Monday, February 28, 2011



Tuesday's Post - in the afternoon the BV will set up for the blow by blow and live internet coverage - remember to email all of your friends to sign in to view the meeting.  I do not care what side you are on - either go to the meeting and support your side or tune in to the BV.

Look, tonight is going to be intense, so I decided to go light. The first sign you know you are getting old as a man - you buy a change purse. While in Peru I bought a lot of these as gifts, I love my change purse. Guys you got to get one - you need not wait until you are old.

I actually love my grey hair - if I could, I would buy a hair dye to finish the process. You see, if you embrace the grey, then it feels good.

If I go out with friends for dinner I insist we eat before 4 p.m., so that we can get the early bird special. I eat a late breakfast and no lunch for a 4 p.m. supper is just about right.

I love when the guy at the movies assume I am a senior - it makes me feel vintage - vintage is so much better than old. Hey - it also saves me money. Vintage - cool a fine 1958

I love the all the new bumps on the body - it’s like reading braille on my body - it says “vintage 1958, a fine year"

The nose hairs - now I need to invest in this one - the older you get the bigger weed wacker you need.

You know the ear hair is a problem when your friends are offering to braid it.

You know you are old when you keep a portable urinal in your car. There is no holding it.

You know you are old when you see going white south of the border as a good thing and count them like when you were 12 years old. The sad part is, just about the time the whites take over your realize your are going bald south of the border.

You know you are getting old when your other half tells you, you already had sex and you simply cannot remember.

You know you are getting old when you and your wife are arguing over who has the worst hot flashes.


Anonymous said...

Glad to see you are in great spirits today!! LOL

Anonymous said...

Bobby, just don't make us pay for you getting old and crumpy. If you feel like s**t one day, then don't blog. If you blog when you feel like s**t you might cause your blog to crash and burn. You were on the right track at the beginning, but now that your health is in question your blog is not as good. Something to think about. Keep you insulting opinons to yourself and just report facts. Otherwise people will no longer read your blog.