Friday, January 21, 2011


On the video draw the arrow to 1:26 - this is where Patrick Hammes comments begin.

He told the truth - so he must be destroyed.

Attacking the representative of 4000 unionized teachers speaks to the level of desperation of the corrupt 4. Escobedo, Presas-Garcia, Longoria and Saavedra have made known it is acceptable to attack Patrick Hammes for speaking the truth. The 4000 unionized teachers need to send the corrupt 4 a message they will no longer tolerate the conduct of their publicists, the con-man convict Quintanilla, the convicted drunk Montoya, or the promoter of pornography, and racist homophobe.

So what did Patrick say? He noted that the money lost on the Looney deal and $70,000 increase in the budget for Trustees to travel is enough money to pay for two teachers. Do we all remember the pathological liar Escobedo complaining that too much money was being spend by Cortez on travel - and what does he do? - he increased the budget by $70,000

The unforgiveable statement made by Patrick was noting the fraud by Healthsmart. Quintanilla cannot deny he is a hired gun for Ted Parker of Healthsmart. This was proven in Lubbock.

I want to know the name of any teacher willing to admit they find anything said by Quintanilla or Montoya to be truthful. I then want to see your teaching credentials. You cannot be mentally competent. These two are nothing more than con-men doing the bidding of the ultimate con-man - Pat Lehmann and his bully wife, unless of course Lehmann forged her signature and then she too is a victim.


Anonymous said...

Thank you Mr. Bobby for placing the board meeting on your blog so that we may hear our illustrious board members consistently speak Spanish between themselves, and make comments like "Hijo de su...."
This sure does say much about the quality of board members that we now have surving. It is a sad day when each cluster principal is forced to present their gifts and tokens to the board members, when most of them seriously are speaking with a forked-tongue! I appreciate the blog for providing this for us since both the City and the school district have decided that they will no longer be transparent!

Anonymous said...

So much for transparency!!!

Anonymous said...

It is true that many of the principals are forced to recognize these board members who have done nothing more than shame the district. I heard many of them talking about it at the board meeting. Many were saying that they really wanted to tell them "why don't you get it together or resign!"

Anonymous said...

That should be said to our illustrious Super.

BobbyWC said...

I agree 100% - Springston and the entire Board - time to go - not a leader in any of them

Bobby WC