Tuesday, February 8, 2011


Anyone can just about rationalize anything - this is why some form of scientific process in real critical thinking is necessary to policy making. This does not mean there is only one real solution. I do believe based on tried models of analysis two groups who are philosophically opposed to one another can arrive at different decisions. Both can have equal chances at success.

The problem is our politicians just wing it based on personal agendas. Some politicians just outright conspire against the people.  In the case of BISD, I think we have two members of the group of 4 actually conspiring against the people.   I think we have another 2 who simply are idiots, and because they are angry over the discharge of Hector Gonzales will believe any sack of shit handed to them in exchange for support for the return of Hector Gonzales, or restoration of his name through taxpayer funded compensation.

There is nothing the people can do to permanently fix political corruption.  Just look at the mayoral race - nothing - absolutely nothing from the candidates which even acknowledges the real problems facing our community.  It is the same old BS - "I believe in jobs, I know how to create jobs."  Really?  Then maybe these losers and liars need to contact the best economists in the country because they have yet to find the solution to job creation.

Beyond jobs coming from new industries there is nothing on the table economists agree on in terms of how to create jobs. - there is nothing on the table from any of the candidates as to how you bring new industries to Brownsville.  The airport runway expansion is a complete and total loss - using the TSC as a true job training center is a complete and total loss - On these issues top economists can agree - you need these things to bring about new industries.  But even then you have no guarantees.

Are any of the candidates saying anything which in any way remotely suggests they care about these issues - or have any specific idea about how to bring about jobs?  No.


The people must always be vigilant against elected officials if they want to minimize the corruption and self dealing.  People are lazy this way and really have no desire to do their job.  We will never eliminate corruption or self dealing.  The Democratic Party of Cameron County is like a virus without a cure.  It will take an entire generation of reform before change comes to the Democratic Party.  Hinojosa could die tomorrow and his minions will be right there hoarding scraps and putting together another corrupt machine.


There is now enough evidence to successfully sue and remove the corrupt 4 from the BISD Board of Trustees. This is a defining moment.  If the people do this it will send a message across Cameron County - enough is enough.  It will slow down the cronyism across the board.  It will not end the corruption - but it will send a message that those involved can be held accountable

The second thing to do is boycott the May elections.  I have no intentions of voting.  None of the mayoral candidates have done a thing to indicate to me they are anything but politicians.  So why vote?

If we remove the corrupt 4 and then boycott the mayoral election, we will have sent a message.  We are done with the same old same old.  This may encourage honest people to run for office.

The power is ours during this defining moment - do we exercise it or just simply keep whining?


Anonymous said...

Well said.

Anonymous said...

This is the best solution that I have heard. Great Post!!!

Anonymous said...

Boycotting an election is nothing new. I think this is the earliest you have called for one. Take it another step forward because it's old news you not voting in an election. You must boycott covering the election and the candidates. Why give them any platform to spew their shit? Ignore the city as they ignore us.