Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Kendall Hypodermic Needles with Polypropylene Hub - 18 G x 1-1/2"


This picture is of an 18 gage needle. The VA will never change. On Monday I was told to go to the VA Harlingen to begin my testosterone replacement therapy. I went to the VA as instructed to learn my doctor ordered the pharmacist to mail me the medicine. By the time I got there the mail had already gone out.

So today it comes in the mail. Me being an expert in injections I guess I am to just inject myself - where? do not know - how to use the needle? do not know.

I will go back to the VA tomorrow and a nurse will do it for me.


I never look at the needle - why I looked at this one I do not know.

So for my haters - every other week until they can find the cause for my low testosterone (155) I will get stuck. So you can plan a smile on your face- just mark your calender for every two weeks.  "ah, he is suffering today."

Oh, I have enough for 6 injections, but only three needles. I guess the VA is now reusing needles. I knew the budget was bad, but not that bad.

Oh, help - I am told that starting after the third injection I should start to donate blood.  Does Brownsville have a clinic where people go to donate, not sell, blood? In college I stopped donating after I hit the 3 gallon club.

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