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Side note some things are just too funny: :  Mchale a teacher in BISD has declared Springston has the solid support of the teachers and principals.  Presas-Garcia orders her convicted felon mouth piece to post claims Springston's supporters are being paid by Rick Zayas to support Springston - who do we believe a convicted felon who lives in Dallas or a BISD teacher?  My long term readers remember when this convicted felon claimed his partner in his bogus civil rights organization filed criminal charges against me in Dallas, although Jose Galvez lives in Farmer's Branch and I live in Brownsville, Jose Galvez was so mad about this felon's endless lies he filed formal paperwork in Dallas County abandoning any possible link to the convicted felon.  Presas-Garcia, and her convicted felon bought and paid for by Ted Parker of Healthsmart are convinced that all the teachers reading this will believe they are imagining their support for Brett Springston and realize their opinions are really based on these magical payments to them by Rick Zayas.  Can there be any doubt Presas-Garcia has gone down a path of no return in terms of being able to face reality.

Oh, oh, oh, now I understand - the BV is like Stewie on Family Guy - I have a ray gun which points at my readers through the screen to make them believe they like Brett Springston when in fact they all really worship at the feet of Presas-Garcia - "I loooove my ray gun."


The above ad shows that Ruben Cortez told the people of Brownsville the bond money was not free. In October the estimates were about $7 million. But yet Presas-Garcia, Longoria, Saavedra, and Escobedo continue to lie and tell people Zayas and Cortez are the ones who told people the costs was zero. They were not even on the board on December 7, 2010. If you click on the ad twice it will enlarge so you can read item 5. The facts will show all of the board members knew there was ongoing back and forth discussions on the cost to the district. Presas-Garcia did not raise it on December 7th, although she was told about it, because like Longoria she is simply too ignorant to have understood.

The only current or past board member with a financial interest in the bond money is Enrique Escobedo. According to one of the corrupt 4's own con men Escobedo voted in favor of the bond money in expectations of moving some of the construction money into his brother’s business. Even at this moment these con-artist continue to claim Cortez told the people the cost was zero. They actually believe the people are too stupid to read the reality in the ads.

On Tuesday last Escobedo had his three hags come up with bogus reasons why a security contract should not be approved. His brother came in 5th on the bid and he did not get the contract. The hags did his bidding and then he moved to table the approval of the contract. This was an illegal motion. He was conflicted out which is why he abstained on the vote. The Herald called this not newsworthy.

They claim Brett Springston covered up the criminal conduct of Joe Rod. For argument sakes only let’s say there was something to report to law enforcement,  it was not Brett Springston’s job to report it - he gave it to his boss then Superintendent Hector Gonzales and Hector Gonzales wrote Joe Rod a letter absolving him of wrongdoing. Why do they lie and blame Springston when it fact it was Hector Gonzales who made the decision of no wrongdoing? Why do they cover for Gonzales? Why are the corrupt 4 trying to negotiate a financial settlement for Gonzales?

Here is the BV’s story with supporting documents - namely Hector Gonzales’ letter.


Judge Ben Neece is under investigation by the Commission on Judicial Conduct for abuse of his office during the BISD campaign.  According to the Herald not newsworthy.


More on Ben Neece





Ted Parker of Healhsmart and Healthsmart had to pay the City of Lubbock $850,000 in attorneys for filing a frivolous lawsuit against elected officials in Lubbock after Lubbock cancelled its contract with Healthsmart.  Ted Parker threatened to do the same to Brownville.  He did not.  His attorney is John Barr - the same John Barr Presas-Garcia asked BISD pay to represent her in the lawsuit filed agsinst her by Joe Rod.

The Herald has declared as not newsworthy the $850,000 paid by Ted Parker to Lubbock


Why? - Because BISD is suing Healthsmart for the same reasons and the Herald does not seem to be happy with the lawsuit.  How can the same lawyer who has represented Healthsmart now represent Presas-Garcia - she claims no collusion.  The people of Brownsville know better.  the Herald has declared as not newsworthy that Presas-Garcia put on the agenda the dismissal of the $15 million dollar lawsuit against Healthsmart.  the records also show Enrique Escobedo took money from Ted Parker before voting to keep healhsmart over the objections of two independent insurance consultants and the BISD Administration.

The Herald has declared not newsworthy the same convicted felon Ted Parker sent to Lubbock to disrupt their elections he sent to Brownsville to work with Escobedo, Presas-Garcia, Longoria and Saavedra.  The Texas Ethics Commission sanctioned Ted Parkers candidate for concealing donations from Ted Parker.  The Herald says none of this is newsworthy.

The Brownsville Herald has been complicit in the cover-up because Danial Cavasos has a personal dislike for Rick Zayas - this is not journalism - it is school yard bullying at the expense of the taxpayer.

You  now know why they want to get rid of Brett Springston - he will not get behind the contract rigging and pay offs so he must go.



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There is no need to say anything else - I can just see it now someone getting mad and sending a threatening message - do not do it - just type "resign" or "shame"


BobbyWC said...

guys my brain if fried - I am so tired - yesterday I jumped on someone and want to I am sorry. they were trying to say Brett told Ca ahow to cancel he meeting - that is simply false - the logic was incomplete - but I was partly wrong about the Roberts Rules issue - yes you need a quorum, but apparently because Presas-garcia said in advance she would not show then a quorum could not be formed and by the rules she could cancel the meeting.

So in fact Roberts Rules did allow for cancelling without first having failed to show and then have the meeting declared a failure for a lack of a quorum

I was too harsh on the reader and I am sorry - but the reader was wrong about Brett telling Cata how to cancel he meeting.

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

Lets hope Quintanilla's crew stays out of the elected positions.

BobbyWC said...

I am rejecting a nasty comment - here is reality - the BV is not covering up the bond mess - on the night of the Board meeting in its blow by blow coverage - the BV point blank said the people were mislead on December 7th and that Estrada and Hinojosa and bond counsel need to be held accountable.

But the other reality is, had Escobedo voted with the 3 hags of his BISD would have been $19 million in the hole instead of $9 million

At this time the board should be united in looking at suing estrada and Hinojosa and bond counsel, but no the corrupt 4 are focused on blaming Springston - Springston does not have the $9 million to reimburse BISD, but the other two do.

In the end though this is what the 3 hags want along with the convicted mouth pieces - one for RICO and one for mulitple DWI's

They want the BISD taxpayers in 2-3 years to have to borrow 100% of the money at higher interest rates and higher construction costs when it becomes apparent the overcrowding is unbearable in our schools.

One way or the other BISD needs this construction - it can do it for $9 million with the State and federal government paying $17 million, or in 2-3 years it can do it at higher interest rates with the taxpayers paying 100% on the estimated $35 million it will take to do the same projects.

In 2-3 years the total cost with higher construction costs could easily be $35 million with no state or federal assistance -

This is what the reckless 3 hags are gunning for - the people at a higher interest rate having to borrow $35 million or allow their children to be taught in over crowded classrooms and falling down portables.

To be sure on December 7th the people were mislead - we need the truth - which is why I support 100% the audit - but the truth will not be pretty for anyone

Every board member sat there and said nothing about the discussions of the $9 million dollars BISD may have to pay - Longoria and Presas-Garcia said nothing because they are simply too stupid to have understood the discussions.

Escobedo said nothing because he wanted the bond money for his brother (this is according to his own mouth piece - to the new readers Pat Lehmann controls that mouth piece and was mad Escobedo did not do as he was told so he sent a warning shot to Escobedo to behave or Lehmann would expose him)

Saavedra's excuse appears to have been too busy to read the packet and get the information - Escobedo certainly could have educated her on the issue and did not.

Aguilar, Colunga and Pena said nothing because they undertand that if they were given bad legal advice on the issue BISD can and should sue Estrada and Hinojosa and bond counsel. Also they understood that BISD never again will see $26 million in construction at a cost of $9 million dollars - they understood that no matter how much the $9 million will hurt it will hurt less than the $35 million it would cost in 2-3 years.

But in the end let's get to the truth and see what Escobedo. Longoria, estrada, and Saavedra have to say when documents show they were told the truth and they sat there on December 7th and said nothing to the people.

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

The "Muckraker" is at it again. No evidence just spin!

Alfred said...

I called and cancelled my subscription.