Wednesday, February 9, 2011


For me Obama's failure to call out the Republicans and their abusive use of the filibuster is unforgiveable.  Had he lead on the issue the "Dream Act" would have passed.  Many constitutional scholars adviced Obama to legally challenge the current form of filibuster.  It is clearly a substantive change to the constitutional, and not merely a procedural tool used by the Senate.  Obama refused the advice.  Senator Reid threatened returning to the old filibuster wherein the Senator would have to appear on the floor and speak if they wanted to filibuster, but he could not rally the Democrats behind restoring the floor filibuster.  Reid secured some changes, but not want is needed.  But at least Reid tried to make change, unlike Obama.

I can write for days on the benefits of immigration and why it is time to legalize the undocumented workers now, but it will not matter because ignorance guides this debate.

But to everyone who wants to deport these some 10 million people, please tell us what do you think will happen to the national economy, including housing if you deport 10 million people?


If anyone knows of a free service which helps undocumented workers please let me know.  I am trying to help a 22 year old woman who has been here since she was 6.   She has been with the same young man since age 16.  They want to marry because they have a baby together.  The father is 3rd generation born in the US.  The baby makes four generations.  They all live together.  The father has a good job and supports family.  But they cannot afford an immigration attorney.

If the ignorant decide this issue the mother will be deported, and the baby will be raised without a mother.  We call this family values Republican style.

In 2006, I wrote a piece on a national blog calling Lou Dobbs putrid trash.  I outlined all of the problems which would come about if we did not legalize  these people.  One problem I discussed was how foreclosures on their homes would result in a chain reaction nationally.  I think I called that one correctly.

I can tell you that women all over Texas are now on public assistance because their husbands were deported.  Men who were paying child support now live in Mexico and other countries leaving their children to live on public assistance.  Children all over Texas have been left without mothers or fathers.

I get the ignorant do not care about facts or reality.

If anyone knows of a free immigration service I can refer this young family to, please let me know.

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