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A Herald reader noticed something I missed. The bonds have been sold. BISD has to pay back the bonds one way or the other. When Presas-Garcia, Longoria and Saavedra voted to not amend the IFA Application they voted to have BISD pick-up $19 million dollars of the debt instead of $9 million.

Why did Thompson Horton counsel Arturo Michel sit there and say nothing. This guy has one client and only one client - Thompson Horton. Had Presas-Garcia, Saavedra and Longoria succeeded BISD would have owed $19 million instead of $9 million.

Arturo Michel knew this and remained silent for one reason and one reason only - to placate Presas-Garcia. Thompson Horton was prepared to saddle BISD with an additional $10 million in debt to keep Presas-Garcia, Longoria and Saavedra happy.  If this was not an intentional act, then he is incredibly incompetent.

Escobedo, Aguilar, Pena, and Colunga have a fiduciary duty to put on the agenda the immediate dismissal of Thompson Horton. If they fail to do this they are equally liable for the incredible malpractice of Presas-Garcia, Longoria, and Saavedra.

We have more than enough to seek the removal by court order of Escobedo, Presas-Garcia and Longoria. What this vote did is give us the evidence we need to prove Saavedra is working against her fiduciary duties to BISD. To play dirty politics she was prepared to saddle BISD with an additional $10 million in debt.

And where are the convicted con-artist and convicted drunk on this near fiasco which would have cost BISD an additional $10 million - right there defending Presas-Garcia, Longoria and Saavedra for their reckless conduct.

Again to the BISD employees I met with - my $1,000 remains on the table.  It is time - it is time.

I will say if Escobedo, Pena, Aguilar, and Colunga refuse to put on the agenda Thompson Horton's malpractice on this issue and cover-up for Presas-Garcia, Longoria and Saavedra, then they too should be looked at for removal on this incredible breach of fiduciary duty.

Pena's continued refusal to confront this mess  directly in the press will certainly cost her reelection in 2012.


Anonymous said...

After reading this story,it would seem to be time for BISD taxpayers, administrators, and teachers to come together and fight to have Presas-Garcia, Longoria, and Saavedra removed from office. Would their votes for BISD not to appeal the decision of TEA that would cost the district an extra $9,000,000 dollars be considered a gross neglect of their fiduciary responsibility?

Remember that they also voted to fire the insurance consultant who we already had paid until August and it appears we now may hire another one and have to pay him until August.

Lucy Longoria said she wanted to fire the insurance consultant beacause she had no faith in him taking care of the best interests of the district.

Using that as the gold standard, I say it is time to hold the Fabulous Four to that same standard and seek their removal from office because I do not have faith in them to take care of the best interests of the students, staff or district.

We got what we voted for and the students and teachers deserve more.

Anonymous said...

I agree with Anonymous 11:00am, its time for the Community,teachers, employees and parents to take action and have a voice to start ending the Corruption brought on by the BISD Board!

BobbyWC said...

This is all talk - the group I met with will not agree to removal - they want anyone but them to take on the task and pay for

I know enough that the 4 can be indicted and BISD employees will still not step up to the plate.

Corruption wins all of the time because people prefer anyone but them take on the fight

complaining and doing nothing is so much easier than actually acting

Bobby WC

BobbyWC said...

The BV is not going to publish defamatory statements against any BISD employees unless the source reveals themselves and is specific.

The BV has rejected tons of statements claiming so and so is incompetent and that is why they are aligned with Presas-Garcia - I have gotten an earful about people working with presas-Garcia who are allegedly incompetent - I have rejected everyone of them

If you have proof of wrongdoing or incompetence by anyone regardless of which side they may be on - the BV will print it - but bogus anony allegations are going nowhere with the BV

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

Somewhere you confused eggs and ham with apples and oranges.
City and County are two different entities.

Anonymous said...

If the money for fees was raised, what is the first step and then the second ? And what about a recall ?

BobbyWC said...

on eggs and ham - no idea what you are talking about - where did I talk about city and county?

On removal - once I think we have a commitment of $20,000 we can hire an attorney to file the lawsuit for removal.

Recall is not an option

Bobby WC

BobbyWC said...

On the post the poster asked I not post through - the acts occurred after the election.

Further, if an act occurs before the election and they act on it after the election the doctrine does not apply

But thanks it was helpful
Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

Hey Bobby, why do you want the Board Members on the minority to go to the press. Is that not the way Presas-Garcia works. She likes to go to press and make noise. What good would that do? You have published more information than the Hearld and still no one has enough to do anything.

BobbyWC said...

They do have enough - more than enough - you have no way of knowing this but part of the problem in Brownsville is the way the FBI is set up

The FBI in Brownsville in under the supervision of the San Antonion office. The US attorney ho must approve teh work of the FBI is under the Houston office. This is a very unusual situation.

It has made it possible for their to be a lot of public corruption in cameron county.

The FBI has to get clearance from San Antonio before it proceeds and then the DOJ in Houston must approve the work -

it is bogged down in this mess.

If the people knew about the million dollar contract, the fact these idiots nearly cost BISd an additional $10 million, and the fact 3 of the 4 want to pay off Rendon and Juarez with taxpayer money - the people would demand accountability.

This is happening because of a news blackout - we need it in the news and it will end.

I have had several sources tell me Escobedo wants to resign - he sees the gig is up and has lost interest - the bond money was his last change to make money for his family and cronies.

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

I personally would like to see the end of how the board run BISD to the ground. They could have cost us millions.

To say we must stand up tell us how. If a re-call is not an option, then what is? Can a petition be drawn up and if enough voters (taxpayers) sign it can a special election be called? You would need one petition for each board member you want out of ofice. Tell us how. I am sure your readers want action to be taken.

BobbyWC said...

The Herald will never cover the truth -

The people need to take the lead an organize a removal action

We can get an attorney from out of town who will take the case with $20,000 down - we now have enough evidence to file a removal action agsinst Escobedo, Saavedra, Longoria and Presas-Garcia

A community like Brownsville can easily raise $20,000

Think - these turkeys nearly cost the taxpayers $10 million dollars

The only thing which save us is the greed of Escobedo in wanting the construction so his brother and cronies can make money

But I know people = no one will organize and the taxpayer will get caught paying the bill anyway

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

How do you arrive @ the 20k figure ? I have talked to a couple of sharp attorney friends in Austin and they say it could be done. And what about a time line ? How long would it take to remove these incompetent fools ? I will see your $1000 and raise it $1500....

BobbyWC said...

If you know an attorney in Austin who will start it at $2,500 - then get them on board - but I want to know they will file it before I give him/her a thousand dollars.

The process - every cowardly judge in Cameron county will refuse the case - this means a visiting judge will be assigned. This will delay the process.

Once it is filed, it will certainly slow them down on all issues alleged in the petition.

I think at least one maybe two will resign rather than defend the lawsuit.

There are rumors going around that Lehmann and Escobedo are at odds and Escobedo is looking for an excuse to resign - he wants out before he loses any influence over any contracts in Cameron county.

the lawsuit stops them - I think a trial can be had in 3 months.

On the 20K - I just know the cost of litigation - the attorney is going to bill for travel - the attorney will put out discovery requests - the attorney is going to do research before filing to insure he meets the legal standard based on the known evidence.

They will send imemdiate discovery to our attorney - that will take about 10-15 hours to answer.

They will also file a motion to dismiss the lawsuit based on a failure to allege actionable acts. It does not matter the judge will deny it - it still requires the lawyer answer it - travel to brownsville - appear - and then continue with the case.

There will be hearings over protective orders to not produce discovery.

It will be very costly for the 4 - I am convinced one will resign immediately and Escobedo will give it serious consideration.

Escobedo would rather resign stating he has learned things which disturb him and it would be better BISD move forward without the distraction of him being on the board. He comes across as the honest guy.

The plaintiff must be someone known to Brownsville and who is respected - so when they attack him or her it will only inform the people the 4 are desperate.

But I know people - teh taxpyaers would rather get hit with a $10 million dollar bill on the bonds than donate $20 to protect their interests.

Also - I am now 100% confident there are high profile elected officials in Cameron county who are so tied to this mess they will do everything in their power to block a removal lawsuit.

Lucy Longoria is not judgment proof - she has assets - a judgment against her could cost her big time - lawsuits are coming - Lucy's husband will demand she resign - the question is will she.

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

Bobby take this to the bank, the only ones that should resign is Colunga, Aguilar and Brett Springston.

BobbyWC said...

So Escobedo who pushed the bonds gets a clean sentence.

I watch the meeting - upon evidence - I had no problem saying the Hinojosa, bond counsel, and Springston knew what was happening.

I deal in evidence

The only person in that room who had a financial interest in those bonds going through was Escobedo's brother - and the only reason we know this is because Lehmann told hi convicted drunk mouth piece to put the information out their as a way to try and bring Escobedo in line and stop protecing Springston

This was the second time Lehmann used his mouth piece to effectively threatedn Escobedo

So why are you giving a free pass to Escobedo?

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

Thank you for covering the BISD mess. Due to the news blackout, BV is the only source for the taxpayers of Brownsville to be informed.

Anonymous said...