Monday, January 31, 2011


Several weeks ago I told my readers I was working on the story of Saavedra being tied to an insurance deal for BISD. Now that I have the campaign finance reports and have had time to investigate I can say - Saavedra is working with Atkinson to push Mullen Pension & Benefits Group on BISD. My sources are telling me that Sylvia Atkinson brought Mullen Pension & Benefits Group to Socorro ISD. Her tenure at Socorro is beyond bizarre. A women by the name of Ida Treviño just pops up out of nowhere to get a great job with Socorro ISD - never mind she worked for Sylvia in another school district. Atkinson denied the connection.

We know that Sylvia Atkinson gave Saavedra $600.00. We also know that Mullen Pension & Benefits Group gave Saavedra $250.00. There is also the question of a hunting trip. My problem here is I have conflicting stories - one person says the hunting trip was sponsored by Mullen, another says it was sponsored by Ted Parker. Either way, with Charlie Atkinson (as a secondary guest - not directly invited) and Escobedo on the trip Escobedo is either getting benefits from Mullen or Parker.

Now ask yourself - why would Mullen who has a past with Sylvia Atkinson give Saavedra money? Saavedra was not on the Board at the time. How would she know what is best for the employees or the taxpayers? She would not - but Mullen seems to think she is certainly willing to be influenced with money. If Saavedra has a problem with Mullen’s perception of her then she needs to denounce them.

From the time this new Board took control they have attacked the current 125 Plan. The good news is, before they can change anything it will be months. The current year plan is already in place and cannot be changed any time soon. There is no doubt in my mind before Summer the BISD board will have a different face than it has today. But to the employees if you want the 125 Plan to be decided by influence peddling between Mullen and Board Members remain silent.

Saavedra accepted $3,000 from Linebarger either directly or through their local advocates. She was not even on the Board at the time. Why would Linebarger be willing to give her $3,000 either directly or indirectly? How could she know in advance before bids and review of the bids that Linebarger would be better than the current company collecting taxes for BISD. Why does Linebarger seem to think Saavedra can be influenced with money? If Saavedra has a problem with Linebarner’s perception of her then she needs to denounce them.

Here you have two allegedly well educated women who claim to be advocates for children and they refuse to denounce the extreme homophobes, Carlos Quintanilla, Juan Montoya, and Jerry McHale. In fact the corrupt 4 and the self-loathing Sylvia Atkinson continue to use these homophobes to distract the people with lies so that the people not see the reality of these back-door deals. I think it is time the TEA Dept. of Edu. review the corrupt 4 use of these homophobes to promote their agenda. It is a violation of federal law for school employees to promote homophobia either directly or indirectly.

If the employees of BISD allow Mullen Pension and Benefits Group in, they will get what they deserve.

Anyone know why Eddie Jaimes Trucking USA, Inc would give Saavedra a $1,000? After I wrote this a source gave me additional information. This will allow me to know if anony posts are based on facts. I will be further investigating the alleged link.

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