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Tuesday's Post - in the afternoon the BV will set up for the blow by blow and live internet coverage - remember to email all of your friends to sign in to view the meeting.  I do not care what side you are on - either go to the meeting and support your side or tune in to the BV.

Look, tonight is going to be intense, so I decided to go light. The first sign you know you are getting old as a man - you buy a change purse. While in Peru I bought a lot of these as gifts, I love my change purse. Guys you got to get one - you need not wait until you are old.

I actually love my grey hair - if I could, I would buy a hair dye to finish the process. You see, if you embrace the grey, then it feels good.

If I go out with friends for dinner I insist we eat before 4 p.m., so that we can get the early bird special. I eat a late breakfast and no lunch for a 4 p.m. supper is just about right.

I love when the guy at the movies assume I am a senior - it makes me feel vintage - vintage is so much better than old. Hey - it also saves me money. Vintage - cool a fine 1958

I love the all the new bumps on the body - it’s like reading braille on my body - it says “vintage 1958, a fine year"

The nose hairs - now I need to invest in this one - the older you get the bigger weed wacker you need.

You know the ear hair is a problem when your friends are offering to braid it.

You know you are old when you keep a portable urinal in your car. There is no holding it.

You know you are old when you see going white south of the border as a good thing and count them like when you were 12 years old. The sad part is, just about the time the whites take over your realize your are going bald south of the border.

You know you are getting old when your other half tells you, you already had sex and you simply cannot remember.

You know you are getting old when you and your wife are arguing over who has the worst hot flashes.


The taxpayers are on the hook for $50,000 to defend her in the Joe Rod case. Hhere is the BV's "reality on the history." The BV defended Presas-Garcia on her decision to go to the DA. The BV clearly stated that if a trustee sees evidence of criminal conduct the trustee has a duty to take it to law enforcement. The BV upon learning ACE insurance decided to provide a defense after the $50,000 deductable clearly defended the vote which allows for the use of $50,000 of taxpayer money. It was not a matter of whether the BV agrees with ACE or not, it was a matter that BISD had no choice under the law. The law does matter. BUT YET, this is somehow clear evidence that on these issues the BV and Springston are in a conspiracy against Presas-Garcia - never-mind the BV has never, ever been a supporter of Springston.

What the BV did not support was Presas-Garcia giving the file to the convicted felon - who conveniently want people to forget that. On Luci Longoria's son, after the BV was asked through an anony post to investigate an alleged complaint against her son, the BV did not go with the story other than saying he is an asset to BISD. Why? a complaint is just that - a complaint. It is not a complete investigation with a response. You see, the BV was and remains willing to do a lot more for Luci's son and protecting him, than Presas-Garcia and the felon were willing to do for Joe Rod.


The reason you know the entire Joe Rod case is all lies and deception is, the facts show Brett Springston oversaw an investigation of Joe Rod. The report printed the findings which according to Presas-Garcia are evidence of criminal conduct. A report generated by Brett Springston's office.

Brett Springston gave the report to his boss. He legally had no authority to do anything with it but give it to his boss - Hector Gonzales. What did Hector Gonzales do with the report. He wrote Joe Rod a letter saying "you have been cleared."   For Presas-Garcia and the felon this is a basis  for fire Springston.

Here is the BV’s story with supporting documents - namely Hector Gonzales’ letter absolving Joe Rod.

Presas-Garcia and her mouth piece will not even acknowledge the fact Hector Gonzales is the one who covered up any alleged wrongdoing.  This is the evidence Presas-Garcia and Longoria believe the TEA will use to uphold their removal of Springston.  Even at thi 11th hour they order their mouth piece to continue with lies.



The BV had no confirmation that there is in fact an investigation against Longoria's son until the felon told us about same.  Because of the felon the people now know that Longoria is conflicted out in voting on the Springston matter.  Thanks Mr. convicted felon - you remain the BV's main source of insight to Presas-Garcia and her delusions.


First, the nonsense - the BV does not cover the con-artist and drunk because they make a difference or because anyone of significance is listening, but because it gives us insight into Presas-Garcia and Longoria's desperation.  My sources are telling me that Saavedra and Escobedo are done with Presas-Garcia.  The only question is, will they express their anger with her on Tuesday night.



Longoria is so desperate she has the felon print the BV is working with Springston to destroy her son. This explains why the BV rejected the story and limited the comment to her son being an asset to BISD. But if in fact something is up with Longoria's son and Longoria votes to suspend Springston, she better start hiding her assets because Springston will have a slam-dunk retaliation case.  In fact if there is a disciplinary action pending against her son, Longoria cannot vote on the Springston matter.

 Springston in terms of his relationship with the BV is petty. Since the day he got the job the BV has denounced how he got the job, the fact there should have been a national search  and there wasn't, and has been calling for an investigation of his mismanagement of Special Services, while Escobedo and Presas-Garcia were covering for him.  Anyone can do a search of Springston in the BV and see only someone suffering from extreme delusions would believe the BV and Springston get along.  We do not. 

(Side note, the BV talked about a little girl who BISD wanted to take out of special services.  The father held his ground.  The father got his daughter tested  for ADHD.  She is now on the medication.  How is it possible that I can see the problem within minutes of working with this child, but her teachers and ARD committee are clueless?  There will now be another ARD to incorporate her ADHD.  Once again another success story by special services.  Where is Presas-Garcia and the rest of the corrupt 4 when it comes to special services?  They continue to protect the political hire, Kathleen Jimenez, an Escobedo political hire, by the way.

But yet with this well documented history between the BV and Springston, according to the con-artist and drunk it is obvious the BV works for Springston. Again no one is listening - all it tells us is they are desperate.


This is what John Barr said about the mayor of Lubbock after Ted Parker's Healthsmart lost the contract.

 ""What he has done is put the name of a business that has a lot of tax revenue and a lot of employees in jeopardy," said John Barr, Parker's attorney. "For what? For what? To get elected mayor? That's not even fair. I'm not talking right or wrong. I'm saying it's not fair."

This is before Parker got hit with $850,000 in attorneys fees for hiring Barr to file a  frivolous lawsuit against the City of Lubbock.  Can a man with this level of emotional attachment to Ted Parker be trusted to work with Presas-Garcia and not share that information with Ted Parker?  The answer is no.  Presas-Garcia knew what she was doing when she chose Barr as her lawyer - we know in the past she gave part of Joe Rod's personnel file to a convicted felon.  In part, for that act BISD taxpayers will now pay Ted Parker's attorney John Barr $50,000 to defend Presas-Garcia.  The only option is a Chinese wall. 

If anyone votes to protect Presas-Garcia on this issue, all of Brownsville will know the truth - they stand with Ted Parker and not the teachers.  Healthsmart will eventually settle for more than $10 million dollars.  How many teacher's jobs will be saved with this money?  Had Presas-Garcia had her way the Healthsmart lawsuit would have been dismissed during her first days of tyranny.


Presas-Garcia tells the people "I am about the children and protecting teachers."  Really? - that $50,000 to pay John Barr cost a teacher his/her job.  If Springston is suspended the cost of the investigation, litigation and final settlement could easily cost BISD $750,000.  Tell us Cata, how many teachers are to lose their jobs so you can pursue this personal vendetta you have against Springston?  Do tell.


Without a public hearing the people will have no way of knowing if the trustees voted on the evidence.  If it is done behind closed doors neither side can claim a victory on the evidence.  All we will know is one side or the other did not have the votes for a particular result.  This is not evidence - it is votes.

It is theoretically possible the evidence is there and Escobedo refuses to vote dismissal of Springston.  This will not mean no evidence - it will mean Presas-Garcia did not have 4 votes.  It is also theoretically possible that there is no evidence and Escobedo decides to role the dice on whether the TEA sends in a master and he loses control over the contracts. 

My point is simple - if the discussions are done behind closed doors the people will have no way of knowing if there was or was not evidence.  I can assure my readers if the matter is done behind closed doors and Springston survives the BV will not be declaring no evidence - why?  The people were not allowed to know one way or the other.  The most the BV will be able to declare is, Presas-Garcia did not have the votes.

What will be sad is, if it is done behind closed doors and Springston is removed, the people will not know if there was evidence until the TEA issues its report.  This will maybe be $100,000 to $200,000 in attorneys fees later. 

Again, Springston must demand a public hearing.  The people need to know - is  there or is there not evidence? 

Finally if Springston is suspended he needs to immediately sue Pat Lehmann, Ted Parker, Quintanilla, Montoya, Healthsmart, John Barr, Ben Neece, Antonio Juarez, and Art Rendon for conspiring to defame him by and through Quintanilla and Montoya.  I will bet the farm everyone of them will issue strong statements against Quintanilla and Montoya - then it will get interesting.

If Springston believes he has been wrongly targeted, then he needs to honor Brownsville by filing the defamation lawsuit.  It is the only way the people will ever learn the truth.  It also gives him access to depositions of the corrupt 4 while pursuing his administrative remedies.


If the matter is reviewed in public and there is evidence of wrongdoing which justifies his suspension, then people need to live with that result.  If the evidence is there I would expect a 7-0 vote.  But if there is no evidence I would expect Presas-Garcia's removal as board president.  In the end if it is done in public we must live with the evidence or lack of evidence and the district must move forward.

Sunday, February 27, 2011


When I was at the VA on Friday they were telling vets they needed to get vaccinated  for whooping cough.  In fact the nurse who did the injection had just gotten over the whooping cough.  I was told it is becoming a problem in LRGV, which is in fact the national trend.  I did the three in one vaccine.  See below.

Here is the latest CDC warning an alert.  Parents need to get educated.

I got the vaccine not only because I know my immune system is shot over the hormonal deficiencies, but also because I am around babies.  This was the key - a friend of mine has a two week old grandson - everyone in that family adults and children alike need to get vaccinated.

In 2010, the US had 21000 cases among children, teens and adults.

Friday, February 25, 2011


Based on all the lies put out by Quintanilla and Montoya about the jail commissary contract, an audit was done - the end result was bad news for the inmates.

The sheriff's department collects all of the money, calculates the payments to the vendor and then pays the vendor. Apparently, a data entry problem caused the sheriff's department to short the vendor by over $7,000. This was only discovered because of the audit forced on the sheriff's department through the bogus public outcry. The entire story was a lie and now the prisoners have $7,000 less for inmates services.

This is what happens when you have paid professional liars doing the dirty work for corrupt people trying to control the commissary contract.  The vendor had zero control over the money and payments.  It was all lies - but this time it cost the inmates big time


Ben Neece saw myself and Rick Zayas in the 357th after a hearing. I can see Ben Neece through the glass ordering Montoya into the court room to take our picture. I have consulted with an attorney who has done work with the Commission on Judicial Conduct and he told me the Commission will agree that Neece acted in retaliation for the ongoing investigation the Commission has against him at my request.


BUT FIRST, I did go to the VA clinic.  I just got back, although I took my nephew and brother in law to dinner after I left the clinic.  My doctor ordered my hormone levels be tested to see if they have dropped again or to make sure they are not at normal levels.  It will take until Monday to get the results.  After they took the blood the tech noticed I was out of it.  When the light headiness and fatigue hit I drop.  Which is basically what I did.  I was put in a room for a couple of hours - my blood pressure temporarily spiked. They did an EKG, because of the blood pressure.  I was released about 4 p.m., after several hours sleep.

I am not to drive for the time being, and could not drive when we left the VA.  My brother in law and nephew had to come get me.  I am home and will not be driving for a while, except maybe to Walmart which is maybe 2 minutes away.


You cannot sue someone and ask that the court declare them a vexatious litigant when they have no lawsuit against them.  This would be called an advisory opinion about a future lawsuit which may or may not be filed in the future.  I have no lawsuit against Freedom in state court.   I dropped the lawsuit.  Judge Murray on the record told Freedom's lawyers that he was confused with what was happening because there was no lawsuit in his court. 

The original lawsuit stems from the Herald accessing my checking account for a non-existed subscription.  I had settled the matter with them about 2 years ago, and then a year later it starts all over again.  They filed for bankruptcy.  I learned through the bankruptcy trustee and the court that I was not included in the bankruptcy and therefor my claim was never discharged.  In fact the trustee was kind enough to provide me the  federal appellate law which clearly states if a party is not provided the notice to file a claim then their claim is not discharged in the bankruptcy.  I non-suited several weeks ago after  I removed my claim to the bankruptcy court.

Judge Murray made it clear on the record there was no lawsuit on which to proceed.  This was abusive action by the Brownsville Herald for my successful campaign in getting people to cancel the subscriptions.

Montoya was told in no uncertain terms that Rick Zayas was in court as a witness and a witness only.  The issue which would have been in the court had Judge Murray gone forward was the ad printed by the Herald alleging Rick Zayas an I were working together, that I made false statements against Luci Longoria, and that a federal judge had found evidence of contract rigging involving Rick Zayas.  All of these statements were lies.  Rick was a witness to testify that these were all lies.

The Montoya and Neece knew this which is why the commission on judicial conduct will bring further actions against him for using Montoya to print further lies against me.  So you understand how moronic this is, had I subpoenaed Montoya to court then the argument is I am working with Montoya.

Why did Montoya not tell his readers he did what he did under the direction of Ben Neece or that Rick was strictly there as a witness - because lies is all they have.


Judge Alejandro recused himself from the case on his own motion.  He then gave the case to Rolando Olvera who removed himself from the case.  Judge Banales then gave it to Judge Alcala, over whom I filed an objection.  He is hit judge out of San Antonio to do dirty work.  I  filed the objection immediately.  Judge Banales then lost the election and abandoned his duties.  Judge Olvera was forced to clean up Judge Banales' mess.

In the process of cleaning up the mess I am certain as the day is long he failed to remember he had already removed himself from the case.  I am certain there was no intentional act of bypassing the rule of acting as a judge in case wherein he already removed himself.  To a person lawyers will tell you Judge Olvera is 100% by the book.  he is well liked among the lawyers who like by the book judges. 

 This was the problem today with Judge Murray proceeding.  Judge Rolando Olvera appointed Judge Murray - Judge Murray agreed that this is an issue for the Chief Justice of the Texas Supreme Court.  Once Judge Olvera removed himself from the case he cannot then sign orders related to the case.   Now there is a quirk in the matter - which is why Judge Menton Murray on his own motion decided to ask the Chief Justice for advice on the issue.

But again as Judge Murray noted there is no case - so why did the Herald ask for a hearing?  This is any one's guess.  I  suspect they are unhappy they cannot win in bankruptcy court so they are looking for a judge in Texas to rule in their favor.  Every judge knows that if a state judge issues a ruling in a case which is before a bankruptcy judge, the state court judge's ruling is void.

So facts matter - Rick Zayas was in court as a witness and nothing more.  They took out the ad against both of us - they joined us together - we have a right to defend ourselves.  It is typical of this pathological liar to not tell his readers the truth and to lie.  This time he did it at the insistence of Ben Neece and we have witnesses.


John Brussian threatened Rick Zayas.  This is not acceptable.  We were outside and this lying sack of shit told me the judge said I should not leave.  I checked with the court and Menton Murray had left the building and Judge Olvera was not even in the building today.

We were talking about the lie concerning Judge Hanen finding evidence of contract rigging - and this sack of shit lawyer basically denies it is a lie - so I said well maybe Mr. Zayas will be the next person to sue because he is the one the lie was told about.  Brussian in a very angry voice looked Rick in the face and then said we will come after you next.  This is threatening a witness and a  crime.  I will do a grand jury referral.  He then said at least twice but maybe three times to Rick if you continue to work with him, meaning me, they would come after him next.   I am not sure what Rick heard or did not hear because at that point Brussian was being so belligerent and abusive the yelling engulfed the entire discussion.  I really thought I was going to have to stand in between the two of them.

This is unacceptable - you have these thugs embarrassing Judge Menton Murray one of the most respected jurists in the area, and then threatening a witness.  They got caught lying about the bankruptcy and now find themselves having to defend the lies in bankruptcy court so rather than admit to their mistakes, they threatened to seek advisory opinions over non-existent lawsuits, threatened witnesses, lied about a bankruptcy and dishonored a respected jurist,.

Judge Murray made clear on the record there was no lawsuit over which to preside and that he made a mistake in setting the matter.  On the record I took him at his word.  Multiple lawyers I consulted with told me a mistake is the only possible explanation for what Judge Murray did in setting the matter over a non-existent lawsuit.  The case is over with unless the Herald chooses to continue - then they will have to deal with an abuse of process lawsuit.



I  was asked to investigate claims that Luci's son Eddie Leandro was hired in the nutrition department although he was not qualified.  I have verified through numerous sources Hector Gonzales ordered him hired over the objections of the selection committee.  Sound familiar?  I asked Rick today if he knew anything about it and you know what he told me - he told me not to do the story because Eddie turned out to be an asset to BISD.  That is the difference between honorable and being a piss-ant - you paying attention Luci - and I am only telling this story because of the lies of your mouth piece Montoya.  But I want to be clear - Rick was insistent I not run the story because Eddie has turned out to be a great asset to BISD. 


Sorry, but taking day off. I am going to try and get into the doctor to get permission to go back to 50,000 IU of vitamin D a week with 5,000 additional units a day. When I was on this dosage the double vision, light headiness, eye pressure, and bleeding were all under control. The hot flashes are going to require at least another three weeks - more or less. I've been told not to expect any relief until after the third testosterone injection. Then there is the killer fatigue- yesterday was all day in bed with double vision, dizziness, light headiness, fatigue, hot flashes. the fatigue may begin to go away after the 3rd injection. It is amazing to me that I am going on two years with everything getting worse and the VA is still thinking about what to do.

I am also hoping that later next week after my back surgery I will get some relief. We shall see.


I do not care which side of this BISD mess you are on, if you want the people to know the truth you need to tell them to watch on Tuesday next. I will have two posts in preparation for the meeting. One will be where I do the blow by blow and the second will be where you click to watch. I thought about not doing the blow by blow because everyone will be able to watch, but sometimes things need to be explained. I am told BISD employees and watchers at the meeting read my blow by blow as they themselves are watching it live at BISD. We shall see how it goes.


You need to email everyone you know and tell them to tune in to the BV Tuesday at 5:30 for the live show. What ever the facts are, are the facts. If Colunga has the facts to justify a Chinese wall around Presas-Garcia and the board does not agree to his request all of Brownsville will know. Those who vote against it will be held accountable for their vote. If he does not have the evidence or argument, then he will look petty

If Presas-Garcia has the evidence to justify the removal of Springston all of Brownsville will know she was justified in her actions. If she does not have it then all of Brownsville will know she is being vindictive and is not fit to be board president.

If Peña has a basis to remove Presas-Garcia as board president then all of Brownsville will see the evidence. If the board refuses to remove her on the evidence then the people will know which board members support the incompetence. If Peña does not have the evidence then the community will be asking if she is playing dirty politics.


You must email everyone you know to tune in to the BV on Tuesday for the truth, what ever it may be. I would think everyone on both sides of the discussion would want a maximum viewing so that everyone can see they are the ones telling the truth.

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Watch live video from cjdavis's channel on

For next Tuesday, March 1st, the BISD Trustee meeting will be streamed over the internet at two places:


 and at

Right now it is in test run - it will not run 24/7 but will be available on days when there are board meetings. 

The thank you goes to Chris Davis at Cafe Brownsville - He paid for the program and did all of the work.  You can send him a thanks by logging on to



ITEM 13 - Build a Chinese Wall around Presas-Garcia for all matters related to Healthsmart. Let's see if Escobedo, Longoria and Saavedra publicly defend her on this issue.

ITEMS 23-24  Removal and Replacement of Springston -

ITEM 37  Removal of Presas-Garcia as Board President

13. Discussion, consideration and possible action to keep Board Member Catalina Presas-Garcia from participating in any discussion, settlement negotiations, strategy decisions and/or voting with regard to the pending litigation with HealthSmart and/or Ted Parker because of the obvious conflict of interest wherein they share the same attorney. (Board Member Request – JC)
23. Discussion regarding the employment status and possible investigation of the Superintendent, including, but not limited to, placing Superintendent on administrative leave. (Board Member Request)

24. Discussion regarding the possible appointment of an Interim Superintendent. (Board Member Request)
37. Board Evaluation and discussion, with possible action, on Board President Reorganization. (Board Member Request-MP)


Apparently the rumors of Escobedo agreeing to remove Presas-Garcia as board president must be true, at least according to Montoya. Again he is on the attack against Escobedo. Funny, he only mentions Escobedo being involved in the approval of the bond package when Presas-Garcia is in trouble. I would much prefer Aguilar return as board president, but Escobedo may be the only option.

Now here is reality - the BV posts documents - Montoya posts his endless lies without an ounce of documentation. Where is this affidavit signed by the person paid to attend the protests? Now to be fair - I am jaded - if I see protesters I assume they are being paid - it is Brownsville - sorry guys - but paid protesters are pretty much a given in Brownsville - but still where is the evidence in this case. Further this claim is from the man who defended Ernie Hernandes who used politiqueras to steal an election. Witness after witness testified the politiquera took their ballot and left their home.  Where was his indignation on that issue?  Oh yea, Ernie was advertising with him. 


Cortes did not tell anyone the cost of the bonds was zero - he told the truth as it existed in October 2010 - about $7 million - by Montoya's  own admission letters were going back and forth for months and things were very fluid.

Reality - Montoya point blank lies when he says Presas-Garcia, Longoria and Saavedra tried to warn the people on December 7th. Point blank lie. Presas-Garcia in meetings was repeatedly told about the possible problems with the IFA bonds - she never mentioned it in the December 7th hearing - why? She is an ignorant fool so poorly educated she could not understand what was being told to her. If she had the IQ of an idiot she would have understood and then made the argument on December 7th.  Instead she came up with pathetic excuses why overcrowding should not be addressed and BISD did not need the classrooms and space.  If she were competent she would have discussed the confusion over the IFA money - something she never mentioned although fully briefed on the issue.

There are only two explanations for why Presas-Garcia did not raise the issue on December 7th - she intentionally mislead the people or she was too stupid to understand what she was being told. Why are they protecting her? - she knew about the problem and did nothing - This act as board president by itself is a basis for her removal.

Now if you follow the letters - Crockett in March told BISD things could change if the rules changed - the TEA has admitted that the rules did not change - in fact in the letter received after the bonds were issued the TEA said although the rules had not changed they are about to change and they will be enforced retroactively. Even a moron knows this is illegal.

Montoya point blank lies when he suggests the rules changed before December 7th and Springston and Fuller mislead the board - just point blank lie - the letter from the TEA clearly states that as of December 7th there was no rule change and that the problem relates to a decision to change the rules after the fact.  The law is on BISD's side - but we cannot expect Montoya or Presas-Garcia to understand that under federal law you cannot change the terms of the bonds after the fact.  Rather than unite to defend BISD and protect the taxpayers Presas-Garcia, Longoria and Saavedra voted to expose BISD to $19 million in debt and then Montoya attacked Escobedo for not voting to expose BISD to $19 million in bond debt. 

This is why Montoya does not post the letters - the letters tell the truth and does not serve Ted Parker and Pat Lehmann's agendas.

Now today I was going to post - no post I am tired. My blood pressure is through the ceiling - I do not recommend the coca tea to people with high blood pressure but I had to do it yesterday and it sent my blood pressure to 200/98. I have been bleeding for three days - but think it is from the vitamin D deficiency. I have to wait until May to see if the VA will raise the dosage back to where it was when I had the bleeding under control. Anyway I am tired. I am suppose to be in bed - but some unfortunate events have me out of bed doing some work.

BV will post on Friday - obviously the board agenda will be a killer - so the BV will post on that - the rumors range from Presas-Garcia resigning because of an FBI target letter to Escobedo leading the charge to remove Springston - the latter I am certain is a lie - Escobedo knows if Springston is removed the TEA takes control and he loses any hopes of controlling the contracts. As to the former - I do know for a fact the FBI is all over the collusion issue and alleged interference by Ted Parker, so maybe the target letter is real - or is in the mail. But it is all rumors.

UNTIL PRESAS-GARCIA tells us why she failed to warn the people about the IFA money she is a con-artist.  She cannot deny she was kept informed and knew about the problem long before December 7th.  Why does this hag blame Springston for her conspiracy to hide this information from the people?  Answer - maybe she is just too stupid to have understood what she was being told - if this is the case she is not qualified to be on the board.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011


There appears to be confusion over BISD's insurance - ACE  Scholastic Advantage - Educators Legal Liability Policy.  - This is the policy covering Presas-Garcia's defense.  The deductible which BISD must pay is $50,000, with a maximum coverage of $1 million.

ACE has raised a question as to whether or not coverage even exists.

Texas Education Code in chapter 11 Sec. 11.051. GOVERNANCE OF INDEPENDENT SCHOOL DISTRICT; NUMBER OF TRUSTEES. (a) An independent school district is governed by a board of trustees who, as a body corporate, shall:(1) oversee the management of the district; and(2) ensure that the superintendent implements and monitors plans, procedures, programs, and systems to achieve appropriate, clearly defined, and desired results in the major areas of district operations.(a-1) Unless authorized by the board, a member of the board may not, individually, act on behalf of the board.

There is a lot of speculation going around Presas-Garcia received bad news from ACE concerning the insurance coverage for her defense. The above section raises an interesting question - as a matter of law was she not acting as a Trustee? She acted alone - not as a trustee therefor no coverage.

I would be dishonest to say it is so simple - but I see the argument. We do not want rogue trustees, but we also do not want majorities covering up corruption - I am on the fence on this one.

There is no way of knowing if the multiple claims I have received are true.  The claim is Presas-Garcia has called and emailed many people complaining about bad news she received from ACE.


As is always the case with Presas-Garcia's convicted friends, the con-artist and drunk, if they speak they lie.  For sure I can say that BISD, such as many school districts, had their applications denied for the funding over the last two years.  The key here is the last two years.  This means the first time it was denied, it was denied under Gonzales.  Let me explain - once a school district enters the program the most common reason an application is later denied is compliance problems which occur the previous year before it was denied.  That would put us squarely back with Gonzales.

In 2007, BISD's application was denied under Gonzales because under Gonzales BISD failed to meet the requirements of the Technology Plan.  The FCC had to enter an order waiving compliance so that BISD could receive funding.  What did Gonzales do wrong?  Why are they protecting Gonzales?  Could it have something to do with the attempts by Lehmann to change the vendor?  We shall see.

Presas-Garcia knows what is in the letters in terms of the reasons for denying the applications.  She either failed to turn the letters over to her convict friends or they choose to not publish them.  Today when I go out, assuming I can get a ride, I will do an open records request for the letters.  Letters stating the reasons end the speculation and deception.


Again as is aways the case with the convict friends of Presas-Garcia, we are told half a story.  What does the letter say as to the reason why the request was denied?  How do we measure the legitimacy of the denial if we do not know the reason.  I will do an open records request today for the letter which states the reasons why the request for the bond documents were denied.  Then we can form an opinion of whether or not the denial was made in good faith or bad faith.  I can not say one way or the other. What we do know is, Presas-Garcia has every document they are requesting.  What we see here is a con-artist and his double standards.

When Thompson and Horton were selected counsel he praised them as the second coming and most qualified law firm in education in the history of humanity - now that they will not play by his rules they are in a conspiracy with former BISD Board Members to cover-up the truth.  Delusional is the word I am looking for.

I will also do an open records request for all letters, emails and memos received by Escobedo, Presas-Garcia, Longoria, and Saavedra related to how the bonds would be paid.  It is time we find out for sure what they knew and when they knew it.  I will post the results of my request so people can read what they knew and when they knew it.

I am going to help them on part of their requests.  Authority for the Public Facility Corporation.  Its a law - not some made up conspiracy by former board members.

Any one can google Public Facility Corporation, Texas and see school districts all of Texas have formed the same corporations.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011


J you are on to something - email me - I cannot find your email and I need your help in the research

Bobby WC


BISD is claiming they called the parents. I am speaking to a parent as I type - she is calling BISD liar. Apparently, a child other than the one I am helping threw a tray of mash potatoes in the face of the coach. But I am also being told she did it after the coach grabbed the child I am trying to help.

I will be clear - BISD must have a zero tolerance for students assaulting teachers or staff or teachers or staff assaulting students. there will never be an excuse for a student throwing anything at a teacher or staff unless it is clearly in self defense.

I just wanted to update my readers. It is important for me that people know my issue is not the coach - I want my readers to know I have confirmation from BISD and a parent about the throwing incident so I feel safe in saving it happened. I am not defending the coach - I am just trying to make sure people know what was done to him by one of the students.


This is a correction, Dr. Saavedra worked with Atkinson at Santa Rosa.

"Dr. Saavedra was with BISD then was the principal at St Lukes for 9 years. After that she went to Santa Rosa (where Dr. Atkinson was Supt). She left there and went to progresso for less than a year. She now is a classroom teacher at Incarnate Word Academy. This can be verified by googling her name.

By Anonymous on PICTURES SPEAK THE TRUTH When I left reporters w... at 2:43 PM


A lot of my readers are upset that since the change to digital they can no longer watch the BISD meetings. All I know is I have a digital tv and box in my livingroom so I can watch the meetings.

In Brett Springston's 2 years as first interim and now super he has only once responded to my emails. Then he failed to follow-up on the meeting he proposed.

As of late I asked that he have his media people compile a press releaSe which explains what people need to do to get access to BISD's station. Is it an option with Dish or Direct. Is the problem a digital tv - I have no idea what the answer is - but no answer or response from BISD.

I do not care what side you are on in this discussion - Brownsville needs to watch the meeting on March 1 and decide for themselves. What ever evidence and not mere accusations come out the people need to see it.

So, does anyone know the answer to my question. Is there a way for people to access the coverage directly from their computer.

Again - it is in everyone's best interest that we get Brownsville to watch. If the evidence is clear and convincing then Brownsville will stand with the  decision to suspend Springston - but the key is giving them access to the live coverage.


Side note some things are just too funny: :  Mchale a teacher in BISD has declared Springston has the solid support of the teachers and principals.  Presas-Garcia orders her convicted felon mouth piece to post claims Springston's supporters are being paid by Rick Zayas to support Springston - who do we believe a convicted felon who lives in Dallas or a BISD teacher?  My long term readers remember when this convicted felon claimed his partner in his bogus civil rights organization filed criminal charges against me in Dallas, although Jose Galvez lives in Farmer's Branch and I live in Brownsville, Jose Galvez was so mad about this felon's endless lies he filed formal paperwork in Dallas County abandoning any possible link to the convicted felon.  Presas-Garcia, and her convicted felon bought and paid for by Ted Parker of Healthsmart are convinced that all the teachers reading this will believe they are imagining their support for Brett Springston and realize their opinions are really based on these magical payments to them by Rick Zayas.  Can there be any doubt Presas-Garcia has gone down a path of no return in terms of being able to face reality.

Oh, oh, oh, now I understand - the BV is like Stewie on Family Guy - I have a ray gun which points at my readers through the screen to make them believe they like Brett Springston when in fact they all really worship at the feet of Presas-Garcia - "I loooove my ray gun."


The above ad shows that Ruben Cortez told the people of Brownsville the bond money was not free. In October the estimates were about $7 million. But yet Presas-Garcia, Longoria, Saavedra, and Escobedo continue to lie and tell people Zayas and Cortez are the ones who told people the costs was zero. They were not even on the board on December 7, 2010. If you click on the ad twice it will enlarge so you can read item 5. The facts will show all of the board members knew there was ongoing back and forth discussions on the cost to the district. Presas-Garcia did not raise it on December 7th, although she was told about it, because like Longoria she is simply too ignorant to have understood.

The only current or past board member with a financial interest in the bond money is Enrique Escobedo. According to one of the corrupt 4's own con men Escobedo voted in favor of the bond money in expectations of moving some of the construction money into his brother’s business. Even at this moment these con-artist continue to claim Cortez told the people the cost was zero. They actually believe the people are too stupid to read the reality in the ads.

On Tuesday last Escobedo had his three hags come up with bogus reasons why a security contract should not be approved. His brother came in 5th on the bid and he did not get the contract. The hags did his bidding and then he moved to table the approval of the contract. This was an illegal motion. He was conflicted out which is why he abstained on the vote. The Herald called this not newsworthy.

They claim Brett Springston covered up the criminal conduct of Joe Rod. For argument sakes only let’s say there was something to report to law enforcement,  it was not Brett Springston’s job to report it - he gave it to his boss then Superintendent Hector Gonzales and Hector Gonzales wrote Joe Rod a letter absolving him of wrongdoing. Why do they lie and blame Springston when it fact it was Hector Gonzales who made the decision of no wrongdoing? Why do they cover for Gonzales? Why are the corrupt 4 trying to negotiate a financial settlement for Gonzales?

Here is the BV’s story with supporting documents - namely Hector Gonzales’ letter.

Judge Ben Neece is under investigation by the Commission on Judicial Conduct for abuse of his office during the BISD campaign.  According to the Herald not newsworthy.

More on Ben Neece



Ted Parker of Healhsmart and Healthsmart had to pay the City of Lubbock $850,000 in attorneys for filing a frivolous lawsuit against elected officials in Lubbock after Lubbock cancelled its contract with Healthsmart.  Ted Parker threatened to do the same to Brownville.  He did not.  His attorney is John Barr - the same John Barr Presas-Garcia asked BISD pay to represent her in the lawsuit filed agsinst her by Joe Rod.

The Herald has declared as not newsworthy the $850,000 paid by Ted Parker to Lubbock

Why? - Because BISD is suing Healthsmart for the same reasons and the Herald does not seem to be happy with the lawsuit.  How can the same lawyer who has represented Healthsmart now represent Presas-Garcia - she claims no collusion.  The people of Brownsville know better.  the Herald has declared as not newsworthy that Presas-Garcia put on the agenda the dismissal of the $15 million dollar lawsuit against Healthsmart.  the records also show Enrique Escobedo took money from Ted Parker before voting to keep healhsmart over the objections of two independent insurance consultants and the BISD Administration.

The Herald has declared not newsworthy the same convicted felon Ted Parker sent to Lubbock to disrupt their elections he sent to Brownsville to work with Escobedo, Presas-Garcia, Longoria and Saavedra.  The Texas Ethics Commission sanctioned Ted Parkers candidate for concealing donations from Ted Parker.  The Herald says none of this is newsworthy.

The Brownsville Herald has been complicit in the cover-up because Danial Cavasos has a personal dislike for Rick Zayas - this is not journalism - it is school yard bullying at the expense of the taxpayer.

You  now know why they want to get rid of Brett Springston - he will not get behind the contract rigging and pay offs so he must go.



(956) 982-6660


There is no need to say anything else - I can just see it now someone getting mad and sending a threatening message - do not do it - just type "resign" or "shame"

Monday, February 21, 2011


Thank you - I cannot believe I gained 1001 new readers in one week - welcome all - It all started last Tuesday when ther readership went  through the ceiling - I did not think I could possibly gain another 1000 readers after last Tuesday's explosion - this is amazing

Everyone's ideas are welcome - no story has a sacred cow - I just have no use for conclusory allegations without facts or a source for the facts - guide me in the investigation and your story will see the light on the BV. And yes sometimes I may get an incident fact wrong, but the BV will correct it upon verification.

Guys the email campaign is working - just keep on emailing the BV to your friends - 5 a day

yes the post is corny - but for a blogger to gain over 1000 new readers in a week is extraordinary - especially after a huge mega increase well over a 1000 in one day last Tuesday



Most of today between endless naps has been trying to organize my desk. I just checked my numbers - just a hand full more and I will have added a thousand readers since last Tuesday which was a record breaking day. Come on guys - just a few - email me around   Not even the Herald can gain a 1000 new readers in one week.

Guys, I give you my word - you give me any evidence of wrongdoing by any elected official and I will do the story - no sacred cows - period - Brownsville can move forward with truth and the voice of the people - you are the Brownsville Voice, not me

Thanks for the support

Bobby WC



Presas-Garcia cannot avoid the reality Escobedo humilated her today by causing her imaginary majority to collapse. Not even Longoria or Saavedra were willing to stand with her at the meeting so she had to cancel it.


At 5:22 p.m. the BV hit a new record high in readership. There have been more readers so far today than Tuesday last which was the day the BV hit a record I never would have predicted in a 1000 years. Guys you need to just keep emailing my blog around and we can get to the truth.
To my new readers - the BV has broken stories of corruption outside of BISD. The rule is simple - the truth matters. If you have proof of wrongdoing by any public official tell the BV - if I can verify it I will print it - there are no sacred cows.

It is funny to me how many people who support Brett come at me for not openly supporting him and my saying he was all too willing to play dirty politics with Escobedo. I call it as I see it. While for now I want him to continue, what I think is best is he be allowed to leave under good terms - but he needs to leave - especially if we can have Presas-Garcia removed from the board. This will allow for a new board which hopefully this time will do a national search.  I do not want him to leave unless he already has another job.  He just needs to start looking

On balance I think Brett has served the community well - he can move on knowing he has already given BISD two good years as the interim and actual super. In academics BISD is moving in the right direction. But he is too tied to allegations of wrong doing by the past and current board. It is time Brett - start looking elsewhere - Brett you  can show how you helped BISD win the NCEA award - you can show the strong improvement in BISD over the last two years - why stay and be the center of the mess - you served - you did well - move on under your terms before the district explodes - but mind you the community sooner than later will learn the truth about the corrupt 4.

Finally Brett, take this lesson to the TEA and demand they reform the Board process. It is BS teh super has to worry about retaliation  for every personnel move they make.  This hinders excellence.  I believe in my heart had you not had to get in bed with Escobedo to get his vote to be super things would have been different.  Your hands were tied to the filthy politics.  Good supers in Texas are forced into bad decisions in order to just survive.  Make a difference Brett and tell your story - be the super who changed it for the better for all supers and all children.  Brett with scum like Escobedo - you never had a fighting chance.