Tuesday, February 22, 2011


A lot of my readers are upset that since the change to digital they can no longer watch the BISD meetings. All I know is I have a digital tv and box in my livingroom so I can watch the meetings.

In Brett Springston's 2 years as first interim and now super he has only once responded to my emails. Then he failed to follow-up on the meeting he proposed.

As of late I asked that he have his media people compile a press releaSe which explains what people need to do to get access to BISD's station. Is it an option with Dish or Direct. Is the problem a digital tv - I have no idea what the answer is - but no answer or response from BISD.

I do not care what side you are on in this discussion - Brownsville needs to watch the meeting on March 1 and decide for themselves. What ever evidence and not mere accusations come out the people need to see it.

So, does anyone know the answer to my question. Is there a way for people to access the coverage directly from their computer.

Again - it is in everyone's best interest that we get Brownsville to watch. If the evidence is clear and convincing then Brownsville will stand with the  decision to suspend Springston - but the key is giving them access to the live coverage.


Anonymous said...

I do not think they have acess from computer. They did not have it live for many years but after it being suggested they did change to live broadcast. It would not be available except on TW Cable as this is a community service channel. The way to get answers is to call the KBSD office and ask them directly. 3500 International Blvd.
Brownsville, Tx. 78521
ph. (956) 548-8286
fax. (956) 548-982-2992

Anonymous said...

Any suggestions on how the spanish speaking audience can view these meetings?

BobbyWC said...

sorry - no

Anonymous said...

Digital is the only answer. Dish and Direct TV don't provide it. It sucks! We either go or wait for your posts. It used to be that cafebrownsville blog used to air it. And, no KBSD will not broadcast it. Especially now that they are preparing for Charro Days. Kudos to Channel 4 for excellent coverage. If you haven't seen it, go to www.valleycentral.com bob

Chris Davis said...

" It used to be that cafebrownsville blog used to air it."

Not exactly. CB never aired it live. Then, as now, I merely capture its cable broadcast; then upload the video to YouTube.

There's really no reason that the District can't live webcast these themselves. TSC does it on their site, so it can't be that technically challenging of a deal.

Anonymous said...

The district does live broadcast but it has moved to the digital 17-1.

BobbyWC said...

Chris I have emailed Springton making the request - some people may not believe me but he will not communicate with me - I do not expect a response - maybe you can email him or call their technical people and guide them on this


Bobby W C

BobbyWC said...

we know they do live broadcast for Time Warner - what Chris is saying they can put the live broadcast on the internet

I have asked Chris to get involved and help BISD do this

The facts at the meeting will tell the truth

We need all of Brownsville watching - that is my goal

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

If we can't view it on TV, it our duty to show up at the meeting and make sure that you get there early cuz there is a city ordinance about the number of people that they allow into the circus. I can bet you that if Cata sees a bunch of Springston supporter starring her in the face, she will delete the agenda item. Let us see if the meeting is not cancelled or changed. Maybe Pat Ahumada would lend us the B'ville Event Center?
The citizens of Brownsville can not afford to ignore this fiasco.

Anonymous said...

Hey they are listening Bobby, the BISD web site has the tv info on the front page along with the budget meeting on March 3rd. Yipee!

BobbyWC said...

I believe you I just cannot see it - my vision is wierd sometimes - can you click on the link and give it to me

Bobby WC