Friday, February 11, 2011


Jose Galvez was a general partner in Accion America.  Upon learning of Quintanilla's failure to inform him that Accion American had been sued in Brownsville, and Quintanilla's perjury as to its ownership Mr. Galvez formally filed in Dallas County an abandonment of the business name Accion America.

Mr. Galvez called me.  He was angry that Quintanilla posted a bogus claim on his web page that Mr. Galvez had filed criminal charges against me in Dallas.  As Mr Galvez noted, why would he as a resident of Farmers Branch file a criminal complaint in Dallas?  The Dallas police asked the same question.  They are fully aware of Mr. Quintanilla's false claims.

I assured Mr. Galvez that based on our conversation I no longer saw a reason to file a discovery lawsuit.  I discovered plenty.   He appears to be a very nice man.  He understands all too well how people, and not just Mr. Quintanilla, use the Latino issues for their own advancement.   I very much enjoyed our conversation.

Mr. Quintanilla is a deadbeat who does not pay his bills.  The more I researched the more I learned.  I now know why he is politically dead in Dallas.  Once the news stations, and newspapers exposed him, other than a handful of lemmings, he has no one following him.  No one seems to know his source of income.  But when he goes to court on child support issues he claims its is so low his child support should be what you see from someone who earns minimum wage.  He cries he should not have to pay child support because he is not allowed to see his son.  Maybe he should ask himself why the mother of his son, and I agree wrongfully, has withheld visitation in the past?

The Illinois office for child support now has his address.  They are moving to secure the assistance of the Texas Attorney General to collect the unpaid child support in Illinois.

You can only con people so long before everyone abandons you.

What is really sad is Lehmann, Escobedo, and Presas-Garcia are too stupid to realize that this manipulation of Cata to hire John Barr was nothing more than a scheme to allow John Barr to use BISD taxpayer money to investigate the entire lot of them to force the dismissal of the lawsuit against Healthsmart and Ted Parker.  They were played.

You cannot investigate and take down Joe Rod without taking down Pat Lehmann. It is now a question of who will blink first.


I have no expectations of Armando Villalobos doing anything.  He is too busy telling elected officials - you have  A free hand to destroy Brownsville and turn it into the Texas capital of criminal conduct, so long as you swear your allegiance to Armando Villalobos' campaign for U.S. Congress.

Fortunately for the people of Brownsville the FBI is finally finishing its investigation of Dannebaum and Villalobos will not be able to avoid implication in that cover-up.  You know the corrupt 4 are clueless and desperate when they have their mouth piece defend Armando Villalobos. 

No matter how much I dislike Hinojosa he is still calling the shots when it comes to the Cameron County Democratic Party.  It was a telling moment when he chose Ed Stapleton to represent John Wood in the conflict over the Cameron County Judge race.  Ed Stapleton and Armando Villalobos are arch enemies. 

I very much doubt that Armando can survive any election.  Hinojosa has already made him a marked man.  What is sad is, because he was trained in politics by Hinojosa, he fails to see what ever it is Hinojosa intends to throw at him will not work if he has the support of the people.  You get the support of the people by making the corruption at BISD a defining moment. 

He blocked the grand jury referral along with Minton Murry (Judge Murry refused to send it to the grand jury on the claim his time on the bench was too short  - this is not how the law works - it was a cowardly move) and Judge Lopez of the walking quorum at the La Pampa restaurant organized by Enrique Escobedo and Pat Lehmann.

Villalobos sees nothing to investigate over the million dollar contract given to Escobedo's brother by Rendon, Juarez and Lehmann just 15 days before Escobedo voted to rehire Rendon.

Villalobos sees nothing to investigate over Ted Parker's influence peddling with Cata Presas-Gartcia while BISD has a $15 million dollar lawsuit against Ted Parker and Healthsmart.

What  Villalobos fails to see is Hinojosa and Stapleton will use his failures at BISD as to why he cannot be trusted to be DA or a Congressman.   He has a black and white case of perjury and possible aggravated perjury against Quintanilla and nothing.  In an hour of investigating Villalobos can obtain enough documents out of Dallas and Illinois to expose the truth about this guy and why the perjury charge is important.

He will not - no matter he is facing the end of his political career - he will go down as a student of Hinojosa rather than do the right thing.


Anonymous said...

Everyone knows you disingenuous deadbeats read BV everyday. So....Quintanilla and Montoya, spin the 1/28/2011 filing by AA's former General Partner.

BobbyWC said...

Guys I am not going to promote bogus blogs and stupid conspiracy theories.

the facts are John Barr has worked for Ted Parker and Quintanilla. John Barr filed a lawsuit in Dallas for Ted Parker against elected officials in Lubbock.

ted parker and Healthsmart paid out $850,000 in attorneys fees to the City of Lubbock because of John Barr's lawsuit. hey if Cata believes this is evidence of competence - I say go with it - again I want the entire Joe Rod story told - I defended her decision to go to the DA and called Colunga and Aguilar petty for abstaining in the initial vote to have BISD's insurance company pay for her defense.

These are documented facts. the response will always be the same - distractions - they cannot and will not address the facts so they attack with distractions.

Presas-Garcia put on the agenda the dismissal of the Healthsmart lawsuit - fact - Presas-garcia is working with Ted Parker - Healthsmart's lawyer - fact

Intelligent people can form their own opinions without being distracted away from the facts.

BISD is facing a near $20 million dollar deficit and Presas-garcia wants to dismiss the lawsuit against Ted Parker which could make-up the deficit.

Presas-garcia, Longoria and Saavedra nearly cost BISD taxpayers $19 million all in an effort to embarass Springston.

the fatcs are I have been calling for the dismissal of Springston since Presas-Garcia and Escobedo were his defenders - they are the late comers on this issue - not me.

These people are determined to destroy BISD .

When the facts came out the BV put the blame on the bond issue on Estrada and Hinojosa, bond counsel, and Springston - the BV was accused of cover-up because it would not blame Rick Zayas and Ruebn Cortez. how do you blame people who were not even on the board when the mistake was made?

Because I am sick - I wish someone would do this for me - I have not made it to the library.

Numerous sources have told me that Zayas and Cortez in their ads stated that BISD would in fact have to pay some $7 million on the bonds and not zero as being alleged by the convicted con artist and convicted drunk. the final number according to BISd at this time is $9 million and not $12 million as being alleged.

BTW if you believe Springston has caused BISD to lose $95 million dollars in internet fees - kill yourself because you are already brain dead.

These ads are the best evidence on the issue. It was Escobedo who mislead the board and changed the number from $7 million to zero.

I deal in known facts. If someone is willing to go the library I would like to post the ads. If they say the cost would be zero, BV will have a few select words on the deception. But if they say $7 million then the question is why is the current corrupt 4 lying and blaming people who told the truth and were not even on the board when the vote occurred?

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

Zayas and Cortez were the ones who created this Bond funding and the Public Facilities Corp. Obviously you are one sided.

BobbyWC said...

No, you are desperate - The federal government created the program and schools all over the US applied to use the program.

No one told Escobedo to vote for this - well except maybe his brother who is a contractor.

If the ads are what I am being told Zayas told teh voters that they would have to pay back some $7 million - that would have been the number being provided to them in October.

After Zayas adn Cortes lost the elections the number went from $7 million to zero how is that their fault?

they are not on the board, they have no vote - somehow the number went from $7 million to zero after the election and the people who lost the election are responsible.

Does it not matter to you if they in fact told the truth that the money was not free? Would that not make them the honest ones, as opposed to Escobedo who pushed his board members to believe the money was free?

You are one sided.

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

It didn't take Carlino long.....the spin is more typical distractions. Quintanilla is a just a hollow phony confused about his significance on the planet.

Anonymous said...

Bobby, after looking at Tuesday's agenda, it looks like they're beginning to make their move on the cafeteria plan (Item20).

Also, does Item 60 mean they are beginning to look for a new superintendent?