Saturday, January 22, 2011


I am not sure what this cartoon means in terms of this post, but it was just too funny to not post.

I live in Camarillo's district. I am not announcing. I am just asking a question. I can say this, if Tony Zavaleta is our only choice, then all of the progress made in Camarillo's district will be lost. You are delusional if you think he is going to be a proactive commissioner in the district. And that my dears is exactly the job of a commissioner who represents a specific area.

Who actually believes he will be out there picking up trash or cleaning graffiti? Someone needs to run if this district is to continue to have a real advocate for the district.


Bring me a commitment of $20,000.00 in campaign donations, a qualified campaign manager and a qualified treasurer and I will run.

How I see it:

When you are elected to represent a specific district 75% of your energy should go into the district. You should have the skills to build coalitions with other commissioners which will result in you getting what you need for your district. This is particularly important in terms of working with the mayor and the other two at larger commissioners whose job it is to represent the greater interests of Brownsville as whole.

In terms of the district I believe the commissioner needs to lead a campaign of pride in the neighborhoods. How our neighborhoods look is a reflection of who we are. Sooner than later the economy will recover and we will want the developers to come back to our district. We will want more businesses to open up in our district.

The district needs a commissioner who can and will be their advocate against BISD when the needs of their children are ignored. Right now parents have no idea how to defend the interests of their children. Their city commissioner is their logical choice.

A good city commissioner encourages his constituents to form community leagues which can speak as one voice in bringing issues forward unique to the district. As a city commissioner you cannot be afraid of the people. Your job in part is to empower the people with knowledge and teach them how to advocate for themselves while you act as the community voice. A good city commissioner builds a league of constituents who will fight tooth and nail for their community. I have never feared the voice of the people. It is the lack of a voice by the people which has us in this mess.

I have one one on one experience with Tony Zavaleta. I spoke with him when Peter was running for DA. To my question he said he could not answer it because he had not spoken with his brother for years and had no intention of ever speaking to him again. On that issue he seems to have good judgment.  But that's it.

(Possible correction - I am being told Tony is not Peter's brother - see insulting post - but I stand by the statement - I spoke with a Zavaletta tied to Imagine Brownsville who was or is at the university.  The statement was made. - sorry for any confusion - but my comment was actually a complement to Tony.)


When it served his needs he allowed Juliet Garcia to destroy TSC. We need a community college. While I agree it will be a very, very big long shot - I believe it is time the City of Brownsville begin the process of lobbying Austin to end TSC taxing authority and give it to a new community college known as Brownsville Community College and Job Advocacy Center.

The children of Brownsville deserve a chance at meaningful job training. It is like I have said a 1000 times. Robotics training is the future. The other day I bought 12 very heavy large Coca Cola glasses at Dollar Tree in San Antonio. They were each $1.00 and made in the U.S. - robotics. This is where the jobs are - you end welfare and all forms of public assistance by creating an environment for private enterprise which in turn creates jobs.

Yes, I am a socialist by design, so why promote private enterprise - because I actually know what socialism means - I am not this Michele Bachmann nut job claiming it is socialism to force people to go into the market place and buy health insurance from private insurance companies. But the ignorant will believe it is, and I cannot help that. One of the few things I know for sure is, you cannot reason with ignorance.

So again I am not announcing. Part of this exercise is to show someone can have ideas and be specific and fail - why? - because being a self serving politician who advocates for cronyism, which Zavaleta has- case in point - his wife - is what the people really want.

Only a fool throws himself under the bus, and that is what I would be doing if I ran. The people will always advocate for the candidate who puts out the best distractions.

By the way - does Tony intend to restore the speech of the people? I doubt it. Institutional politicians like Tony Zavaleta survive in the ignorance of the people which is why he will never support true and free speech or creating community leagues to speak the mind of the people.


A friend called and reminded me of two things I complain about in terms of the district.

We need a light coming out of the Walmart on Alton Gloor.  This is a major accident waiting to happen.

We need an HEB or Whole Foods Market store.  I shop at the HEB on Boca Chica more than half of the time.  I should not have to drive over to the other side of town to do groceries.  Walmart simply lacks in too many items for me to be happy at Walmart.  Maybe once a month I shop at the HEB on 802 for specialty items - but for the most part I am now buying my specialty items on line.


Anonymous said...

Tony and Peter aren't brothers you shithead.

BobbyWC said...

then I stand corrected - but I spoke with a Zavaletta at the university and the statement as I represent it was made - so then I have the wrong zavaletta - but note as phrased it was a complement -

what a normal reasonable person would have posted is "I think you are confusing two different Zacvalettas" but no - insults abound

BobbyWC said...

I have rejected a host of comments - most are by the same person who has nothing better to do today than sit on his computer typing profanities - dude - I am scrubbing and mopping floors today - come on over - I need help - be productive.

An idiot can read my post and see I am setting a standard as a condition for running which cannot be met - hint - I am not running--I note it is an exercise to get people thnking - they are so blinded by their hate they cannot see what I am saying

These people are so full of hate that the second they see my name they fume and go blind from anger

This is why our national, state, county and city budgets are a mess and the economy is slow to recover

Issues cannot be discussed - hate is all these people will ever have to offer - why - they are failures so they must hate anyone who moves forward.

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

Go for it, if you want to run for city commissioner, why not?

Anonymous said...

It seems like the people that are fuming don't appreciate BV for reporting the unbiased truth.

Anonymous said...

Bobby, be certain you've lived in District 4 since AT LEAST early September 2010. That's the Election Code mandated 6-months residency requirement.

Elsewise, you're wasting everyone's time. Even as an exercise.

BobbyWC said...

Again this is only an exercise which is why I set the number at the impossibe number of $20,000.

And I believe I moved in around the 8-10th of August - I would have to check and see the day the electricity was officially turned on.

On campaign money - I do believe campaign money is a sign of support. It is silly to run for office without support.

It always surprises people to learn I have no problem with donating to candidates - if you cannot raise the money then maybe you do not have the support of the peole

I hate candidates who can afford to run on their own money - yes it appears they are more independent - but they are not - they still have their personal agendas.

So in the end if you cannot raise the money you should not run solely because you can afford to run on your own money.

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

You would be an excellent candidate for any entity, but you can accomplish more for Brownville through the BV.