Monday, February 14, 2011


Alfred said...
I would think that it is safe to say that all board members in the history of B.I.S.D have had personal agendas. Some have been good agendas, while others have been greed driven, and self serving. Unfortunately, this group has been the worse ever, reflecting in and explaining the lowest attendance ever to board meetings.
I know that Springston is not the perfect Super, but I haven't met one yet! However, this board mutiny needs to be addressed now and stopped for future Super's. I propose on very short notice, that all your readership show up to the next board meeting in support of ending this insanity. This is not in direct support of Springston, but against what is going on and to take the first step to show our disgust with this board. I will attend tomorrow and all are invited, but I would like to see a concerted effort for the next regular or special called meeting. What say you?


Anonymous said...

It's time to rock and roll !!

Anonymous said...

People are fed up, especially the employees, but are afraid to speak up and complain. It is a domino effect - from super, to principal, to teacher, to students! When will school ever be fun again - fun to learn and enjoy the rapport with your teachers and your friends. It seems like we are on pins and needles all the time. Is it like this in all the school districts? I know it has nothing to do with the economy of the nation because this mess started way before.