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(NOTE:  IT IS 10 P.M. they are still in executive session - guys I just checked my numbers - I am blown away - I am way past all previous records - but there is a number I want to hit - just a few more hits - email your friends and tell them to log on.  In a million years I never though I would hit this number - thanks - thanks a lot

(BINGO 10:18 - I hit a number which in a million years I did not think possible - thanks)

BISD is receiving Recognition of BISD Schools for National Center for Education Achievement (NCEA).Apparently you must have three consecutive years of improvement to get the award.

My hats off to the teachers, children and parents who made this happen.


BISD shines in this area - some time ago I posted a story about HBO's documentary on BISD's chess success.  I know when it is playing in far off countries because all of a sudden I will get tons of visitors from all over the world reading my article.

It is sad that BISD does such a good job in so many areas, but when it comes to special services they cannot seem to get their act together.


Longoria needs to learn math and accounting before she opens her mouth.  She asked a question which is always the case shows her ignorance


Joe Coluinga is asking where in the coverage letter it says the district should provide coverage.  Apparently ACE sent a "reservation of rights letter".  This means they are agreeing to provide a defense, but are not agreeing at this time to provide coverage for damages.  This is not unusual.  In the end a judgment may not be covered.  This is a quirk in Texas law.  I think it needs to be changed.  It is nearly impossible to deny a defense if the question is iffy, but at the end they can refuse to pay the judgment.


Attorney Michel verifies that Presas-Garcia chose John Barr.  ACE did not originally agree to allow John Barr to be counsel.  He was added.  Attorney Michel says ACE can conclude the hiring of John Barr is a conflict, but one does not legally exist at this time.  ACE remains investigating the matter.  As I said I do not see the conflict.  The problem is what is called a Chinese wall doctrine.  So long as Presas-Garcia is not sharing information about the Healthsmart lawsuit then the Chinese wall is intact. 

The problem is the appearance of collusion.   John Barr has the ability to use the defense to get to information which could help Healthsmart.  That is the problem.  Further why was Presas-Garcia working with Ted Parker's attorney?

Presas-Garcia tried to get Attorney Michel to admit the fiduciary issues were reviewed and cleared.  He would not agree.  He just agreed they discussed issues.  The exact issues were never identified.  the entire discussion was very vague.

Here is the problem ACE is facing - if it  can be shown anything gets out to John Barr which hurts the district ACE can be sued for hiring John Barr in the first instance.  I am certain this is why ACE is still reviewing the issue.  ACE appears to be reserving the right, upon final investigation of the matter, to remove John Barr as counsel.  I am certain they were not happy to learn all of the details. They are in a bad way.


Fernando Ruiz is speaking - same old attempt to explain economics - he is complaining property appraisals were not reduced with the down turn in the economy.  He is demanding the board question elected officials over lottery money and oil money.  He is claiming the board violated the law when it approved the bonds without voter approval.

Unknown speak - (Maybe a Mr. George Borreo) I did not hear the name - he is claiming the board is taking a fantastic direction.  He is correct about the NCEA and Chess issues.  He is correct.  On these issues he is correct.  He is defending Springston and calling the potential buy-out a big mistake.  He is noting that the BISD would have to pay a $1.6 million dollar penalty to the TEA if they try and buy out Springston.

Patrick Hammes - speaking about 125 Cafeteria Plan.  He says he is aware of concerns about flex cards and AFLAC  is addressing the problem.  He is willing to consider the provider at the next employee meeting on the issue.  If they decide the current plan is not working - they I will stand with them that it should be changed - but this decision belongs to the employees.

He is complaining about efforts to replace Springston - he is saying this is not the time

Jill Graves (retired teacher)  is speaking to how teachers can buy teaching time.  She is more interested in educating teachers on their rights and how to maximize their retirement.

Elizabeth Johnson  - she is retired in Oklahoma - she is speaking to how much better things are in Brownsville.  She is speaking to how bonds in Brownsville are easier to get and how much better off the schools are.  She was nice -she spoke to what works


This is Longoria going on a fishing expedition.  Look I agree a gamble was taken here and we need to find out who was part of that gamble.  I totally support a full investigation and the firing of anyone who messed up.  But she is playing word games - a notice rules can change means nothing if they changed the rules after the bonds were sold - this is the issue.  But there may be a good lawsuit against bond counsel

She is reading a statement someone prepared for her.  I know this because she is struggling with words.  She is not familiar with the words and their use.

Presas-Garcia is trying to shut Aguilar up so he cannot respond to the allegations.  She is tring to push a vote so people cannot speak.  Pena is speaking.  She noted Estrada and Hinojoas cannot be forced to participate.  Now if they do not they hang themselves.  Her issue is a possible incomplete audit.

Now I support the audit - someone played games - the audit could result BISD being able to sue bond counsel, or Estrada and Hinojosa.

Pena called the vote a witch hunt. It passed.  It is a witch hunt - but it could help BISD find a basis  for a lawsuit - this is why I support it.

The auditor gave the corrupt 4 a lecture that Springston does get to respond before a final report issues. Longoria has a problem with Springston being allowed to respond to the claims


There is a problem with flex cards.  Fuller has indicated that the complaints have been dealt with and all but 11 employees have their cards.  Fuller is noting this is first year kinks such as any other plan.  He is stating that the decision belongs to the 7,000 employees and not him.

He is explaining there is no cost to the district.  The district does not expend funds.  Presas-Garcia refuses to believe him. The FSA account only 300 members out of 7,000 employees. Escobedo does not want the EBC deciding this - he wants his ad hoc insurance committee to decide.  It seems to me EBC is not happy and will probably move to another product.  This is not about getting rid of AFLAC, it is about who will choose the new company.  Escobedo wants that  control - get it.  It seems to me AFLAC is gone at the soonest possible date - EBC should be allowed to choose their own carrier.

Presas-Garcia is clear she is unhappy the employees are deciding this.  She has no proof EBC has failed the employees.  They seem to be on board for getting rid of AFLAC.  The only reason the Board needs a say is to control who gets the contract.

This is plain and simple - Escobedo wants to control who the vendor is.   Employee Benefit Committee is the EBC - again this is Escobedo trying to control who gets the contract - it is not about the employees - It has been explained to them twice BISD has no contract in the deal.

No action taken

If the employees decide the EBC is not doing its job, then get rid of it.  But taking control away from the employees and giving it to Escobedo is stupid - it is about Escobedo wanting to control the contracts


Remember this is the general field of Escobedo's brother.  Presas-Garcia and Longoria want it rebid.  the chief is making clear they are buying state of the art - but they are not happy.  No Saavedra is complaining not enough people responded.  the wrong person got the contract so that want their person to be given a second chance.

Escobedo is now jumping in - this is about who gets the contract - not what is right for the district

It has now been noted that the contractor may have a legal complaint 

This is sick - this is back door dealing by Escobedo to have the vendor he wants know what the bids were so now they can rebid with a lower bid.

Remember how Escobedo tried to reopen the bids on the bonds - this guy is 100% about controlling contracts.  Until Montoya concedes this point he has no credibility on the issue.  Even the blind can see what is happening. 

They tabled the issue - this is about controlling the vendor - this is the same old bullshit which angers the people -


Someone at the meeting who I knew was there because I saw her on camera emailed me and said they came out at 11:15 and took no action.  The meeting is over.  I wonder if they sent the camera people home before they finished.


Anonymous said...

Who is Caty Garcia Presas that allows her to decide that Mr. Springston is not taking the district in the direction SHE wants it? Our district is going in the right direction where it counts - academics! We are slowly but surely improving. It is their area of governance that keeps our district from going where it is suppose to go. And does she really believe that bringing in Dr. SA in will produce wonders? Las dos son una bola de locas and there may be two more on the board. Give her a ride and she wants to drive! Caty es puro chisme and she is on an ego trip. It is time that we bust her bubble.

Anonymous said...

No! Thank you for all your hard work in keeping an eye on BISD.

Anonymous said...

Brownsville really needs this blog. Congratulations on breaking your record!

Anonymous said...

Congrats, Bobby! Your hard work and dedication to the children of Brownsville has paid off - you reached your goal and surpassed it. It seems it is the only place where we can go for the facts! Muchicimas gracias!

BobbyWC said...

It is going on 3 hours - they do not have the votes - so they are arguing - they cannot afford the public backlash to a buy-out - so they must suspend him - either way it will be very costly.

I am convinced that Presas-Garcia, Longoria, and Saavedra will push for a buy out an not care what it costs the taxpayers

escobedo is the key

Presas-Garcia is either holding them hostage in session or someone is on the fence.

Maybe they are writing up an agreement to be signed and the deal is already done - but remember a buy out means a penalty to the district

I am just thinking out loud - with this group you cannot go to logic for an answer

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

Do you think that they maybe pressuring him to resign?

BobbyWC said...

because there is no logic to these people I cannot predict anything - I have nothing to go on

Bobby WC

BobbyWC said...

I would not be surprised if we are here until 6 a.m.

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

Just got back from my first board meeting. Longoria was horribly reading someone else's words for sure. An absolute pawn. And this Presas-Garcia lady is a joke !! Arrogant and disrespectful with an obvious personal agenda. 2 questions keep racing through my mind on the drive home. 1.How the F@#* could anyone have ever voted for the two fools? 2.Why did I ever move here?

Anonymous said...

The people that recruited them new how to play the voters through the PAC.

Anonymous said...

Nobody on the board works tomorrow, right? I guess they can stay there until they get the 4-3 vote. Consider your health first, Bobby before deciding to stay up until they feel like it. Report it in the morning for us! The Herald will not because Gary goes to sleep way before they end the circus!

Anonymous said...

I was watching board meeting in disgust and embarrassment...OMG take those four ladies out and that so called "Dr. E." These individuals are all about their personal agendas, contracts, pay-backs, nepotism, etc. Bobby use your facts about whats going on and lets have a rally some-where, some-place and get some TEA media attention to come down to see this circus of board meeting live! This is hurting the Brownsville Students and Community!

Anonymous said...

I hate to say it, but the teacher's at BISD deserve all this crap that is going down with these village idiots. They could go out and vote in good board members, but they are to dam lazy to get up and vote.

Anonymous said...

What happened to your call to arms fizzzzzleeeeeeee.

Anonymous said...

What happened to the rally that was suppose to materialize at Washington Park to oust Caty? The above person had an eye opener as she/he watched the board meeting. Imagine how many miss the meeting and now more so that it is not on cable. Yeah! Let's get a Rid-off Rally! They are an embarrassment to the children of Brownsville.

BobbyWC said...

First, thanks for reminding me about my health - with the back surgery around the corner a family member has suggested I just leave for San Antonio next week and be there several days in advance - I have been told it will be best if I stay with family in SA for a week or three after the surgery.

I am tired

today I was out for a while - the pathetic Ben Neece was standing around the corner from me at the court house pretending not to listen to what I was saying -

anyway I intended to go from the court house to HEB and then the library before coming home to bed but did not make it

I nearly passed out in HEB on Central - I just came home and slept until about 3 and then went to the Olmito post office - which is closer for me.

Driving is something I should not really do until they have my hormones restored and the fatigue goes away.

I amy actually take off for SA this weekend for a month.

I really need to just stop and rest and allow my body to get strong again. I am told that after 30 days I should begin to get my strength back again.

I did not start the testosterone therapy on Monday because my doctor ordered the pharmacy to mail me the medicine with the needle

I am pissed she knew damn well I have no idea how to inject myself. Because it is a controlled substance the nurse could not secure another injection for me and I had to leave. So until I get it in the mail and find someone to drive me back to Harlingen I am screwed.

I will stay up a bit more - I am pretty tired

this post not proofed - sorry
Bobby WC

BobbyWC said...

First to my readers - I am amazed on how many people are still awake checking back for an update - the number are amazing.

It was not my call to arms - it was a readers - but I will say thi - no one appeared to night to defend the corrupt 4 - with the 4 of the 5 defended Springston - that is the best showing yet

I agree the teachers are a big part of this -

I have said for a long time - people prefer someone else act

The teachers will do nothing and then complain

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

Hopefully TEA can appoint a master to run the district.

Anonymous said...

No action taken on the superintendent.

Anonymous said...

I agree Bobby, teachers will never do nothing but complain!! When they start seeing/feeling the budget cuts hit hard....more work, for less pay, it will be too late! All these teacher association guys that go to the Board Meetings to voice their opinions, during public comments, are up there alone and nothing ever happens. Where are all the teachers and employees backing them up? Whats the point in having those associations if they have no power, all bark-no bite! We get what we voted for, so why complain now?

They kick the Superintendent out, bring in Atkinson, and the nightmare begins all over again! A lot of firings will happen to get "her" bff's in!

Thanks Bobby. Take care and rest!

Anonymous said...

All BISD employees, taxpayers and voters are to blame, myself included. We need to stand united and say enough is enough.

The Superintendent is doing a great job, he always is giving high praises for all of BISD unlike others.

Anonymous said...

Please take care of yourself. Your health should come first. Thanks for everything you do for this blog and for providing good information to BISD employees, taxpayers and voters. You need for someone else to pick up effort.

I hope you have an enjoyable and restful weekend.

Anonymous said...

I can see clear now, OMG!!! what a fool I been, and I got no one to blame, but me...sigh...

Anonymous said...

Come on everyone have more faith... Mr. Springston is doing a fine job and we all need to pray he stays as superintendent of BISD. We Know at least 3 of the 4 approve of him; all we need is to pray that the rest wake up and see the good that Mr. Springston has done for this district. Have Faith My Friends.

BobbyWC said...

This is a very difficult issue for me - it impressed me how 4 of the 5 speakers spoke kindly of him - yes teh district is moving forward - 2 of the three NCEA years were under him - although I prefer to give credit to the teachers, chldren and parents.

He is a very likeable person - he seems to please people.

But I know for a fact the deals he has cut with Escobedo - I get he had to, to survive and those deals are why he is still the super - but I do not like them

But I do agree they need to leave him be -

I think the people saw tonight that Longoria is a moron - the joke I just heard on the phone she went out to Washington Park looking for the pro Cata rally - now that would be funny if it is true.

If Springston is smart he will get out into the community and lobby hard for his team

Escobedo will throw the three women under the bus in a second if he brother can make a dime

you see how they got behind helping his brother get that security contract and then he refused ot cooperate on Springston

they are beyond stupid

lehmann is pissed - lets see how badly Montoya bad mouths Escobedo tomorrow

But I think it is time for Springston to get out in the community and educate the people and protect the community.

If he does this I will forgive all past transgressions

Bobby W C

Anonymous said...

Whether it is Springston or anyone else they bring in, this board will always be a bunch of metiches. If it is not their way, it is the highway! If Caty wakes up one morning with another moron thought, she emails the other commadres and they conspire on how to get what they want. Yes, and the employees of BISD, plus so many other citizens of Brownsville are to blame for what we elect. We elect those who serve no one but themselves and we sit back and believe the lies and promises. We need to start showing up in numbers to all activities for BISD so that these 3 can deduct that we will not be dictated to by them. Longoria can't even read what she is handed to read; Savvedra's voice and supposively educated thoughts drown you out like Charlie's on the city commission, and Caty, well you already know that. Brett is a fine man and I am surprised if he is in cahoots with Escobedo for favors owed.

Anonymous said...

We wanted to leave a few comments on Dr. Atkinson. My father worked with her in a couple of districts and really believes she was a fine superintendent. He was one of her principals and points to effective decision-making based on data not on political pressure. Probably the main reason she isn't back in the saddle is because she does not want to be on a circuit that simply lasts until the next election. According to my dad, she is fine where she is and is spending alot of her personal time working on a book to help minority students get into college. He says she made her top three years and is just intent on doing well where she is in her current position. He believes her real passion is writing books for students.

BobbyWC said...

It is like I noted, my source is saying she is doing a great job in grants - she needs to stay there - if she tries to move up it will end in disaster and her career in education will end.

But she has not helped her reputation by being part of the corrupt 4 - If I had to make a decision on what happened in Socorro I would have said her personal life and being a very strong will woman got in the way of egos on both sides. I love west Texas - but I also know people in west Texas look upon the anyone east of the Pecas as suspect.

But then I see her intentional game playing in Brownsville and I am forced to conclude for power she was prepared to hurt BISD\

So while I am being told she is doing a fine job for BISD in grants - based on all of the facts I never would have fired her.

On a post I am rejecting which is actually accusing her of a lot of things

Hey moron - is this your first read on teh BV - I never post through blind accusations against anyone from some anony poster who obviously has a personal score to settle -

I suspect that score is she denied you a job when she was in Los Fresnos - get over it

Now if you want to give me the names of all these corrupt hires so I cn verify they work at BISD and when they got the job - I will go with the post

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

I do believe BISD is moving in the right direction in terms of student growth, however. It goes back to the hardworking teachers and administrators who wisely choose to ignore the dirty politics and keep the district moving forward. It is definitely not because of the area superintendents or Springston!

BobbyWC said...

thanks for your comment

As you will note I started last nights post with giving credits for the NCEA award to the teachers, students and parents.

They are truly the key - and you are right - the teachers are moving forward and ignoring the dirty politics.

I would love to see more of the progress in the classroom - but I know for a fact special services is a mess - the kids are just not getting what they need.

But for the average students - the teachers are doing an extraordinary job

But, Springston does bring some stability which promotes a better environment - you do not want a super who is involved in all of the dirty politics.

We both know every teacher knows the nightmare of a principal who is under a microscope -

So teachers do deserve the primary credit - but a superintendent who is not playing dirty politics keeps the needless presure off of the area superintendents and principals.

One thing I have heard is he does not like heavy handedness by principals or area superintendents.

So if you think Spingston is not helping - imagine a super with Presas_garcia demanding heads and the super being willing to play along.

You will miss Brett real fast.

To sum up only the teacher can teach the children - they are the key and deserve the most credit

But in order for them to teach you need a super who will do his best to keep the dirty politics away from the teachers and principals.

Springston is fighting presas-garcia on this issue almost hourly

On this issue he gets an A+

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

I can attest to that. He is probably the only reason I am still at my campus fighting the evil teachers who mistreat our students. I will expose them 1 at a time. Going on 2 and a half months of investigations. It's s sad day when those who have been written up, mistreat students, have secret mtgs with the board president and then file a grievance on the principal claiming hostile environment. God willing the investigation will be over soon and the truth about these teachers exposed. THEN I will be able to speak.

Anonymous said...

And, how many unecessary investigations/harassment will go on before the new majority stops? They came in with scores to settle for those who voted against them (rightfully so) and they support powerful upper admin who also have scores to settle and are not suppporters of our superintendent!

The rumors are starting already of who will be "moved" for next school year. Conversations are beginning with " a board member wants..so and so..at this campus/that campus.." When will the micromanaging stop?! Why don't they let the super do his job?!

It may appear that he has "given" jobs to those who he owes something to, but what if they are actually the best qualified for the position? Hum...there's a thought!

The other blog runs articles about people who have been moved or appointed and make false accusations as to why the move took place! How's about that person wanted to be moved because it was the best professionally for that person?! What about them being moved/promoted because they will do the best job in that position??!! Nope. It's better to spin lies and say its because they are related to "so and so" or friends with them or partners with them or best friends with the soup or dating him, etc.

Keep blogging Bobby because now you have everyone's attention.

Brownsville ISD is doing awesome and if the board wants recognition for it, then they better start doing a better job of promoting it!


BobbyWC said...

I think your post is on the money - Ispent some time looking at a principal who is clearly tied to the corrupt 4 and you know what I learned - she is a great principal, the teachers and studetns like her - and so what if she is maybe looking at a promotion in the near future- she seems to have worked hard and and maybe deserves it

we have to assume the selection committees are doing their job unless we have direct evidence of influence peddling by the trustees

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

Selection committees interview individuals who have been pre-interviewed by the Area Superintendents. Then, the "list" is made for them to interview from. The Area Adm for the cluster along with HR specialist lead the interview. Do you think the AA may have a little influence here? Do you think the super may want a certain person there? Is it possible a board member mentions to the super that they want someone on the list?? HUM...let's think...OK, back to what I was saying. After they committee interviews, they recommend 3 names to the super and he chooses one.

This is the process for selections for schools. Do you see the possibility for many people to have an influence on a certain candidate?

Just food for thought.


Anonymous said...

There were some questions last night at the BISD Board of Trustee meeting about the 125 plan that perhaps the viewers may still wonder what the answers were. Let me see if I can enlighten those that are not familiar with the 125 plan (Cafeteria Plan). The Cafeteria Plan is a separate written plan maintained by an employer for employees that meets the specific requirements of and regulations of section 125 of the Internal Revenue Code. It provides participants an opportunity to receive certain benefits on a pre-tax basis.

The BISD employees were introduced to the Cafeteria Plan a few years ago. I would say maybe four or five years ago. The first year the chosen vendor did not provide a flex card to the participants. The participant would first pay for the medical services or medication and the vendor would reimbursed the expenses after the participant submitted the proper form with prove of the qualified medical expenses. The following year the vendor provided a flex card to the BISD employees. However, the participants did not get the flex card until the beginning of February which was more than a month after signing up for the Cafeteria Plan. The flex card made it easier to participate in the Cafeteria Plan because the participant did not have to submit the proper form for reimbursement for medical expenses. The flex card is just like a credit card that is used to pay medical services or medication with specific limitations. The first flex card issued to the BISD employees was only good for that specific year. The following year or third year the vendor issued another flex card to the participants. Again, the BISD participants had to wait almost to the end of January to receive the flex card. However, the new flex card was valid for a period of more than three years. Therefore, the following year the participant did not have to wait for a new card to purchase medication or receive medical services.

With the selection of a new vendor (AFLAC) it was obvious that the participants would not immediately receive the flex card. However, for those participants that paid for medical services during the time of not having a new flex card, the process of reimbursement is available. There is a medical reimbursement form provided by AFLAC for the participant to submit for reimbursement. Within two weeks the participant can receive a check for his medical expenses.

It was obvious that the BISD Board President and board members who were ex-employees of BISD never participated in the Cafeteria plan because they would have not asked all those questions. It was not surprising that only 300 BISD employees of the 7,000 employees participate in the Cafeteria Plan. This is due to the fact that the participant has to determine how much money he will contribute to the plan. If the participant does not spend the money within the one year period, the participant will lose the money. The Cafeteria Plan is a very effective benefit plan but the participant has to know how to manage his account. The Cafeteria Plan belongs to the school employee and not to the school district. The Board of Trustee has no business in determining the vendor or who can participate.

Anonymous said...

There have been many time through the years that the Supt has refused all the names and then appoints some one else usually for a good reason. Too much influence in the process from the outside.

Anonymous said...




CAN SHE DO THAT??????????

Anonymous said...

"The Cafeteria Plan belongs to the school employee and not to the school district. The Board of Trustee has no business in determining the vendor or who can participate.".....

Are you listening Presas-Garcia and Quintanilla ??

Anonymous said...

There would probably be more participation in the 125 plan, if the other employees understood how they could benefit by it.

BobbyWC said...

The benefits other than some tax savings is negligable to the employee - this programs were originally designed to help the employer by saving them on their portion of social security taxes.

To the employee the savings is chump change - the fear to the employee is “use it or lose it."

Employees find themselves losing money they paid in because they did not use it - in the end they end up losing more in what they paid in than the tax savings.

The entire plan is a gamble and people just do not want to take that gamble.

there are people with large medical bills who have benefited from the plans - but on balance the only real beneficiary is the employer in terms of their portion of social security taxes.

Now here is some of my ignorance - they way I understand it most teachers or school districts to not pay into the social security system. They pay into the teacher retirement plan.

I do not know how the 125 plan impacts how much the district pays into the teacher's retirement plan.

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

Yes, the board president has meet with teachers who are unhappy. Should she be holding these meetings the answer is no. An employee can contact a board member and this is protected by Texas law. But the board policy says that the board member should refer the employee to the proper person and should have them follow the chain of command.

Anonymous said...

BISD has been in the 125 Plan for many years not just the 4-5. It has not been that long that the flex cards were allowed. It is not unusual when there is a change in carriers that their are problems the first few weeks. The employees have lost nothing and it will be worked out. It was stated that all but a very few cards had been recieved by the insurance office. The main problem is that the employees don't know what the plan is about it is not explained and many would use it if they knew the benefits.

Anonymous said...

"I do not know how the 125 plan impacts how much the district pays into the teacher's retirement plan."

The 125 plan has no impact.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...



CAN SHE DO THAT??????????

February 16, 2011 11:55 PM

My post is in response to the attached post:

Um...yes. She had a secret meeting with teachers who ran a school and now don't like the principal actually doing her job.

Imagine that! A principal wanting to implement their ideas and help kids be successful...WOW!!!!! There's a thought!! The principal is actually putting students/parents needs before the principal's and teachers needs??? WTF?!!! WOW! Amazing........

Principals actually DO care about their schools and all of their styles are different. Teachers who "run" the school need to let principals do their job AND stop contacting their attorney and union rep every 20 min because their feelings are hurt...."she wont' listen to me..." (wah) translation: LET ME DO WHATEVER I WANT EVEN IF IT IS BAD FOR KIDS!!!

Sorry....those teachers are in the minority! The MAJORITY OF TEACHERS remember why they are in this profession: TO DO WHAT IS BEST FOR KIDS.