Friday, February 11, 2011


During the first Gulf War Blitzer asked Colin Powell what was the main source of information coming out of Bagdad in terms of intelligence and the effect of the bombing. Powell responded CNN, and Saddam shut down CNN's broadcast.

Manipulating Quintanilla into giving me information is not even a challenge. He is my main source of information on the corrupt 4.   I have even  stated the reason I post the stories is to get him to respond - and what does he do - he responds with more inside information.

Apparently Gary Long of the Herald must have called Presas-Garcia about the John Barr matter and now Quintanilla is demanding Gary Long be investigated. I would not know this without his rantings.

The people who do most for society just act and do not create web pages to themselves and their deceptions.

In the last year I won the right for Iraqi and Afghan 100% disabled veterans to secure VA mortgages while being under a hardship with the IRS and not having to pay taxes.  I am proud of all my work for veterans.  I am proud that the chief lawyer for the VA reviewed my complaint about Harlingen and assured me this evening my situation would addressed by Monday.  It is not about money - it is about the government providing quality healthcare to its veterans.  If experience teaches me anything the documents I provided the VA lawyers will end up in the hands of chief administrators who will work to get more money for Harlingen - which is in fact the underlying problem.

I have won the right for veterans to apply for lodging on an individual basis when forced to go to San Antonio.

Twice I forced BISD to rewrite their rules concerning special needs children after the TEA investigated the abuses I put before them.

I forced the City of Brownsville to reform its credit card policy used by city employees, and fire two public works employees who stole from the city.

I will not go on - what has Quintanilla done - nothing.

Next week the Sheriff's department will release the reality on the vendors contract. The sheriff's department collects the money, calculates what is due the vendor and then pays the vendor. The vendor has zero control over the money or how much they are paid - but according to Quintanilla who has judgments against him all over Dallas, mechanics liens, been brought into court on more than one occasion for bounced checks over $500 wants us to believe his bookkeeping methods are trustworthy. He wants us to believe that Sheriff Lucio signed a contract with a vendor wherein all of the money is controlled by the vendor and then the vendor pays the sheriff. There is no reality to this.  It is delusional

Anyone can search my blog and see I have opposed Brett Springston since day one, and put the blame for the bonds mess on his hands along with Hinojosa and bond counsel. But yet I am accused of covering for them.

Anyone can search my blog and see I defended Presas-Garcia's decision to go to the DA on the Joe Rod mess and the decision for BISD to pay for her defense, but yet I work for Joe Rod.

Anyone can search my blog and see I agreed it was wrong for BISD to sue the AG over the Joe Rod mess once the AG ordered the documents released, but yet I support cover-up.

I deal in facts. I pay my bills. I help support a poor family - in fact I helped to pay her rent during the months Rendon, Lehmann and Juarez denied her housing benefits.

The funny thing is the last time Montoya attacked Gary Long for calling Presas-Garcia there was nothing in the article which was negative towards Presas-Garcia.  How do they know they may write a piece claiming John Barr is the second coming and will clean out BISD of all its corruption.  Paranoia is the word.


Anonymous said...

(The people that do more for society just act and don't create web pages for themselves) So true! They are usually invisible heroes.

Anonymous said...

"The people who do most for society just act and do not create web pages to themselves and their deceptions.".......Something Quintanilla would never be able to think of much less express. His shallow dishonesty is nothing more than false equivalencies at best and devoid of any meaningful solutions at worst. The vitriol on his propaganda blog, and in Montoya's as well, is calibrated not to inform but to incite.


BobbyWC said...

I have it on good authority corporate at Freedom Communications wants daniel Cavaasos out - they just do not know how to do it at this time without damaging the paper any further.

I know in one case Gary Long was outright barred from running a story which made the corrupt 4 look bad. Cavasos I am sure is going to put a spin on the John Barr story which makes our complaints look petty - this is why it is so pathetic they are attacking Long.

To the second person who asked that I not post through their comment - yes I expect more attacks on me - the same old stuff

They cannot and will not address the facts so they attack with deception and lies.

I know where this is headed - the end is very near - Thompson and Horton are looking for a way out - I suspect that by the end of the month the entire thing will blow up on camera during the meetings.

Escobedo has told people he wants out but does not know how to resign without looking bad.

Sources have Presas-garcia fuming at Escobedo for leaving her hanging on the bond issues.

Lehmann is furious that Escobedo betrayed them by refusing to support settlement of the Rendon and Juarez lawsuits.

The more intense the attacks on me the more desperate they appear. The news will cover the story.

The only question now is, who among the corrupt 4 will blink first.

Like the federal judge said of Quintanilla - he is unsupervisable - Escobedo and Rendon want him out of Brownsville - it is Presas-Garcia and Longoria keeping him around.

Just how stupid was it for Presas-Garcia to call him and whine about Gary Long calling her about the John Barr matter?

Can her brain be that damaged.

The new attacks on me will be the same old thing - Quintanilla and Montoya are sufficiently delusion that they think law enforcement and the judges will ignore the facts because I reported them.

The facts are not my words - they are court documents. I will not even be there when the case is presented.

They fail to see that each time they attaack me instead of addressing the facts they admit ot defeat.

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

I have little faith that BISD will ever clean out all of the corruption that you have been commenting on in your blog. It will always be run by the "Compadre System"! You turn on KBSD Channel 17 and the Board Members are all about making themselves look good for the camera, saying "It's all about the children..." when we all know "It's all about me, me, me...." and my $$$$$ kick-backs.

And if the Superintendent leaves, your postings indicate that BISD will have it even worse with Sylvia Atkinson. Is there any hope for BISD? BTW, is this lady related to Charlie Atkinson?

BobbyWC said...

We will never clean it out - all we can ever do is keep an eye on all seven and expose the deals.

For long long time, since Elicea Munoz was on teh board, i have called for a ban on any board member voting on a contract wherein the vendor has given them money. This simple rule would be a good start. None of the 7 will support it. Why? As to all seven at some level it is about influence peddling.

But I can say we have never seen it as open and corrupt as it is with the corrupt 4.

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

Thank you for reporting the truth, and keeping us well informed on the BISD mess.

Anonymous said...

This empty suit Quintanilla is truly the ultimate hypocrite. He starts his bullshit with "why the personal attacks..." Then proceeds to do the same against you, Zayas, Cortez, Joe Rod, Minerva Pena, Gary Long, Joe Colunga, Rolando Augilar, Springston, Fuller, BISD auditors, BISD and Cameron County Law Enforcement, Armando Villalobos, Hinojosa and Estrada, The gang of 4, the gang of 3, the gang of 95 mil, 45 mil, 26 mil, 12 mil....And all the while, Carlos Quintanilla refuses to address the facts relating to his own, very questionable lack of character. Quintanilla gripes about you always threatening legal action but he is the clown who rolled into town threatening BISD with "the biggest lawsuit BISD has ever seen" on behalf of special needs kids, has bullshitted about a civil rights lawsuit on behalf of cameron county
inmates, and has had the lawsuits he filed against you and Zayas/Cortez thrown out. Lehmann and Presas-Garcia have committed political suicide by associating themselves with the con man.