Sunday, February 6, 2011



"Mr Cervantes , The Palm Resaca trailer Park is served by AEP, they have contract crews Pike Electric working on problem as we speak , PUB sent our trouble shooter out in last 15 minutes to confirm , John "

FURTHER UPDATE:  John Bruciak is stating that AEP and MVEC decide when their customers are subject to rolling blackouts.  I believe John.  But this is contrary to what the PUB told me several years ago after a hurricane.  But I believe John is telling the truth.

EDITOR'S NOTE:  I appreciate the fact John Bruciak showed the professionalism to respond to my requests.  This is a good thing  - it shows professionalism.  But the fact remains the customer service people at the PUB never did a thing to inform these people about what was happening.  I get PUB is not CPL/AEP.  But when a resident of Brownsville calls a city office they deserve a response.

In a separate email Mr. Bruciak indicated his staff will research the issue of whether or not the residents at Palm Resaca can switch to the PUB.  Again - another example of professionalism.

But again, after Commissioner Zamora and Oscar Garcia made their inquiries, Palm Resaca had electricity within 15 minutes.  Why?  Someone messed up big time - we need to know who failed these senior citizens.


A resident at Palm Resaca has access to Oscar Garcia. Mr. Garcia made a phone call to the PUB. 15 minutes later the entire Palm Resaca park had electricity. This was about flipping a switch. Why were these at risk senior citizens denied electricity?  At the same time Commissioner Zamora initiated a request on the issue with Mr. Bruciak of the PUB.

It is possible pending a dispute with CPL PUB restored electricity. I do not know. But I do know this - the right phone call got someone at the PUB to flip a switch and these at risk senior citizens got electricity.

There needs to be an investigation - but there will not be - why? - because the last thing the Brownsville City Commission wants the people to know is the politics at the PUB.

This is sad. I do not know if these people have a right to call for an investigation from either state or federal investigators. I will research the issue, and if they do I will help them file the complaint.

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