Monday, January 10, 2011


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Presas-Garcia has instructed her convicted felon con man, Carlos Quintanilla, who is running from judgments all over Dallas related to money he conned out of unsuspecting investors to threaten all teachers and administrators who appeared at the last meeting to try and defend Looney.

This is unconscionable.  If your union reps fail to appear and demand her removal then the teachers should demand the removal of their union reps.

I am tired of people saying they want to fight, and then do nothing.  Here is my offer - by Tuesday morning I will have the lawsuit ready.  I will donate $1,000.00 to any group willing to take the lead.  They must have an attorney and plaintiff ready to move forward.  I will donate all of the paralegal work.

I am not Carlos Quintanilla asking the poorest people in the county to bail me out of jail - he actually did that in Dallas and they did.  I am not Carlos Quintanilla begging for people to give him money so he can defend himself from lawsuits.  Yea he did that when Zayas and Cortez sued him.  I am not Carlos Quintanilla running from judgments as a result of conning people out of their money so he can pay his bills.

My money is on the table - it is now up to the teachers or community  to organize. It is best to have this filed by Tuesday morning so we can have them served at the Board Meeting on Tuesday.

I have no use for corruption - if anyone has any evidence to support any of the claims they are making against Aguilar, Colunga or Pena, I will post the evidence.  they do not have it - all they have is lies.

Federal Judge Hanen ruled Juarez presented no evidence of kick backs in the insurance contracts - but yet they continue to argue the evidence is there. 

People, Presas-Garcia is on the edge - if the people show Tuesday and demand accountability she will fall apart on TV.  I will repost on Tuesday morning the Brownsville Housing Authority documents with the million dollar pay off to Escobedo's brother.   If just one person stands there and shakes the documents at Escobedo and demand an explanation as to why he now wants to use $250,000 of taxpayer money to pay off Rendon and Juarez for the million dollar  contract to his brother, Presas-Garcia will go nuts on camera.

The reality is, Colunga, Pena, and Aguilar need to open the meeting by shaking the documents in his face and demand he immediately agree to abstain from all votes on the matter.

They need to demand he abstain from all votes related to Healthsmart inasmuch as he has taken money from Ted Parker.

If the teachers' unions and teachers are not willing to take the lead on Tuesday night then they deserve to lose their jobs, they deserve no pay raises, they deserve over crowding in the classroom.

Guys- have you noticed the corrupt 4 have not put one thing on the agenda for the children - it is all retaliation.  They opposed better classrooms for our children and teachers, and tried to vote down the  chess club being allowed to travel. 

Why does Saavedra support Longoria, Presas-Garcia, and Escobedo's desire to waste taxpayer money to settle a personal score against Looney and as a thank-you to the felon and con-artist Carlos Quintanilla, than use the money to hire the people necessary to get caught up on testing special needs children?  What kind of sick minds use taxpayer money as a payback to a conman felon over the needs of special needs children?  Saavedra and company, that's who.   Not only have they not done anything for the children, they are redirecting money needed by the children for payoffs to conman felons.

Finally, if Aguilar, Colunga and Pena fail to call them out on Tuesday night as I have suggested then they should resign,.  I can promise them if they force the teachers to take the lead and the teachers do take the lead there will be a call for Aguilar, Pena, and Colunga to resign immediately. There will be accountability in 2012

I have been calling for a Chinese Wall around Escobedo on the Juarez and Rendon matter since before the election.  Because Aguilar, Pena and Colunga have refused to do their job and put it on the agenda Escobedo has been able to continue passing on information to Juarez and Rendon to the detriment of the BISD taxpayers.  In my view this type willful neglect on Aguilar, Pena, and Colunga's part  merits their removal.  Had Rick Zayas and Ruben Cortez done this before the election as I suggested they would still be on the board.

On Tuesday I will repost the picture of Lehmann, Escobedo, and conman convict Carlos Quintanilla.  It needs to be waived at the board on Tuesday night.  Remember it was Lehman, Juarez and Rendon who gave Jaime Escobedo the million dollar contract.


I am doing my best in dealing with the incompetence at the VA in Harlingen - I am very  close to being done with them.  In May or early June a specialist became concerned that the combination of normal calcium but deficient vitamin D indicated a benign tumor on the parathyroid.  It is a 15 minute surgery to correct.  The concern became real when I failed to respond to the treatment.

I was able to get the VA to do the blood test in June.  The lab techs improperly stored the blood thereby making the test impossible.  I went to the lab and told them what happened and I was basically told they do not correct their mistakes.  She was rude and indignant that I would even suggest she made a mistake.  Well according to the outside lab she did.

I repeatedly filed complaints through the proper channels and nothing. I am simply ignored.  Last week another specialist made the same observations and ordered a ton of blood work and other type lab work.  The specialist is outside the VA.  I hand delivered her requests to the VA Harlingen as provided for under the rules.  That was Wednesday - as of Friday no one knows what happened to it.

I am so done - they will confirm for me by noon that they have everything ready to go for me.  If they do not I will go back to the specialist and ask that she rewrite her lab requests and then I will go to Valley Baptist and pay the $5,000.00 cash for the tests.  I will then sue the VA in Washington to get my money back if the VA refuses to reimburse me.

Until every top administrator at the VA Harlingen is fired veterans will be denied quality care. 

Part of my point here is, I will help all I can on the removal action, money, donated services - but the teachers need to take the lead.  I have to stay on this VA nightmare until I get treatment - as far as I can tell that will not happen without a court order.  

I am sitting here at my desk with a breeze coming in from the back door - it is 55 outside - I have the air running and I feel like I am in an oven.  The hot flashes are so real - ladies you have 110% of my sympathy.  The VA has forced me to take control of my own situation.  It is just not the fatigue, and hot flashes - it is the now documented evidence this is having on my overall health including the cardiovascular system and again being prediabetic.  My last two hour glucose was 155 - the VA says not their problem. Imagine all the vets who do not know how to fight and pay attention to whether or not the lab work is coming back - they are dying and the VA Harlingen does not give a crap.

When the MRI acme back with a empty sella no one at the VA did crap.  I found the result by accident and had to force action.  The VA does not notify the doctors when a test result shows a concern.  Even then I had to complaint all the way to Washington DC to get the quack who runs the endocrinology clinic in San Antonio to respond to the referral sent in by my doctor.  Veterans are dying and the VA does not give a crap - oh where is Presas-Garcia on my work for veterans - she attacks me  for it -

Why does Presas-Garcia hates veterans - becaused they actually served with honor, something which eludes her.

UPDATE:   I just go off the phone with the VA - the person who was assigned to input the requests for lab work chose not to do his/her job.  This is standard at VA Harlingen.  The administrative side will not fix the problems.  They considere the veterans to be an inconveniece of their job.


Anonymous said...

Quit being a cry baby, pay your own. I'm a vet and because of income I'm not eligible for services, what's your beef. Get off thedole and pay.

BobbyWC said...

So what you are saying is, veterans should just put up with malpractice - now there is an argument.

Not that reality matters to you, but for years I carried my own insurance. The insurance companies started to use past medical history to deny coverage. Because numerous insurance companies put in writing they would not give me coverage with a history of UC, the VA gave me coverage. I otherwise would not have qualified for coverage because of income.

The UC occurred while in the milirary - the law entitles me to coverage - coverage I never accepted until he insurance companies turned me away.

Bobby WC