Thursday, February 10, 2011


Beyond telling my readers that a formal investigation has now been opened, I can say very little. In my previous posts I outlined what I believe to be a violation of the rules of professional conduct. My regular readers know the complaint relates to the BISD election and Neece's decision to allow his friend Montoya to walk out of court three times in a bit more than a year on three DWI's without actually having to raise money for bail.

The BISD related claims should result in some type action for sure. The issue related to Montoya's lack of bail is more problematic. There is an issue of whether or not the decision was 100% judicial versus a political favor. These type investigation are more complex.

Will Charlie Cabler take any action and suspend Ben Neece pending the investigation? Nope - not until there are body bags caused by drunks - and we all know how Pat Almighty feels about judges who allow drunks to walk out of court without posting bail.


Pat Almighty as the mayor has an ethical duty to recommend Ben Neece's suspension with pay pending an investigation. This is what was done last time. Pat Almighty's own DWI attorney is none other than one of Ben Neece's co-counsel in the Rendon case. If Pat Almighty does his job and demands Charlie Cabler suspend Ben Neece with pay pending the conclusion of the investigation, he risks Star Jones being mad at him. Political incest - how nice.


Navarro as BISD's attorney has actual knowledge of the law and how reality works. Unfortunately for Rendon he hired idiots who are just playing the system. With black and white evidence against Presas-Garcia in the case of Ted Parker and Healthsmart, it now becomes clearer to the FBI that Rendon and Juarez are playing games with the full knowledge of their attorneys. No one can deny the million dollar contract Escobedo's brother got from Rendon, Juarez, and Lehmann just 15 days before Escobedo voted to reinstate Rendon.  It is an indictable offense for attorneys to allow their clients to provide financial benefits to elected officials in exchange for favorable decisions in pending litigation.  Apparently Rendon's attorneys are  unaware of this.  If they have a half of brain they will file immediate motions to withdraw as Rendon's and Juarez's counsel.  Their knowledge of the back door deal between Escobedo, Lehmann, Rendon and Juarez is now well established. 

With the Presas-Garcia revelation, the scheme of back door dealing to control the litigation is now well established  The indictments need to not only include the corrupt 4, but Ted Parker, Healthsmart, Rendon's and Juarez's attorneys, and a host of other lessor players which includes Lehmann himself.

This is why Lehmann is using his mouth piece Montoya to threaten Escobedo with exposure if he does not get back in line and vote to settle those lawsuits. Remember it was Montoya not me who accused Escobedo of voting for the construction bonds so that Escobedo's brother can get part of the contracts.


Navarro asked Judge Hanen to cancel the hearing on the Motion to Disqualify Navarro as a material fact witness for Rendon. Navarro just had the insurance company agree to designate someone else as lead counsel while leaving him effectively in charge to control the case. Only lead counsel is subject to removal and then only during the trial before a jury. Navarro is free to be redesignated lead counsel on the eve of trial at which time the court will finally decide the issue. The case will go away on dismissal before then.

Rendon's attorney's were played like the trained monkeys they are.

I really wanted the hearing to go forward. I was excited that my driver got me back from SA in time for the hearing. After I got to the federal court house I was told to see the clerk on the status of the hearing. This is when I read Navarro's motion to cancel the hearing and his stated reasons. He comes across as the hero to Judge Hanen because he saved Judge Hanen the time of having to deal with a motion which was going to be denied.

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