Sunday, February 20, 2011


Apparently, under the Principal for a Day program you must be invited by a principal to participate. The Principals in solidarity with Springston intentionally snubbed Escobedo and Presas-Garcia by not inviting them. It was during the luncheon that Presas-Garcia, who was not invited to the luncheon, that she announced Monday's meeting.  Word leaked out during the luncheon which only served to further anger all of the principals.

I have received numerous phone calls today informing me to expect fewer than 50 teachers and BISD employees to show up at the meeting. I am cool with this - a bloodbath will follow and the teachers will then live with the consequences of their actions or lack of actions.

Two sources have told me that the Commissioner of Education Robert Scott has TEA lawyers looking to see how fast a Master can be appointed. Short of convincing Scott there are exigent circumstances the process is too complex for one to be appointed before the meeting, but not impossible under the rules.

I think right now there are more rumors than anything else going around - but I think I can say that if the teachers intended to call in sick, that would be known by now - and it is not.

Tomorrow is any one's guess.


Anonymous said...

Bobby, maybe the teachers are waiting until early tomorrow morning to call in and pretend they are sick. One does not know today that he is going to be sick tomorrow. Also, it would give them hell to try looking for substitutes at the last minute. I know I was called to substitute and I refused because I know some of the board members did not want me there. I know that I will not be able to speak during the meeting, but I will do my talking before the meeting and maybe even during the meeting at free voice!
You are right about teachers not wanting to get involved, but those that don't are the ones who make all the squealing on campus. But, some may feel that retiliation will be a part of their "illness" excuse. You don't have to give a reason on the form you sign. Just mark it as state leave.

Anonymous said...

I hope that these Association guys that speak at every board meeting contacted all of the teachers. I am curious if they are going to show up.

BobbyWC said...

Guys I appreciate the number of people calling me, but I am turning off the phone - I need to sleep.

While my numbers are good today - they are no where, where they should be if people are asking their friends and family to read the BV today and learn the facts.

It is hard for me to know how many are new readers or the older readers which came on board Tuesday - I am at about 3x's a normal Sunday - but I have been averaging that since Wednesday

Tuesday's numbers were just freakishly high

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

The Association sent texts for teachers to be there at 12:45 in support of Springston.