Saturday, February 12, 2011


What does Presas-Garcia and Quintanilla have in common? According to the Herald they both have been dragged into court over bad checks. Now to be fair - when I first started using my debit card I bounced a check or three at Albertson's. I just did not do a good job in keeping tract of the money. But, as soon as I would get the notice from the bank I would run up to Albertsons and pay the check and bounce check fee. Yea this has not happened in probably 10 years or so.   I solved the problem by only writing one check a month for rent. All my bills are paid on line using my debit card.  And of course I always check the balance to insure I do not need to transfer money over from another account.

This post is in response to a nasty comment I rejected. I do not get their anger. John Barr is this brilliant lawyer who cost Ted Parker $850,000, who is going to come into Brownsville and clean house. He is brilliant - he will expose all of the corruption at BISD and paddy wagons will take everyone away. BISD will declare a holiday to his name. Even I have gone on line to buy and extra dozen 2(x)ist underwear to take to prison with me when I am convicted. To save the taxpayers the expense I will plead guilty.

The people are going to gather in Washington Park and yell "Cata, Cata - our saviour."

We the corrupt of Brownsville surrender to the great John Barr. On Tuesday night when Presas-Garcia defends him on camera the people will spontaneously stand up and cheer - "Barr, Barr, Barr our saviour." We all know this to be the truth, so why are they protesting so hard over disclosure of Barr's representation of Presas-Garcia?

You got me, my bags are packed for prison - the gig is up - Barr has exposed us.


Anonymous said...

The only person that I have seen expose anything is The Brownsville Voice.

Anonymous said...

When is this to happen?