Saturday, February 12, 2011


Nowhere in the story does the Herald tell its readers, Presas-Garcia put on the agenda the dismissal of the Healthsmart lawsuit.  Nowhere in the story does the Herald tell its readers that during the problems at the Aquatic Center Presas-Garcia deposited Aquatic money into her personal account.  No where in the story did the Herald do what a real newspaper would have done and and interviewed local law firms for comment.

I predicted Daniel Cavasos would order a white wash of the story and he did.  It amazes me that Gary Long has no shame in working for Cavasos.  If you subscribe to the Herald you are the problem.


Anonymous said...

If the boss tells Gary Lory to white wash it, then he has to do it. What can Gary Long do? The Herald is not a newspaper and thats why I no longer subscribe to it.

Anonymous said...

..that's what i was thinking...have you seen the agenda...will our board president attempt to buy out the supt? more waste of money..

Anonymous said...

Bobby, would asking people to boycott businesses advertising in the Herald be better than asking them to drop their subscriptions?

Anonymous said...

Bobby, would asking people to boycott businesses advertising in the Herald be better than asking them to drop their subscriptions?

Anonymous said...

So far the results have been wasted money.

BobbyWC said...

I am not a fan of boycotts - also I know that people will not boycott -

I have everything ready to go with the billboard I have been thinking about which tells the story and asks people to cancel their subscription.

Financially I am solid, but I have not really worked regular in months so spending $3500 on the billboard seems a lot.

I am still thinking on it - the billboard I initially wanted to use has been rented.

The people of Brownsville need to know just what danial Cavasos has done to Brownsville.

Freedoms Communications want to fire him but insiders believe there is not safe way out.

Well losing half their readers would send a message.

I know email campaigns work - we have seen this in election after election

I know that if my readers were to email everyone they know to cancel their subscription the Herald would fold.

But I also know people - whining is easier than sending out emails.

We are up to $7,500 in donations to file for removal of Presas-garcia

It is deeper than her removal - it is about educating Brownsville how Daniel Cavasos has used the Herald to keep Brownsville under the oppression of endless corruption

If the people were simply to care we could win this battle

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

Are you going to disclose your donations on your blog so that they don't accuse you of being a crook.

BobbyWC said...

I have no donations and will not accept donations - if a lawyer is hired everyone will directly pay the lawyer - I will not agree to handle any money other than my own.

The financial commitments are $1,000 from me, $1,500, and $5,000, from two other people

The one thing I will not do is handle anyone's money

Bobby WC

BobbyWC said...

guys I am not playing your little game of saying zayas and cortez are the ones offering money.

I will say neither have contacted me about offering money for anything. icannot even get their Brownsville Herald ads from them - until I feel well enough to make it to the library to see what was in the ads concerning the bonds I cannot run the story.

If someone is hired it will be for each person to write a check to the lawyer directly.

I have no control over who donates and who does not.

I do not even want to lead the group - I have made this known

If people want to organize I will donate a $1,000 - the other donors can then contact the group. If you want to know who is donating you will have to contact whomever is heading the group - and it will not be me.

One is somone who offered $1,500 here in a post - I am taking him/her at her word that they will donate. I have no idea who they are

The other $5,000 I have no idea who the person is other than a commitment has been given. Agsin this is something I have to take their word on

I tell everyone the same thing - checks will be made out directly to the lawyer and no one else.

The lawyer would have no duty to tell me or anyone else who is paying his/fees.

But you paranoid people fret over nothing - I know people - it will never happen - people find it easier to whine and ask other people to ask -

there will be no lawsuit to remove anyone - I have met with enough people to know - to a person they want everyone but themselves to act

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

You are right about those of us who whine but show no action. I must inquiry to the reason behind the fear that many of us have regarding being a stool pigeon or even daring to ask questions. At the time there is no way anybody can risk their jobs for "misspeaking" against the establishment of crooks. It takes a very strong person, morally and financially, to stand up, make noise and follow through with actions. Look what happened to S.F at the Aquatic Center and who was really to blame? But, what goes around, comes around!

BobbyWC said...

The BV has published Joe Rod's admission that there was beer at his events and he used BISD property.

The BV has never rejected any comments - ever on this issue - why would the BV when it was the BV which published Joe rfod's admissions on the issue.

The story was about Presas-Garcia and John Barr - Presas-Garcia was allowed to say why she is being sued.

I am sured the taxpayers are not happy that Joe Rod's lawsuit is costing them $50,000.

But not that reality matters.

The BV published Hector Gonzales' letter absolving Joe Rod doing - but somehow to the corrupt 4 this is Springston's fault - it was Gonzales who wrote the letter absolving Joe Rod - not Springston

I say the invetigation include if Hector Gonzales got a pay off to write the letter.

How said it must be to be Quintanilla - if his lips are moving you know he is lying.

Again if the BV published Joe Rod's wone admissions about the beer and chairs why would the BV now try and cover this up - just yesterday the BV reminded its readers of this reality.

Bobby Wc

BobbyWC said...

guys I am not playing - Quintanilla and Montoya have proven themselves to be pathological liars - I am not going to publish through allegations which destroy someones reputation without proof.

If someone has the killer audit - I will publish it - the auit will speak for itself

What I do not is, Hector Gonzales wrote a letter clearing Joe Rod of wrongdoing.

If there is an audit the BV will publish it

but until then all the BV has is the letter fom Hector Gonzales clearing Joe Rod

Why is that these pathological liars refuse to even acknowledge Hector Gonzales wrote a letter absolving Joe Rod of wrong doing. If the letter was politically motivated then the pathologica liars need to allege same.

And why do they need the BV to put out this information - aren't they the most read people in Brownsville?

Bobby W C

Anonymous said...

What letter are you talking about, the Sup says you are crazy. Post the letter.

Anonymous said...

People realize that the BV has been right about the BISD mess. Before and after the election took place, BV continues to report the entire story.

Anonymous said...

No need to post....just show the dumbass poster@ 3:11pm the letter. Found it in your archives. Highlight the first two paragraphs. Game over.