Friday, February 11, 2011

The Eagle Poster


On balance a great film for anyone who enjoys these type films. While many parts of the history may not be accurate, it still has a lot of important history in terms of Rome's conquest of Britain.

The acting is not Oscar level, but the story is A+. It is not just about the battle of a Roman son in search of Rome's honor, it is a journey about honor in general. The ending is very good - some may say cocky - but so what - it made the point - honor is more than a nation - honor is about the people who make up the nation and how they treat one another of those they seek to conquer.

The main character is the son of a commander who was lost in northern Britain. With him was lost a gold Eagle. The son accepts as his first command an outpost in the northern part of Britain, along the Roman wall.

After saving the fort from the northern tribes, he is given an honorable discharge due to his injuries. He befriends a slave who becomes his slave. He enlists the slave to help him search for the lost Roman legion which was headed by his father.

The journey goes from there and ends in Rome.

I highly recommend this film.

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