Monday, January 24, 2011


The latest round came on December 3, 2010, when Rendon’s attorneys dismissed Aguilar, Colunga, Cortez, Zayas, and Springston from his federal lawsuit.  In his own words through his attorney he admits the claims were without a basis in law. BISD remains a party.  Remember the issue is simply BISD refusing to renew his contract.  This is going no where.  With knowledge of this reality, why did Presas-Garcia put on the agenda settlement of Rendon’s claims. It seems to me Navarro did a great job in his filings to force Rendon to see the writing on the wall that his claims were going no where. You now see why the con-artist convict Quintanilla and convicted drunk Montoya, the official voices for the corrupt 4 and Rendon and Juarez are attacking Navarro. He won the issue and forced Rendon’s hand so he must me attacked with out of context statements.

It does not end there. On February 9, 2011, the court will hear Rendon’s pathetic Motion to Disqualify Navarro. It is going nowhere. In Dallas both federal and state judges would sanction Frank Perez for the motion, but here in Brownsville the radical judicial activist Hanen will probably apologize to Rendon for the law.

Even if there were a basis for the motion, which there is not, the lawyer gets to serve all the way through the day of trial and in fact sit at trial counsel’s table during trial. So even if the motion were granted, which it will not be, Navarro stays in the case up until the point of a jury trial.

Rendon’s pathetic claim is Navarro is a witness for him and therefore cannot be the attorney for BISD. You get the idea that Frank Perez is a desperate idiot. You should know Ben Neece and Star Jones are also listed as counsel.

In order to prevail on this type motion you must specifically state the fact over which the two parties disagree. The attorney then must be a material witness on that fact. As is always the case with Rendon and his attorneys - they are short on facts. No such specific allegation has been made.

Lastly, an investigating attorney cannot be disqualified . If this were the case the DA would be disqualified in every case wherein the DA’s office does the investigation. Attorneys hired to investigate by public entities all take on the role of the DA and cannot be disqualified because as the investigative attorney they are close to the facts.

So in the end the motion is going nowhere. It just informs Judge Hanen that Frank Perez has no case for his client and he is desperate.


If you go back to Rendon’s original lawsuit in state court, after the judge issued a wrongful TRO in the case, and Rendon found himself having to testify under oath to support the TRO Ben Neece abandoned the TRO and let it expire. Ben Neece then filed an appeal. Upon realizing there was no basis for the appeal Ben Neece allowed the appeal for Rendon to be dismissed.

How many times does Rendon get to go to court and cost the taxpayer money, then dismiss the claims, before a judge will issue sanctions against attorneys? Money which should be going towards the children is being used to successfully defend against one frivolous lawsuit filed by Art Rendon after another. Where are the corrupt 4 on this waste of taxpayer money being caused by Art Rendon - it has Presas-Garcia leading the way saying - “pay Rendon with taxpayer money.”

Rendon has hired three clowns as his attorneys- Frank Perez, Ben Neece and Star Jones. This case along with Antonio Juarez’s case will become there legacies.


His attorneys went to federal court claiming that they had no time (when in fact they had weeks to ask the question) to ask Antonio Juarez if he opposed the motion to stay the trial of the case pending the appeal of the issues before the Court of Appeals. The court knows a liar when it sees one and stayed Antonio Juarez case. The word in the court house is judicial activist Hanen is taking the cowardly’s way out and is blaming his law clerk for the bizarre opinion and stating that had he checked his law clerk’s work he would have dismissed Juarez’s lawsuit out right.

Again this is why Presas-Garcia wants to settle the lawsuit now - before it is dismissed by the Court of Appeal.


When a source calls me I do not take notes - there is a reason for this. Most days if a source calls me I will type in the computer what they are telling me and then go with it that day or the next day. It is not really notes because it is in fact the story. There are occasions I sit on information for weeks. As my doctors will tell you my memory is not what you call solid at this time. I can be watching TV and when a commercial comes on and I forget what I am watching. On the memory issue, I am very hopeful that today the specialist will put me back on the hormone therapy which helped so much last time I was on it.

As it turns out Saavedra may have a score to settle with Hector Gonzales - who was the super - not Springston - when her husband took the early retirement. I probably had multiple people feeding me information over several days and with my memory problems I mixed up sources and information. Sometimes it just gets muddy. But the basic facts have been proven true through several sources.


Who tried to get information out of a 90 year old man? - the pathetic Ben Neece. At the awards ceremony for my brother in law on Saturday Ben Neece came over to the table to drill him. My brother in law is all too aware of Ben Neece and his family - very indirectly through marriage they are related. After Ben left the table my brother in law turned to me an laughed just how pathetic he was. He knew it was going to happen because I told him it would happen. Again who tries and drills a 90 year old man for information about me? Ben Neece - that’s who. His reputation remains intact.


Anonymous said...

If the board tries to pay the lawsuit- can TEA do anything to stop it?

BobbyWC said...

The TEA cannot stop it - they can appoint a master.

The only way to stop what his happening is removal action against Presas-Garcia, Escobedo and Longoria - the removal of Saavedra has to wait to see what comes out during the trial of the other three.

We now have the solid proof that Presas-garcia tried to pay off Rendon with full knowledge he had admitted key parts of his lawsuit were without merit.

This is a breach of her fiduciary duty to BISD - it is a slam dunk case for removal

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

It seems like the removal can't happen soon enough!!!

BobbyWC said...

there is no attorney in Brownsville with the courage to do it - there are Austin attorneys with experience.

My $1,000 remains on the table - but is clear to me the administrators and teachers who have expressed an interest in the matter simply want to throw stones from the back of the crowd -

Escobedo knows this about people - which is why he will not be stopped - he knows people prefer death over fighting

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

Rendon has know all along that he has no hope. He refused to continue with the grievance procedure and did not follow through because he didn't like the way the district was proceeding with it. He didn't have a TEA hearing because he stopped the process before that level.

Anonymous said...

If TEA appoints a master would that stop the settlements?

BobbyWC said...

It seems it would

But I am told someone of the corrupt 4 has made it clear they will never vote settlement

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

The only sure way to avoid a settlement seems to be appointing a master to run the board.

Anonymous said...

NO a MASTER will not stop settlement; Board Members WILL STOP SETTLEMENT!!!!!!!!!!!!!