Saturday, February 19, 2011



We have a huge crisis in education in Brownsville at both BISD and UTB/TSC. Where are the mayoral candidates on the issue - nowhere to be found. None of the mayoral candidates would know honor if their life depended on it.


The question is, do the teachers of BISD have the same courage as the teachers of Wisconsin. School districts all over Wisconsin are shut down as teachers have called in sick so that they can be in Madison to protest against the governor. They are fighting for their life and the lives of their family.

Patrick Hammes and the other union leaders need to get the emails going telling teachers to call in sick on Monday. No teacher should go to work on Monday in protest of the corrupt 4. Even if we only shut down half of the campuses it will send a strong message.

It does not end there - the teachers need to car pool to BISD and be at the meeting - even if it means having to stand outside because of too many people being there.


The people of Brownsville have been so indoctrinated over the years to submit, they will do nothing. Oh, maybe a 100 or so teachers more than usual will call in sick, but this will not be enough. It is sad their future is on the line, and they will to go work and pretend everything is fine.

The attorneys fees which BISD will incur over this mess will cost BISD 4 teachers. This tyranny headed by Enrique Escobedo and Pat Lehmann to control the contracts with Saavedra in tow as an open and proud coconspirator, will cost BISD many teachers.


There is no need to say anything else - I can just see it now someone getting mad and sending a threatening message - do not do it - just type "resign" or "shame"

I am 100% certain the two-bit con-artist/convict will claim threatening emails are being received - but let's investigate those and see if they are coming from his computer under made-up emails


Maybe 10 people will send emails - this is the reality - people actually believe if they send an email the FBI will come and raid their home and the IRS will audit their taxes.


People I know my numbers - if everyone were to email this post to 5 people, my readership would hit a super majority of Brownsville- We can win this - but it is up to you to email my blog around and tell people to read on Sunday - killer post - and to send the emails as I suggested to the corrupt 4.


Anonymous said...

BISD is big business, people run for Board Positions to serve their own financial interests through Vendor Contracts, putting un-qualified people to run Departments/Campuses/Clusters. BISD Students and the Community come last on their agenda. Its the teachers and staff that work so hard to keep the District Moving. Most of the Principals and Counselors have the office clerks doing all the work. These clerks have so many extra duties, work overtime, weekends without extra-pay. The AAs are all show. Once they get to be an AA they walk around the District like "Kings" and "Queens" and only their friends rise to the top easily. The HR department is a joke. No one screens the applicants, its all about paying back favors. Its an ugly cycle, its who you know!
Things will never change!

BobbyWC said...

thanks for your comments - I basically agree with you

What can happen is [1] the teachers call in sick on Monday and attend the hearing to send a message

[2]the teachers must stay in engaged and take the lead in demanding the TEA appoint a master

[3] the teachers take the lead in letting Springston know that for his all too willingness to play when it served him, while he will not be suspended it is time he look elsewhere for work

[4] The teachers throught the master need to demand that the TEA oversee a national search for a new super and that the master stay with BISD until the new super has a firm control on cleaning out the mess created by current and past boards

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

TEA is not going to assign a master it should have assign one last year when the crooks Zayas and Cortez raped BISD.

BobbyWC said...

raped them of what? Nothing - the peole are done with these endless distractions and non-specific false claims against Zayas and Cortez

Obviously this post hit a nerve and Presas-Garcia is home emasculating her former man of a husband in hopes it makes her rational

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

Is there a chance that TEA will assign a master?

BobbyWC said...

If the TEA beleives that Presas-garcia did this in retaliation for Brett's complaint, then they may.

But key is the teachers - if they fail to show on Monday, why should the TEA believe the teachers are oncerned

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

Here's a thought. Email the Agenda to the Governor, TEA, Department of Education, FBI, CIA. Let's get all of the TV stations to attend and have a huge crowd outside of the building. If TEA can see our frustations in person, even better. I only hope we get a special visit by TEA's brass.

On another note, you are right to correct the rapping comment. The problem is that everyone has an opinion and they believe that they are right. It is these comments that makes BISD look bad.

Once again, we need concrete facts and hard evidence. The problem is that the board has their agenda and sights set on putting who they want to run BISD. We have not had a good solid board in a long long time.

I call on your readers to have a public forum where the board members answer direct questions about their actions.

Anonymous said...

her email at her place of employment can be found her.

Anonymous said...

Bobby are you willing to put your hands in the fire for Brett Springston. I don't think so, everyone come on down on Monday and hear for yourself that Brett is no angel.

Anonymous said...

The teachers will be in the classrooms where they belong on Monday. If they care at all about the children and thier jobs. Calling in sick would cost them a day of pay. They are being stricter this year and limiting sick days without doctor notes.

Anonymous said...

Master not a chance.

Anonymous said...

eh, nothing will happen, same old dirty business as usual. even the media outlets won't even bother, the xxxth drug bust in the valley is more important to cover and report on.

BobbyWC said...

Sorry for all the late approvals of comments - I had family in town and then went to the Marti Gras party at the Palm Resaca - I slept all day just so I could have 4 hours of fun - the parties at Palm Resaca are always great - if I were 55 and did not have my girls I would move in tomorrow.

Anyway I deleted a commment after I approved it - it contained an allegation which is defamation per se

This is the argument - Zayas runs the BISD Board and all the ongoing corruption is his fault - According to these nutjobs Zayas forced Escobedo to approve the bonds so that Escobedo's brother could get part of the contracts.

FACTS MATTER - I have verified Zayas ads clearly stated that the cost of the bonds to BISD would be $7 million. I have spoken with enough insiders at BISD who have told me that the letters going back and fourth between BISD and Hinojosa had the numbers ranging from zero to $7 million- sometime in late november the estimate went to $9 million.

Rather than tell the people zero, Zayas told the people $7 million - Estrada and Hinojosa were clearly claiming they believed it would be zero but with no guarantee.

The evidence will show Presas-Garcia and Escobedo had these letters and information. Escobedo ignored it because he wants control over the contracts. Presas_garcia did not ignore it - she is simply too ignorant to have understood it.

Had Longoria and Saavedra done their job and looked at the package they were given they would have seen the clearly written letters warning of the possible problem - Now Longoria like Presas-Garcia is simply too ignorrant to have understood the letters.

Saavedra either ignored what was in her package or chose to not reveal same to the public - instead on December 7th the three came up with one irrational excuse after another for not going forward.

They had the information and did not use it out of ignorance.

What is amazing to me is the evidence clearly shows Zayas told the truth and Escobedo and his three fag hags (I have license to use that language) played the taxpayers and want to blame the one person who told the truth.

What really amazes me is - these idiots implying I am protecting Brett - I have been calling for his removal since day one.

I have called him a coward who serves no one but himself

To these idiots this means I support him.

Unless these idiots who apparently know what Brett is going to be accused of and the evidence to support it, I do not.

I cannot and will not form an opinion of their decision until I hear the allegations and the evidence in support of same.

If the evidence is there then they need to suspend him. But if they use the bond issue they will have to explain how Brett hid the problem when the documents in their packages clearly show they knew of the problems and were too ignorant at least in the cases of Longoria and Presas-garcia to understand same.

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

Why shouldn't the teacher's push foe a Master to run BISD?

Anonymous said...

Teachers, principals, adminstrators, will not take the day off to attend for one simple reason, fear. Fear of retaliation, fear of reassignment, fear of retaliation. That is the reality of BISD. You are asking a lot of people that will risk a lot. Springston has done what every other superintendent has done; the only difference is he did it between two very different 4-3 school boards.

Anonymous said...

The teacher won't push a master, it was easier to pull the palanca, and they didn't do that. That is why these idiots got elected. Now that idiot that keeps blaming Bush, I mean Zayas, that is an uneducated idiot that can't comprehend proof staring them in the face. Maybe it is one of the new board members?