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(NOTE, the BV originally posted this last night.  I will repost the comments to date.  With the additional posts, I really wanted this to be the lead story today.)

When I first got this story I thought - no way it cannot be - I demanded proof. The proof came February 8th while I was undergoing a procedure from hell on my back. A bunch of needles and an hour and half later - 10 years in the making - my spine is leaking fluid into the lumbar area. In March they will try and correct it.

The initial proof was a witness who will testify that Presas-Garcia personally requested that BISD's insurance company providing coverage for her defense in the Joe Rod case assign John Barr to be her attorney. Who is John Barr - none other than Ted Parker of Healthsmart and convicted felon extraordinaire Carlos Quintanilla's attorney.

My regular readers remember when I broke the story of Parker and Quintanilla both using John Barr as their attorney.

I learned of this story like 2 days later and was like "shit, I blew it - they will never follow through now that I have made the connection." Well I was wrong, and this should tell you just how evil these people really are.

Here is the court document showing John Barr appearing as Presas-Garcia's attorney in the Joe Rod lawsuit.

There is now a question of collusion between, John Barr, Ted Parker, Carlos Quintanilla, and Presas-Garcia. This is now a slam dunk removal action in terms of Presas-Garcia. The real kicker is, Ted Parker and John Barr have BISD taxpayers paying the initial part of Presas-Garcia's defense (through the deductible) at the same time they have Presas-Garcia working to dismiss the Healthsmart lawsuit worth potentially $15 to $25 million dollars. Is it not enough if the allegations in the lawsuit against Healthsmart are true that Ted Parker cheated the BISD taxpayers out of some $15 million dollars, we must now pay Ted Parker's lawyer for the defense of the very BISD Trustee colluding against BISD for the benefit of Ted Parker and Healthsmart?

Thompson and Horton have a legal duty to advise the Board that Presas-Garcia has breached her duties to the Board and can no longer remain the Board President. They have a legal duty to advise counsel for BISD in the Healthsmart lawsuit that they must file a motion for death penalty sanctions. Healthsmart will settle before allowing for an amended pleadings which includes collusion,. They will certainly take action against Ted Parker and possibly Presas-Garcia herself for compromising their case. If BISD does nothing Healthsmart's claim of BISD intentionally compromising their defense becomes real.

Healthsmart must remove Ted Parker and denounce him, and BISD must remove Presas-Garcia and denounce her.

BISD must sue John Barr for collusion and recovery of all all attorneys fees paid by BISD in defense of Preasas-Garcia

In terms of Ted Parker and Healthsmart, John Barr is the attorney who sued city officials in Lubbock after they cancelled Healthsmart's lawsuit. That lawsuit resulted in Ted Parker reimbursing the city of Lubbock $850,000 in attorneys fees, before the lawsuit was dismissed.


BobbyWC said...

Here are some of the original posts made last night

"Bobby, how long before we find out whether she is or is not indicted and the cause? It seems that now without Channel 17 we have no real transparancy and can not see what is going on. The BH does not give us any meat in their articles? If Presas-Garcia is doing or has done something wrong, should we know what it is all about and thus recall her? Is that possible?

February 9, 2011 6:29 PM"

"Holy Cow!!! Mrs. Garcia should resign ASAP.

February 9, 2011 7:49 PM

"Wow ! John Barr is a bigger fool than I ever imagined. A slam dunk case of collusion has been gift wrapped by the Village Idiots. We will now see if Thomas and Horton and Healthsmart's council have real legal skill or just grinding fees. At the very least, Presas-Garcia should not be allowed to vote on any matters relating to Healthsmart.

February 9, 2011 9:59 PM

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Bobby WC

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Anonymous said...

and Big Joe's big party is when? He must be loving all this ammunition.

Anonymous said...

What Barr is going to do is expose the theft amd fraud committed by Joe Rod.

BobbyWC said...

Barr cannot expose anything - he is defending not suing - so dream on

Presas-Garcia does not get to go on an endless fishing expedition

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

What an embarrassment Presas-Garcia continues to be for BISD.

BobbyWC said...

I am rejecting a nasty comment accusing me of defending Joe Rod - Look we know Quintanilla is a patholicai liar and uses people

We are still waiting for the class action against BISD for Special Needs Children

We are still waiting for the boycott at UTB/TSC

We are still waiting for the class action by the prisoners against the commissary vendor for the sheriffs alleged bookkeeping problems - the vendor is paid by the Sheriff based on the sheriff's booking and not the other way around. Given this simple fact the vendor cannot cheat the sheriff - the sheriff controls the books and issues the checks.


I defended Presas-Garcia when she went to the DA in the Joe Rod case - I said if as a trustee she believed there was criminal conduct she had a legal duty to go to the DA

I called Colunga and Aguilar petty for not initially voting to allow BISD's insurance company to pick up Presas-Garcia's defense.

I called for a full investigation into the Joe Rod matter which includes all the benefits Pat Lehmann got at the events over the years and said nothing.

I want to know who was involved in this concert deal and who was set to make a profit on it.

But somehow this is me defending Joe Rod.

All I noted is, in a criminal case the doctrine of laches applies because BISD Trustees turned a blind eye to the alleged wrongdoing for years.

I have never said the sale of beer or use of BISD assets was proper. In fact I have noted that Joe Rod admits to these things.

So again - how is this me defending Joe Rod? It is not

Presas-Garcia may note that John Barr cost Ted Parker $850,000 in attorneys paid to the city of Lubbock. If I were Presas-garcia I would be moving my assets to Mexico about now.

There is another issue - John Barr cannot go after Joe Rod without exposing Lehmann's coverup for years.

What Lehmann fails to realize for Ted Parker to protect himself he is prepared to destroy Lehmann and Escobedo. if ted parker thinks BISD will drop the Healthsmart lawsuit to protect Joe Rod he is sadly mistaken.

I say let John Barr have at it - let the truth come out - of course Presas-Garcia can no longer vote on any matters related to Healthsmart.

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

" Look we know Quintanilla is a pathological liar and uses people " Yep. And maybe one day Presas-Garcia will grow up and then realize Quintanilla is using her.

Anonymous said...

Presas-Garcia has no Assets!!!!!

Anonymous said...

As I have said before, Presas-Garcia is ignorant, arrogant and short of cash. She is the perfect pawn for Lehmann and Quintanilla.