Saturday, February 12, 2011


Item 10 is Joe Colunga putting back on the agenda the issue of whether or not BISD should pay for Presas-Garcia's defense in the Joe Rod case. He appears to be raising a coverage issue.

Although it was too late for Colunga to put on the agenda the possible collusion between Presas-Garcia and Healthsmart, this item certainly provides him the opportunity on camera to tell the people of Brownsville the truth.  This reality will force Escobedo to have pause for his role in this mess.  Do not forget, after Ted Parker lost the contract he had his attorney write a threatening letter to BISD wherein he said he would sue in Dallas.  He did sue Lubbock in Dallas and then paid them $850,000 in attorneys fees.  I am curious to know if the demand letter was signed by John Barr.

Item 20:  This is Presas-Garcia trying to move the employees Cafeteria plan to Mullen Pensions and Benefits with the help of Bill Rusteberg.  If the BISD employees remain silent on this they deserve to get screwed.  They must speak up now and let the corrupt 4 know Mullen Pensions and Benefits will not be allowed to do business with BISD.  It has to be a message that back door deals will be rejected outright.

Items 59 and 60:  This is Presas-Garcia making a move to fire Springston.  In the beginning I would have said they have the votes otherwise she would not have put it on the agenda.  But now I know enough she puts things on the agenda without the votes.  Escobedo has come to Springston's defense every time.  We shall see what he does Tuesday night.  We know Lehmann had Montoya threaten him with exposure over the back door deals if he did not get in line with Lehmann.  We shall see if the threat worked.

It should be a fun night - the BV of course will provide a blow by blow coverage.

I will bet the farm Presas-Garcia will try and move Colunga's item so that her issues are heard first.  She will try - but will she succeed?


Anonymous said...

Here is the pattern..."It's about the children", let's ram through settlements for Rendon and Juarez costing taxpayers $$...."It's about the children", and let's give up potential millions and settle Healthsmart lawsuit costing taxpayers $$....." It's about the children" and let's replace legal council costing taxpayer $$...."It's about the children", and fire the the insurance consultant who's recommendation saved BISD 8 million, costing taxpayers $$,.... "It's about the children", and let's try to give up 20 cents on the dollar construction money from the federal government that will never be available again,..."it's all about the children", and let's try to get rid of the superintendent which will cost taxpayers $$. Add all of this on top of no plan in regards to the impending budget crunch which will certainly, adversely effect "the children" and you have a very clear picture of a group who couldn't care less about " the children" or the taxpayers.

BobbyWC said...

Remember the class action Tillison was going to file for the special needs children - never happened - they made a big deal about the children -

I defy them to name one thing any of them of proposed for the childern -


It would seem to me the first order of business should have been the special needs children - nothing - absolutely nothing

I on the other hand continue to work with families to insure their children get their special needs

can anyone name anything they have done for the special needs children?


Bobby WC

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Anonymous said...

Bobby, would you P L E A S E!!!! show the board meeting for this coming Tuesday in your blog? Some of us can not make it to the board room, but can certainly go into your blog. It would certainly be appreciate by me and I am sure many more. Would you do this for us? Thank you!

Anonymous said...

The one thing they have done TO the special needs children is called exploitation

Anonymous said...

It is about children! The children of the board members! If you have observed, Joe will only open his incoherant mouth to speak up at the meetings when it relates to special education matters. It is time for him to depart. He has become dead wood on the board being there for over a decade and he does nothing but figure out how to get what is best for his son. How old is he now? How long does the state require a school district to educate a child? Colunga and all those others who only have personal agendas must go! I wonder who would be left on the board?