Sunday, February 20, 2011


I thought about this headline for a while - and decided that while some people may fnd it extreme, the extreme speaks to the reality of just how far Daniel Cavasos will go to to destroy Brownsville all to settle a personal score he has against Rick Zayas.

I am expecting a lot of new readers today so I am going to do this as points in a Power Point:


*       Enrique Escobedo's brother is awarded a million dollar contract by Art Rendon, Antonio Juarez and Pat Lehmann, all of the Brownsville Housing Authority.  Enrique Escobedo 15 days later votes as a BISD trustee to give Art Rendon his job back.

*       Enrique Escobedo has his women folk, Saavedra, Longoria, and Presas-Garcia stop a security contract approved by the BISD Administration because his brother who runs a security company bid came in last out of 5 companies bidding on the contract.  He asked that it be rebid, while failing ot disclose his brother was one of the companies which did not get the contract.  This happened at the last meeting.

*       Judge Ben Neece in what could be called an act of official oppression under Texas Penal Code 39.001, held a Perry Ramirez in his chambers demanding her organization of drivers vote for Longoria, Saavedra, and Escobedo.  Ms. Ramirez was in court with her cousin on official business at the time of the event.  Judge Ben Neece as a municipal judge is allowed to practice law.  The client who he was trying to help is Art Rendon, the former Administrator over Special Services.  The Texas Commission on Judicial Conduct has opened an official investigation.  Charlie Cabler the city manager who has authority to suspend Ben Neece pending the investigation sees no wrongdoing.

Convicted felon Carlos Quintanilla, who is Presas-Garcia's official mouth-piece, Ted Parker of Healthsmart, and Presas-Garcia all share the same attorney.  The Herald has declared as not newsworthy the fact John Barr has represented or is representing all three.  They have declared not newsworthy that during this period of collusion between Presas-Garcia, Ted Parker, John Barr and Carlos Quintanilla that Presas-Garcia put on the agenda dismissal of the $15 million dollar lawsuit against Healthsmart.  This was and remains a black and white breach of her findiciary duties to BISD.  The Herald has declared as not newsworthy a lawsuit filed by John Barr against the City of Lubbock over the same issues in the BISD lawsuit against Healthsmart, Ted Parker and his company had to pay the City of Lubbock $850,000 in attorneys fees for abusing the courts to cover-up Healthsmart's practices.

Side note on the convicted felon Presas-Garcia continues to release information to - he is the person Presas-Garcia turned over to part Joe Rod's  personnel file.  BISD is now caught with a $50,000 attorneys fee bill to be paid to John Barr, Ted Parkers and Carlos Quintanilla's attorney.  The insurance company ACE is reviewing whether or not to fire John Barr on claims of collusion.

This same convicted felon Presas-Garcia calls a pillar of the community has outstanding child support judgments in Illinois, been held in contempt of court twice in Dallas for refusing to pay his child support, was sued in 2010 for bouncing $12,000 in checks related to a bogus radio program he claimed he was producing for the community.  According to his deposition he paid himself to run the program while not paying the vendors, as alleged in the lawsuits.  He has mechanics liens out the kazoo filed against him in Dallas.  He has multiple judgments against him for failure to pay debts or for services.  In Brownsville he committed perjury during his deposition by claiming he was the sole owner of his bogus organization when in fact county records listed two other owners.  This is Presas-Garcia's front man.

As soon as Presas-Garcia took power she set on the agenda to pay off Art Rendon and Antonio Juarez in there lawsuits with taxpayer money because the insurance company was refusing to pay.  Now, go back to the million dollar contract given to Enrique Escobedo's brother by Art Rendon, Antonio Juarez, and Pat Lehmann.


It is up to the teachers to call in sick on Monday and attend the meeting.  If Springston cannot get the teachers to help him, then maybe he is not the man for the job.

On balance BISD is better with Springston than without him, given the corrupt 4.  But even if he survives this he needs to start looking for another job so that he can leave BISD without litigation.  Springston was a willing participant in this atmosphere of corruption which has destroyed the BISD Board of Trustees.  Unfortunately for BISD, BISD still needs him to overcome the corrupt 4 and a judge can remove Presas-Garcia from the board.  My sources are telling there are at least 2 groups trying to raise the money for the removal lawsuit.

If you subscribe to the Herald you are the problem.

You need to call the Herald and cancel your subscription

(956) 982-6660

Guys, I  wanted today's post to be so much more, but my back is killing me and the hot flashes are unbearable.  Apparently it takes about a month before the testosterone injections kick in.  I am off to bed.

Remember guys, it is up to you to ask 5 friends to read my blog today.  If you cannot do that for Brownsville, then stop reading the BV because you are wasting everyone's time.



Anonymous said...

I copied this from the Texas Education Code (TEC).

Sec. 11.051. GOVERNANCE OF INDEPENDENT SCHOOL DISTRICT; NUMBER OF TRUSTEES. (a) An independent school district is governed by a board of trustees who, as a body corporate, shall:(1) oversee the management of the district; and(2) ensure that the superintendent implements and monitors plans, procedures, programs, and systems to achieve appropriate, clearly defined, and desired results in the major areas of district operations.(a-1) Unless authorized by the board, a member of the board may not, individually, act on behalf of the board. The board of trustees may act only by majority vote of the members present at a meeting held in compliance with Chapter 551, Government Code, at which a quorum of the board is present and voting. The board shall provide the superintendent an opportunity to present at a meeting an oral or written recommendation to the board on any item that is voted on by the board at the meeting.

Anonymous said...

This is why Cata Presas Garcia was out of line when she went to the DA with the report. Which furthermore was not even complete. That is unless she was acting as an individual which would mean that BISD should not be paying any of her legal fees.

Anonymous said...

But you forgot that Cata thinks she is above the law and that the Education Code does not apply to BISD. She claims the other board members have asked her to bring out the allegations against Springston. What is wrong with the other members? Too chicken to bring it up? If something is factual and there is evidence to prove it, why should anyone not want to be the one to bring it up. Cata always claims that she had 634700 phone calls asking her to bring it up. Has someone suggested checking her phone and email records? She makes up all those lies and Lucy, and Christina are too scared to contradict her.

Anonymous said...

She was reporting criminal behavior that is her job where was Colunga, Pena, Zayas and Cortez?

Anonymous said...

Like at the aquatic center yea right!

Anonymous said...

Do you actually think that no one else checked for criminal behavior??? Presas-Garcia likes to throw smoke bombs to keep attention off of actions that she has done, which might be considered criminal behavior. Think about it!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

I agree with anonymous 6:17!!!!!!!