Tuesday, February 1, 2011


If I had to bet I would call the election for Pat Ahumada after a run-off with Martinez. Camarillo is going nowhere. As a district commissioner he gets high marks, but he just does not understand the city wide issues.

Pat Ahumada is a shoe in for the run-off. Garza prove to the people that a short sided developer could be bad for the city. Asking for a zoning change so you as a business man can make money is not how you show the people you care about the community.

Martinez will raise the money needed for a strong campaign. The only real issue is how much blood letting will occur during round one. This is sad because the key issues are not being discussed. The people are very much against establishment candidates and for populists.  This definitely works in favor of Ahumada and against Martinez.

I know a water policy is not exciting, but that is what a mayoral candidate should be talking about in an area with rapid growth. Traffic in Brownsville is rapidly becoming a nightmare. Part of the problem is you have 4 separate entities in control of the roads - the feds, the state, the county and the city. There needs to be a joint commission to work on this issue.  If such a commission already exists they need to be replaced.

Infrastructure is another issue. The city's tax revenues will only go up if we continue with development. This cannot happen without a real plan for water, roads and overall infrastructure.

Finally, natural gas - every new development should have natural gas as an option. The city does not see this as a concern.

Yes, the mayoral election is not the "Ms. America" pageant. It is about finding a leader who can help Brownsville get ready for another growth spurt. Without growth there will not be new tax revenues. Without tax revenues what the people really care about - city services will suffer.

Where is the leadership on any of these issues? No where.  I am calling the election for Pat Ahumada.

Oh, hats off in support of the text ban.

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