Monday, February 21, 2011


It is any one's guess what will happen at BISD. Their desperate attempt to tell teachers the meeting was cancelled because Escobedo cut and ran was pathetic and tells us just how desperate they are.

Now like I said I do not expect teachers to call in sick or act in any way to defend their future and jobs- life is what it is.

A source which has been right more than wrong informed me last night the TEA has already chosen a master - it is now the formality of going through the process. The rumors abound - it would not surprise me to learn the TEA is completely unaware of the situation.

The BV will have a blow by blow at 1: p.m

If Brett Springston does not ask that the meeting be conducted in open session then he is basically saying he has something to hide.


Anonymous said...

TEA seems to be the only hope for BISD at this time!!!

Anonymous said...

Wouldn't it be great if a TEA master walked in during the meeting! Or is that too much to hope for? See you at the meeting!

Anonymous said...

Hey Bobby, if it is in open session then Presas-Garcia has control of everything and will make everyone look like they do not care. Think about what you are saying, it is to Presas-Garcia's benefit to be in open session. Come on Bobby think about it.

Anonymous said...

Not quite that easy! He has to request an open session. A motioned has to be made and second and then get a majority vote to open the doors.

BobbyWC said...

Presas-Garcia trying to control anything in open meeting will make her look stupid.

But I am being told that if for example she claims to prove her charges she needs to get into Fuller's performance they then must go into executive session.

It is to Bretts advantage to force Presas-garcia to put it into executive session - the appearance will be Brett is for transparency while she is for doing outside the public eye.

Bobby WC