Monday, January 24, 2011


Carlos Quintanilla's partner in Accion America is claiming he has turned over to the Dallas Police the following letter I sent him to notify him he has been sued in Cameron County and that if he is a victim to please let us know.

By going to the Dallas police he has only given me an additional cause of action.

Here is the letter:

Jose Galvez
Accion America
2661 Danny Lane
Farmers Branch, Texas 75234

Re: Wightman-Cervantes v. Jose Galvez dba Accion America

Currently pending in Brownsville, Texas is Zayas and Cortez vs Accion America

Dear Mt. Galvez:

Dallas County records show you and Carlos Quintanilla are the co-owners for Accion America. The records show a second filing was done also naming Margarita Lara. I spoke with the county attorney and was told the second filing may have been illegal because no withdrawal was ever filed as to the first. Legally this means you are still an owner of Accion America.

You have already been sued in Cameron County. You can contact Rick Zayas at

Zayas & Hernandez, P.C.
3100 E. 14th St.
Brownsville, Texas 78521

Unless you take appropriate action which may include filing criminal charges against Quintanilla if he changed the DBA without your approval you can be held accountable for the judgment which issues. And as I am sure you know, he has left numerous people without a remedy after a judgment issues against him.

If you are a victim you need to let us know. If you are a victim of Mr. Quintanilla you need to hire an attorney to correct the mess with the DBA. You cannot say you are a victim and not take action.

In two weeks if I have not heard from you I will initiate a Discovery lawsuit against Accion America. I will be seeking your deposition. It is certainly in your best interest to cooperate without a deposition. It is your choice.
You are the only one who knows the truth. You can voluntarily cooperate or answer the same questions in a deposition. But be advised if a judgment issues in Cameron County you could find yourself facing execution on that judgment in the case already filed by Rick Zayas and Ruben Cortez.

Bobby Wightman-Cervantes

The DBA shows it to be a "General Partnership" This makes Jose Galvez equally liable. Now here is the kicker Mr. Galvez - filing a false police report to cover-up perjury just may be a crime.

Here is the problem - in 2010 Quintanilla testified as follows:

“25 Q. All right. And they're all sole -- I'm sorry. Go
page 26

1 ahead.
2 A. And Accion America the d/b/a, also.
3 Q. Okay. And all of these -- thank you. And all of
4 these are sole proprietorships owned by you, sir?
5 A. That's correct.
6 Q. All right. Are there -- do you have any other
7 partners? And when I mean partners, I mean people that
8 either participate with making decisions for these d/b/a's
9 and/or provide monies to these d/b/a's?
10 A. Could you repeat the question?
11 Q. Yeah. Do you have -- is it just Carlos
12 Quintanilla or do you have partners in this -- in these
13 endeavors of all these d/b/a's?
14 A. No. It's just Carlos Quintanilla.”
No Just Carlos Quintanilla - but yet the DBA shows a General Partnership with Jose Galvez - Don’t worry Carlito Villalobos will not prosecute.


Anonymous said...

Dallas County has an existing records filing contradicting sworn testimony. An open and shut case of perjury. A person who lies under oath will lie only in one other instance....when they are AWAKE !!

Anonymous said...

Hopefully some one can put this thing CARLOS QUINTANILLA in his place. I dont understand how he has gotten away frm the law for so many frauds he has commited. Someone should go out to the community this guy says he fights for that way they can see and count how many people he has actually stolen from. Thats all thos man does lie cheat and steel and than scares people not to take action. WHAT GOES AROUND MUST COME AROUND