Friday, February 11, 2011


Francisco G. Cigarroa, M.D is leading the battle for UT over the UTB/TSC divorce.  I am telling people up front, I am very biased against this man.  As the former President  of UT Health Science Center at San Antonio he over saw the nightmare which is University Hospital and the total lack of care  university staff gives to the specialists in training.  It is bastion of quackery and cover-up of the quackery.  Just so you know my bias up front.

Someone asked me why I do not support Montoya in his efforts on this issue - answer:  he is a pathological liar who cannot be trusted.  We need to win this battle on the merits without lies and repulsive imagines and language.  Until Montoya demands Quintanilla explain why he attacked me for going after Juliet Garcia, it is presumed Montoya's position is based on a financial interest and no real interest in the students.  I deal in documents - not hearsay.  If I go on the statement of the witness I must know I can trust the witness.

Here is Cigarroa's, letter to the TSC Board, and a diagram of how the two options appear to look.

This is what I believe - a divorce is best for all concerned.  I also believe TSC must immediately sue UT to recover the money owed to TSC.  The racially motivated bias UT has shown to the people of Brownsville is reprehensible and must be made public for all of Texas to see.

My issue with UTB/TSC began when I saw the reality in the classroom.  I documented in detail the criminal nature of the medical training programs wherein for money Juliet Garcia brings them in knowing full well very few will move forward.  Thousands of Brownsville's children have been saddled with thousands of dollars in student loans with no hopes of ever getting the training they believed was available at TSC. 

My long term readers know I called on school counselors to recommend to their students they consider the military for the same training.  For those not quite ready to leave Texas I recommended the Air Force because in most cases all the training is in San Antonio.

A community college is not a university.  Our community college must be geared towards meaningful job training and preparing our students for entry into a quality university.  Tuition should all but be free.  We need instructors who are separate from the university courses.  How you teach a community college student is not the same as how you teach a university student.

Tenure  for a community college professor is geared towards competency in instruction and not the stupid rule of publish or perish.   The publish or perish rule leads to a lot bad instructors who remain on the job even though they fail as professors.  Tenure for a community college professor should begin and end with - can they teach and prepare the students for their profession or success at the university.


Anonymous said...

The loan rip-off of people who will never graduate is bad enough, but just as bad is the grant money wasted by folks who don't want to graduate or just plain don't have an idea of why they are there.

I'm no neo-con, but the general population in Brownsville would get a better bang for their educational buck if they invest in a real community college. We don't all need a PHD.

Anonymous said...

Just like the Egyptians ousted the Dictator from Power this morning, the citizens of Brownsville should do the same for the Dictator Juliet Garcia at the next Board Meeting.

Anonymous said...

UTB's dream is to be a research institution sustained by federal money. This is not the Texas way of self-reliance.

Anonymous said...

This woman, juliet, showed a great lapse in judgment when she awarded herself the 40K. She's made it perfectly clear she's untouchable!! No longer a leader, but an obsessed and insensitive individual. Budgets cuts apparently do not apply to her.