Sunday, February 20, 2011


"Anonymous said...

"To Susan, the earlier post. If the Doctor wants to distinguish herself as credible and genuine; she needs to distance herself from the corrupt. She was my professor also, but I cannot believe the direction and company she has been keeping. Have her stay at work tomorrow and not show up for the meeting. This would shut everybody up and put her back in good standing and her past actions as a bad dream.

February 20, 2011 9:34 AM"


Anonymous said...

Thank You. I too cannot believe the direction "Dr." Saavedra wants to take the District by siding with the corrupt!
She got greedy, she wants position-favors, vendor bid control, etc. She got voted in to the BISD Board, and now owes a lot of favors. Her husband wishes he could go back to BISD for lots of $$$$. I am embarrassed to say that I voted for "Dr." Saavedra!

Anonymous said...

Does Dr. Saavedra not teach at a private school? At her swearing in she mentioned that she was teaching at some private school. If she serves on the board and is at every meeting that Cata wishes to call, how many times are her students missing out on instruction? Oh, but she only cares about the BISD children, right? I, too, am totally embarrassed in saying that I was fooled into voting for her. She is on the war-path and her war-paint colors are showing!

Anonymous said...

I should of not VOTED for anyone! I voted for Dr. Saavedra and I regret it. PURE CORRUPTION! I am 10 people will not be voting for Mayor! We are spreading the word.

Anonymous said...

Give Dr. Christina Saavedra a chance to prove herself.

BobbyWC said...

she voted to delay a security contract and compromised the safety of our children all so Escobedo's btoher could get a second biter at the apple

She voted to not amend the bond application which has she prevailed would have cost the district $19 million dollars

second chance - you're delusional she has shown her cards

game over

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

I guess you are right Bobby, I was just thinking Dr. Saavedra needed more time to realize that Presas-Garcia is a complete and total snake in the grass and she needs to pull away from her.

I have faith that one day Dr. Saavedra will wake up and say; Oh my goodness I was totally and completely used by Presas-Garcia.

I just hope it is not too late and she can recover from the damage her reputation will have suffered.

Maybe I'm wrong or maybe I'm right. You just never know.