Thursday, February 24, 2011


Apparently the rumors of Escobedo agreeing to remove Presas-Garcia as board president must be true, at least according to Montoya. Again he is on the attack against Escobedo. Funny, he only mentions Escobedo being involved in the approval of the bond package when Presas-Garcia is in trouble. I would much prefer Aguilar return as board president, but Escobedo may be the only option.

Now here is reality - the BV posts documents - Montoya posts his endless lies without an ounce of documentation. Where is this affidavit signed by the person paid to attend the protests? Now to be fair - I am jaded - if I see protesters I assume they are being paid - it is Brownsville - sorry guys - but paid protesters are pretty much a given in Brownsville - but still where is the evidence in this case. Further this claim is from the man who defended Ernie Hernandes who used politiqueras to steal an election. Witness after witness testified the politiquera took their ballot and left their home.  Where was his indignation on that issue?  Oh yea, Ernie was advertising with him. 


Cortes did not tell anyone the cost of the bonds was zero - he told the truth as it existed in October 2010 - about $7 million - by Montoya's  own admission letters were going back and forth for months and things were very fluid.

Reality - Montoya point blank lies when he says Presas-Garcia, Longoria and Saavedra tried to warn the people on December 7th. Point blank lie. Presas-Garcia in meetings was repeatedly told about the possible problems with the IFA bonds - she never mentioned it in the December 7th hearing - why? She is an ignorant fool so poorly educated she could not understand what was being told to her. If she had the IQ of an idiot she would have understood and then made the argument on December 7th.  Instead she came up with pathetic excuses why overcrowding should not be addressed and BISD did not need the classrooms and space.  If she were competent she would have discussed the confusion over the IFA money - something she never mentioned although fully briefed on the issue.

There are only two explanations for why Presas-Garcia did not raise the issue on December 7th - she intentionally mislead the people or she was too stupid to understand what she was being told. Why are they protecting her? - she knew about the problem and did nothing - This act as board president by itself is a basis for her removal.

Now if you follow the letters - Crockett in March told BISD things could change if the rules changed - the TEA has admitted that the rules did not change - in fact in the letter received after the bonds were issued the TEA said although the rules had not changed they are about to change and they will be enforced retroactively. Even a moron knows this is illegal.

Montoya point blank lies when he suggests the rules changed before December 7th and Springston and Fuller mislead the board - just point blank lie - the letter from the TEA clearly states that as of December 7th there was no rule change and that the problem relates to a decision to change the rules after the fact.  The law is on BISD's side - but we cannot expect Montoya or Presas-Garcia to understand that under federal law you cannot change the terms of the bonds after the fact.  Rather than unite to defend BISD and protect the taxpayers Presas-Garcia, Longoria and Saavedra voted to expose BISD to $19 million in debt and then Montoya attacked Escobedo for not voting to expose BISD to $19 million in bond debt. 

This is why Montoya does not post the letters - the letters tell the truth and does not serve Ted Parker and Pat Lehmann's agendas.

Now today I was going to post - no post I am tired. My blood pressure is through the ceiling - I do not recommend the coca tea to people with high blood pressure but I had to do it yesterday and it sent my blood pressure to 200/98. I have been bleeding for three days - but think it is from the vitamin D deficiency. I have to wait until May to see if the VA will raise the dosage back to where it was when I had the bleeding under control. Anyway I am tired. I am suppose to be in bed - but some unfortunate events have me out of bed doing some work.

BV will post on Friday - obviously the board agenda will be a killer - so the BV will post on that - the rumors range from Presas-Garcia resigning because of an FBI target letter to Escobedo leading the charge to remove Springston - the latter I am certain is a lie - Escobedo knows if Springston is removed the TEA takes control and he loses any hopes of controlling the contracts. As to the former - I do know for a fact the FBI is all over the collusion issue and alleged interference by Ted Parker, so maybe the target letter is real - or is in the mail. But it is all rumors.

UNTIL PRESAS-GARCIA tells us why she failed to warn the people about the IFA money she is a con-artist.  She cannot deny she was kept informed and knew about the problem long before December 7th.  Why does this hag blame Springston for her conspiracy to hide this information from the people?  Answer - maybe she is just too stupid to have understood what she was being told - if this is the case she is not qualified to be on the board.


BobbyWC said...

Guys, it is clear to me that based on the posts there is a civil war in special services - I would appreciate it if someone can get me the documents related to the matter.

I have no use for BISD's special services - the entire system is a joke - until BISD ends the political appointment process for this position the children will have no hope

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

So True!!!

BobbyWC said...

thanks - I will look into it

but we know for sure my pituitary gland is flattened - the issue is waiting on approval for an MRI of the pituitary gland to determine the cause of why it is flattened.

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

After claiming ignorance of a district policy in my first year as a teacher , the principal called me into his office and said,"there is no excuse for ignorance." Those simple words 38 years made a wise woman out of me.

Presas-Garcia, this message is for you. As president of the school board, you definitely have no excuse for ignorance. Check and re-check LEGAL available resources

Anonymous said...

So the explain this if Cortez knew that there would be a 7 million taxpayer hit then Springston must have lied to the board Tony Fuller when requesting the transfer of 26 million from the General fund to the Construction Bond Program assured Trustees that the general fund would recoup the entire 26 million dollars. Was very cocky about that. Are you saying Springston lied, without actual saying it. Bobby you are clever.

BobbyWC said...

You are not be very clever - the truth is in the letters - every board member knew there were discussions about the issue

On december 7th the TEA agreed tha tthey would cover it - there own letter after December 7th admits they were changing the rules after the fact -

People sawe teh meeting and know teh truth - but kleep the lies coming = Presas-Garcia has no defense and no one on the board defending her at this time other than Longoria - rumor is Saavedra has formally jump ship

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

Again, WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So Many Lies!!!!!

Anonymous said...

It sounds like all the lies have caught up to them.