Friday, February 18, 2011


My readers know I hate distractions away from facts. Yes, at this moment in history BISD is better with Brett than without him - but it does not change the fact BISD is about to enter a living hell because this man is devoid of a conscience and a coward.  Yes, the corruption is coming from the corrupt 4, but simply putting the blame on them is a distraction from the truth.  BISD is about to enter a living hell for one reason and one reason only, Brett Springston, Rolando Aguilar, Joe Colunga, and Minerva Pena are cowards.

It infuriates me to no end that his supporters are telling me to report he is a victim so as to garner support for him. Too little too late. Where was Brett when he could have made a difference? - trying to cut more deals with Escobedo to save his own ass, while not caring a rats ass about BISD.

Here is the claim they want everyone to know - Brett filed a formal complaint with Ron Rowells in the Governance Section of the TEA against Presas-Garcia for micro-managing the district. An investigation has been launched. She is mad so she seeks to put him an administrative leave. Brett wants everyone to believe he is a victim of free speech - my ass - he is a victim of himself and his lack of courage.

While the allegation may be true, the reality is, Presas-Garcia was gunning for him one way or the other. If the allegation is true, he will win a slam dunk free speech case.

More on Saturday - I am hot, tired, and pissed that Joe Colunga, Rolando Aguilar, and Minerva Pena sat back and did nothing - they should have been in front of the cameras for NBC 23 2 months ago. The three cowards sit and look at each other saying "but we need to get a long." The three need to do Brownsville a favor and resign and then leave town as the disgraced cowards that they are.


Anonymous said...

Hey Bobby, let me get this straight you want the 3 minority board members to go do a press conference, just like Presas-Garcia did for Hector Gonzalez. What DID that GET Hector Gonzalez? Are you for real Bobby or just being a "Presas-Garcia" and being mean cuz you can? What ON EARTH would going to do a press conference on TV do to help Brett?? Come on tell US ALL. You have exposed the corrupt and Nothing gets done to them; NO ONE has stepped up to do anything about what the majority 4 board members are doing. Tell me WHAT could be accomplished by call a press conference and telling the PUBLIC what THEY ALREADY KNOW?? WHAT, WHAT, GOOD would this DO? Maybe one day you can actually do right by good people. I still hold out for hope for you.

Anonymous said...

You are absolutely correct. If someone is gunning for you, and you do not put a stop to it than you deserve what you get!

Anonymous said...

Well, all we can do is use our Social Networking to reach more people, POST ABOUT THIS MEETING IN FB, TWITTER, MYSPACE, Text/EMail friends and inform them of this meeting on Monday @ 1:00pm but the Corrupt 4 will get away with whatever they want.

Over the years, I have watched the BISD Board Meetings on Channel 17, and I have to say that none of the current Board Members can articulate intelligent questions and discussions and demonstrate a passion for their service to the District. You have Ms. Lucy Longoria reading off cheat-sheets written for her at every meeting, she's like a puppet. Then you have Ms. Minerva Pena talking barrio and being loud! She is full of sayings. Dr. Saavedra tries, but gets no where, she is still being coached but the "Dr." is so far away from her name. Presas- NO COMMENT! As for the other board members, well they are just there to take up space.

Its sad to see that this BISD Board is all about their vengeful battles and greed.

Thank you for your time to write on your blog.

BobbyWC said...

Comment 1 - I get you are frustrated - but only a small minority of people in Brownsville know what is happening - Brownsville does not know - NBC 23 has a bigger audience than I do.

No I will say Tuesday night my numbers went through the ceiling - I though I would hit that number only if I took out a billboard advertising - so Tuesday was good - but still only a minority of people know what is happening

NBC 23 will bring the house down if they cover the story.

On Weds, Thursday and today my nunbers remain high - in fact all time highs every day, but nothing like Tuesday

You anger is nothing more than defending the cowards - but I get your frustration - they should have gone to NBC 23 two months ago and we would not be in this mess.

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

Thats what you get when you do dirty deals, they come back to bite you. If he is not even defending himself at all, then this tell me that he is willing to let things happen, get paid $$$$, and move on.

BobbyWC said...

ditto to post about - now I will be doing a blow by blow on Monday - people need to be checking the internet at work - teh teachers need to show up - I do not even know if BISD has classes but even if they do the teachers should call in sick and show up

The teachers in Wisconsin have shut down the schools to defend their interests - are the teachers in Brownsville cowards or fighters

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

Can TEA stop what is going on?

Anonymous said... this really going to happen?? Facebook Page "Brownsville Cheezmeh" just posted this and put a link to your BV blog! We need more people to spread the word and get informed! I am outraged that this is went out and I did not know, but then again, us classified employees are the last to know.

Thanks Bobby!

Anonymous said...

Hey Bobby, it is so obvious that the second person to comment on here is a "Cata" follower. Notice how he/she said "no comment" on his/her idol "Cata". No one is more "barrio" than "Cata". Guess the blogger is in loveeeeeee with "Cata". LOL

Anonymous said...

Maybe we all have "no comment" for Cata because we know que le entra por una y le sale por otra. A ella le vale!!! When she speaks with you she falls all over you assuing you that she knows what and why she is doing such, pero sale por devajo de la mesa. We need as many as possible to show up for the meeting. We need the substitute machine SAM to go crazy.