Friday, February 4, 2011


The area is not really equipped for the weather we are having. It would be a total waste of resources for any of the political entities to spend money on equipment which deals with ice - such as spreaders. Given this reality - the people and all of the political entities are doing fine.

In what is almost an impossible challenge, people have done well.

No regular post today - Thursday I slept 20 hours - I suspect today will be the same. Hopefully I will be up and about by Monday.

The VA in Harlingen is open.  They called me this morning to see if I was going to make an appointment and I asked - on what highway - 77 is closed.  But I remain waiting for anyone to learn how we are going to deal with the recommendations from the endocrinologist - no one seems to know.

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Anonymous said...

I think the BISD did a great call by cancelling classes these two days. More accidents would have been committed if students had to go to school.