am event after the mayor disrespected him."

"She throws us under the bus every time she opens her mouth. You are asking the wrong person for help!!!"

You see this is why Jim Gallagher asked me how to overcome the toxic politics in Brownsville - he obviously spoke with Atkinson and understood how bad things are.  All I did was say that I believe Tony Martinez can unite the commission.

And for the record - I have never ever been paid a penny by anyone in Brownsville.  Rick Zayas has never given me a penny - In fact I gave him some discs to record the original ad put out by the pac and have yet to get them back - so if any thing I have given him things. 

And really after I outed Rick as trying to coerce me to not help this family at the request of Brett Springston does anyone other than a drunk of diabetic meltdown patient believe Rick is going to give me the time of day.

Finally,. I have never opposed Fly Frontera - My conversation with Mr. Gallagher was 100% in support of Fly Frontera - I encouraged him to pursue the Canadian winter Texans.  He raised with me the complaints he got about Quintanilla.  When he asked me how to overcome the toxic politics of Brownsville I simply told him I thought Tony Martinez was his best bet. 

My only issue then as now is not Fly Frontera - I support 100% any new airline at our airport, but I do not support Jim Gallagher using Quintanilla and Montoya attacking any elected official to coerce a result.  That is not how honest business people do business.  Mr. Atkinson's hate for Melissa is so intense he believes prospective businesses attacking her is acceptable conduct - it is not - when the mayor humiliated Atkinson at the Pan Am event  I defended Atkinson against the mayor for the same reasons I defended Melissa against Quintanilla and Montoya-  Had they not attacked her the BV would have remained shut down.  The Bv would not have had a word to say on the Fly Frontera issue.  When I heard the news I was happy and in 100% support of the project.

To my readers - I am being told Atkinson left a threatening message on the voice mail of a very prominent businessman.  He is concerned Atkinson presents a threat to his business but wants to go public - I am meeting with this person on Friday.  I have encouraged him to take the tape to Homeland Security.  If I get the tape or transcript I will print it.

Thursday, March 24, 2011



The city of Brownsville will never move forward because the concept of integrity eludes our leaders.

The attached documents are the documents used in the complaint against Ben Neece. In any normal city he would have been suspended with pay by now - but this is Brownsville where corruption is the only rule of thumb.

I expect to do a flyer in the election informing the people of this complaint and the decision of the city commission to take no action to suspend Ben Neece. He falsified a crime to a misdemeanor level instead of its felony level. He allowed a personal friend out of jail on 4 times without having to post one penny in bail money. One charge involved reckless driving related to a DWI.

He held a woman in his judicial official office to influence her on the BISD election. This is a black and white violation of the code of judcial conduct. Charlie Cabler, Mark Sossi and our entire city commission find this to be acceptable and are allowing this man to decide your cases.
Not acceptable. Longoria, Atkinson, and Camarillo can explain their inaction to the people on election day. God help us if a drunk released from jail without bond kills someone before Ben Neece is removed as a judge.

This city may be the most shameful city in the US

The first letter was created today related to the retaliation. After the letter is the complaint. But within the letter amending the complaint for retaliation, I noted that Montoya point blank lies about me trying to block the investigation related to the BISD bond issue. I included my own blow by blow post wherein I repeatedly stated I supported the investigation. If Montoya speaks he lies.
Gallagher is being served in the morning for defamation per se over Montoya's claims related to my drug addition. On March 1, 2011, Dr. Hays wrote a legal prescription for 60 Hydromorphone. I was authorized to take one every 4 hours as needed for pain. At 4 a day that would mean the prescription would run out in 15 days. On this the 24th day of March there remains 11 pills, which means I took fewer than 3 a day. that is hardly copious.  Further, Dr. Hays increased the dosage to 2 at a time when  it did not work - even with that there remain 11 pills.  I will go to the VA today to see if I can have a nurse document the remaining number of pills so that I have it as evidence in court.

In fact on the day he made the false claim what did I say -" Although I am prescribed morphine for pain related to my back surgery I do not take it every day simply because of what it is. Without it I sleep nearly all day. If I sleep I do not feel the pain. With the exception of my legs and a stiff back, I think the surgery to date has been a 100% success.

So today I will choose sleep to deal with the pain, [r]ather than use certain pain killers to keep me awake."


Montoya cannot address the facts so he must paint me as a drug addict - that is defamation per se. I invite Jim Gallagher to file a vexatious litigant motion. He will have to deal with the federal injunction on the issue. When I am done with Jim Gallagher he will be in state court and two federal courts if he even mentions vexatious litigant. He was warned about Montoya and said - "fuck Brownsville I want their money and I will destroy everyone I need to get that money." We shall see.

Camarillo, Longoria, and Atkinson will explain to the voters if they approve any deal with a man who terrorizes people to get what he wants. Troiani is nuts if he thinks the people are going to vote for him as DA when it is learned he was a willing participant in these terrorist tactics and protecting Ben Neece.

Again shame on each of these men for not defending Melissa Zamora - they did not want transparency so they allowed for the attack. Melissa asked questions and Atkinson, Troiani, Longoria and Camarillo got nervous. 

The BV has never opposed these flights.  It has supported every effort to bring more airlines to Brownsville.  It took the lead on Pan Am, which is making final arraignment for the flights.  No one in their right mind opposes anyone bringing in direct flights from Mexico - that was never the issue.  the BV in fact said nothing when the story broke.  The BV only commented when Montoya and Quintanilla do what they always do - if you oppose them they defame you.  That is when I knew something was wrong.

I encouraged Gallagher to work with Tony Martinez because Tony could unite the commission on the issue.  This is hardly opposing the deal.  I told him his deal was dead if Quintanilla was part of the deal.  He told me without me asking he had his lawyers working on a way to get Quintanilla out of it - long before I called he had already received a ton of phone calls.  The issue is not the airline - the airline is a good idea.
But now we know that Jim Gallagher is another Ted Parker - he will use Quintanilla to destroy anyone who does not submit.

We shall see what the people of Brownsville think of using limited taxpayer money to give a job to a convicted felon who is a pathological liar and who has over $100,000 in judgments and mechanics liens against him in Dallas. No right minded business man would do business with someone like this.

At no time did I mention the use of a specific marketing firm to Gallagher.  He told me the airport board wanted the contract and opposed giving it to Quintanilla.  Montoya's statements to the contrary are false.  Montoya and Quintanilla are also being served with the lawsuit.   This is a simple case of defamation per se.  If Gallagher even mentions vexatious litigant he will wish he lives in hell.  I know what is happening behind the scenes.  If he has to use his company's money to pay for the defense, he will find himself in bankruptcy fast - real fast.

Further, Quintanilla did not even know the extent of the market.  In encouraging Mr. Gallagher I told him he needed to look into the winter Texan market - especially the Canadians. why would I encourage him to look into developing tour groups for the winter Texans if I opposed the deal?  Quintanilla who knows nothing about Brownsville did not even know how much money the Canadians use to spend in Mexico and how they are a natural target for the flights.

There is a truth and we will get it out there.

But now is not the time for taxpayer money to fund a private airline.  If Mr. Gallagher is so successful why does he need the tax dollars of some of the poorest people in the US.

First Camarillo raises our PUB rates by voting to borrow money from the PUB and now he wants to give away limited tax dollars to a convicted felon and a dishonest businessman who uses terrorist tactics to destroy anyone who opposes his business deals.  Is this the mayor we want for Brownsville? - I think not. 

Eddy Camarillo - associates with men who defame and sexualizes woman, supports raising PUB rates on the poorest people in Texas, worked with Juliet Garcia to raise student fees to record highs and tuition rates which impoverished even the middle class.

What did Quintanilla, Montoya and Gallagher learn from Camarillo's years as Juliet Garcia's punk boy - offer him power and he will screw the people faster than the pedophile will screw children in an unprotected day care.