Friday, January 7, 2011


People have been asking me why I have been so hard on Tony Martinez while ignoring Mike Garza on the BISD issue? This is a fair and important question. Tony is an attorney and can clearly see what is happening is wrong - from a legal point of view. Gary does not have the legal training to know what is happening is legally wrong. However, if he lacks the moral compass to know what is wrong, he is not then qualified to be mayor, Also Tony through his law firm has the ability to sue and stop the abuses.

My investigation of both Tony Martinez and Gary Garza in terms of their business practices is, they are both good businessmen with no real history of unethical conduct.  They are basically two men who have made an honest living in Brownsville.  But this does not make you qualified to be mayor.

The mayor should have as their number one issue  - jobs.  The other commissioners can take the lead on the other issues which are strictly local - but jobs are not local - it is about a community's conduct and reputation.

TSC should be a big issue in the election - but it will not be.  New factories are popping up all over the U.S. with the advent of robotics.  I am proud to say I bought two products from Little Tikes which were made in the U.S. with 100% U.S. made plastic - robotics.

TSC does not have training in robotics use.  This is the purpose of a community college.  TSC should be taking the lead in job training based on new technology trends.  The problem is TSC exists in name only and in fact Brownsville has no community college.  This simple fact will make it harder for Brownsville to attract new manufacturing jobs.

BISD is a complete joke - it has gone from a Board which never cared for the children or people to pure Bedlam and corruption.  Prospective employers can look to BISD and TSC and firmly conclude Brownsville is not serious about doing what needs to get done to create jobs. 

Look at the runway issue - even after possibly losing the Boeing contract over the runway, our esteemed city commission could not fix the problem.  The best we can hope for at this  time is, 10 years after Larry Brown first promised a new runway we may get one - but no guarantee.

For me Pat Almighty is not an issue in the mayoral election - well unless Garza and Martinez split the vote in a way which favors Ahumada.  This is possible.

There is no need to get into the personal lives of the candidates - if they do not see the important role BISD and TSC play in creating jobs, then we should vote against them on this issue. 

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Thank you for reporting all the facts.