Sunday, February 13, 2011


This is the second time the BV is posting the Joe Rod lawsuit. It is amazing to me when you combine a convicted con artist with a convicted drunk how far the deceptions can go.  The Herald did publish the reasons Presas-Garcia was sued.  These idiots actually believe the people reading the article will conclude they are imagining what they are reading.  Further, my readers were not given simply a summary, they were given the lawsuit.  Original documents are always the best evidence.

There was an investigation and Hector Gonzales reviewed the evidence presented to him by Brett Springston and  found no wrongdoing.  Why do they blame the underling for the decision of the guy in charge to cover for Joe Rod?  If they speak they lie.  Hey if there was a cover-up the BV supports a full investigation  But it begins with the guy who wrote the letter - Hector Gonzales and not his underling, Brett Springston.

I agree let's investigate the cover-up?  Hector Gonzales the people want to know - why did you absolve Joe Rod?  Were you paid money?  Were you promised your job?  Did family members get offers for jobs?  The people demand to know - why did Hector Gonzales cover for Joe Rod?

The people demand to know why Presas-Garcia, Longoria, Escobedo, and Saavedra are protecting Gonzales and his cover-up of the abuses by Joe Rod?  We the people demand to know why they are protecting Hector Gonzales.   We the people want a full and transparent investigation of the cover-up which begins and ends with Hector Gonzales.

Go to page 11 of the above link and find Hector Gonzales' letter absolving Joe Rod of all wrongdoing.  Why are Escobedo, Presas-Garcia, Longoria and Saavedra protecting Gonzales and not calling for a full criminal investigation of his cover-up of the Joe Rod mess?  Instead they have their convicted two-bit con artist convict claim - no it was Springston who covered for Joe Rod.  Documents speak the truth.  Now let's see teh audit. The BV will post it.  Then the people can read the report for themselves and form their own opinion.  Why do they withhold the audit from the public?  Answer it will show the lies and manipulations of the facts.

It is like the federal judge said - Quintanilla is unsupervisable.  Escobedo and Lehmann can scream at the top of their lungs and they cannot control this man.  Every false post by him will be used in court against them including the beneficiaries of their conduct such as Jaime Escobedo and his business - when I am done with Jaime Escobedo he will not be able to get a contract guarding toilet paper in a prison.

I  feel bad that it is so easy to play this fool and increase the damages I will be seeking from Ted Parker, John Barr, Healthsmart - and so many others.  Yes,  I am holding a story on John Barr - that will be a week from Monday.

My contacts in Dallas are more than willing to help in taking down John Barr - there is a truth which will be told a week from Monday.


Anonymous said...

I agree. Mrs. Garcia should go after Hector Gonzales if wrong doing did happen?

Anonymous said...

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60. Deliberate and discuss regarding the employment, evaluation, duties of the Superintendent
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Anonymous said...

Thank you for this post. This is the only blog where I have found actual court documents to support the information. The readers appreciate your honesty.