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(Note, this is Tuesday's post - I have a lot of early morning meetings in advance of the BISD Meeting )


As promised the documents showing the million dollar contract given to Jaime Escobedo by Rendon, Lehmann, and Juarez, 15 days before Enrique Escobedo voted to reinstate Rendon. Now they want to pay off Rendon and Juarez with taxpayer money because the insurance companies refuse to settle.


A FRIEND ASKS - If Montoya stopped attacking people for admitting to their problems, is it possible he would stop drinking and admit he has a drinking problem?  Attacking anyone who heals is how Montoya justifies his drinking. People who heal are bad.  People who drink are normal.


Remember it was Villalobos who failed to bump his 3 DWI’s up to felony charges and who allowed Juan Montoya to drive with no bail requirement after 3 DWI’s. Yea if I had a drinking problem and had as my friend a con-artist convict I too would praise a corrupt DA who allowed me to walk.

These turkeys actually believe that by using me as a distraction, they can convince people watching the BISD school board meetings they are imagining things. They believe I have created mass hallucinogenic hysteria in the population causing them to see things which do not exist. As we say in law, best evidence.

Juan is so contemptuous of his family that he does not care that when he uses his parent's home to write defamatory posts he exposes his parent's homeowners insurance to a claim. He fails to care about the impact it has on his children.

You know, my web page does not extol all of my accomplishments. I only reference them when I am attacked. Quintanilla’s entire shtick is to paint himself as a saint so he can con people out of investment money. A tad bit grandiose - don’t you think? This is what they think of the teachers- too stupid to make up their own mind.

We say in law - BEST EVIDENCE - the best evidence is the BISD meetings - people are not buying they are imagining things, contrary to Quintanillas and Montoya’s claims of me inducing mass hallucinogenic hysteria.

Only a paranoid person would believe that one blog could make such a difference in Brownsville politics. The BV is the only blog which has admitted our readership is limited when compared to the entire population. However, I do know every major law firm and business reads the BV every day. They appreciate I post documents and not mere allegations. These attacks are based on a belief the BV is having an impact. These attacks are based on a belief that people can be duped into ignoring what they see with their own eyes in favor of distractions by a con man and convicted drunk.

On Monday I spoke with a lawyer in Dallas who is telling me Quintanilla is claiming he is not paying the plaintiff the $14,000.00 he owes him for unpaid advertising because of computer problems, but that he will have the money any day now. Is any day now a pay off from Rendon and Juarez for helping them to defraud BISD taxpayers?


I am not going to go through all of this, but I have been a civil rights activist all my life. I pushed hard on educating people about HIV and how discrimination against gays helped to spread HIV - Carlos Quintanilla attacks me for that. He is a homophobic asshole who does not care if HIV kills your children. HIV is a major killer in the Latino community. Quintanilla and Montoya just assume your children die from HIV than be educated about the issue and sexuality. Honest and frank discussions about sexuality prevents STD’s and saves marriages - both being divorced they would not know that. It is better your children should contract HIV and die of AIDs.

I fought to have the Texas sodomy law held unconstitutional - a battle we eventually won. This was an important civil rights battle. The case I filed was filed ahead of a case filed in state court. Now convicted federal Judge Kent decided that he would ignore the well established law that the second case filed is to be abated and instead abated my case. I believe in civil rights. The plaintiffs in the state case were unwilling to allege a specific injury - namely talking honestly about the impact discrimination was having on them personally. I did talk about it. Their case was dismissed for failing to allege an injury. I fought what I knew was a corrupt decision. As a result of this Texas gays were denied justice and HIV continued to spread as a consequence of the discriminatory conduct towards gays.

Oh, who is Judge Kent, he is a convict - he was convicted for abuse as a federal judge and is serving time. Yea, I called that one years in advance. But here comes Quintanilla and Montoya defending the convicted judge.

Who is Mike McCurley, the attorney who was originally hired by the State Bar to come after me? - he is the attorney fired by the State Bar for trying to extort money from pianist Van Cliburn. Just google Mike McCurley and Van Cliburn. McCurley sent Van Cliburn’s lawyer a letter stating he would release to the press videos of Cliburn and his ex gay lover if he did not pay. He then claimed that although his client was not HIV+ Cliburn should have to pay anyway. The State Bar fired him for the Van Cliburn event, and hiring a psychiatrist to diagnose me in absentia. The psychiatrist was fired from the medical school for what he did. Nothing ever came of the claims.

It is defamation per se to claim some one has mental illness when they do not. Obviously someone is helping him to pull a lot of documents which are in archives. Some are in federal archives, which require the assistance of a lawyer. I know who the lawyer is. Now what he does not tell you is the document signed by a psychiatrist paid for by the state who specifically found no mental illness. He chose not to discuss that document. Look, Quintanilla is indigent - think about it, if he has a million dollars why then does he have so many unpaid judgments and then goes to jail over a child support dispute? Why does he have to represent himself pro se?

One last thing - “atypical personality disorder.” The American Psychiatric Association found it to be a diagnosis without meaning and violating the due process rights of the patient. It was dropped a long  time ago from the DSM. It basically means, we see something but do not know what it is. This was a catch-all used to discharge veterans who they could not prove as being gay or who the commander wanted out for personal reasons. Major Williams Hauser was forced out of the Army for what he did to me and hundreds of others. In fact a federal judge found that he vioalted my attorney's rights after he did the same thing to my lawyer.

Like I said the VA immediately reversed the diagnose as bogus. Quintanilla has that document. He chooses not to discuss it because he lies. It is in the files he has accessed. This allows me to prove malice. This is going to cost him, Ted Parker and the attorney who helped him collect the documents.

Quintanilla is indigent, but the lawyer who helped him is not. Ted Parker is not - I am doing this methodically. It will end soon. Jaime Escobedo who is also a party to this is not indigent- The insurance companies will pay and pay big - they did the last time.

The gist of Quintanilla’s argument is simple - if while dealing with being gay in the 1970's and 80's you became depressed you should be labeled for the rest of your life. I have openly discussed with pride the depression I suffered during the closeted days and the impact it had on not only me but millions of gays. You solve problems by educating people.  You solve depression by confronting it - not drinking Montoya.

I take pride in the fact I openly discuss that day in the military before I was hospitalized for stress induced massive bleeding due to ulcerative colitis, I tried to take a large knife to my wrist. I was lucky - destructive behavior to my body is irrational - it just made no sense to hurt myself - it never touched me - hence I do not drink, smoke, do drugs or have sex outside of a loving relationship. I know during the years I openly discussed this with young gays and lesbians coming out of the closet I helped them. I helped them to understand how irrational destructive behavior can be on the mind and body. Juan drinks and Quintanilla cons people out of money because they believe destructive hebavior is irrational  - you decide.

I am not a con man trying to use distractions to protect my con jobs on the people. I give my money away - including to the disabled Latina woman made homeless by Rendon,. Juarez, and Lehmann because she successfully filed two complaints against Rendon when he was in charge of special services. Until the case settled under threat of suit by Legal Aid, I picked up a good portion of her rent.


Quintanilla has now not only threatened the teachers and administrators, he has also threatened the local judges and politicians to stay out of it. Any elected official of minimal integrity would have denounced him for these actions - not Saavedra, Longoria, Presas-Garcia or Escobedo. These four are encouraging him to threaten judges and local politicians.

I defy Quintanilla or his Talibanic followers to prove I am wrong Ted Parker brought him to Brownsville over Healthsmart. Anyone can google their names and see he did the same thing in Lubbock.

I defy Quintanilla or is Talibanic followers to prove my claims against Escobedo are false: Million dollar contract to his brother and 15 days later votes to reinstate Rendon who along with Lehmann and Juarez gave Escobedo’s brother the contract

Escobedo sanctioned by the Texas Ethics Commission for misuse of campaign money and lying about it.

Escobedo organizes a walking quorum at La Pampa for architecture firm and then voted to hire them

Escobedo takes money from Oliveira and then recommends Oliveira as interim-counsel

Escobedo takes money from Ted Parker and then recommends Ted Parker’s company while ignoring evidence of over billing

I can go on and on - he cannot refute these facts - instead he defends as honorable a federal judge who has been convicted for sexual and sentenced to federal prison and impeached. He defends an extortionist by the name of Mike McCurley who was fired by the State Bar.


No one needs me to tell them what is happening at the BISD meetings - they can see it for themselves. What Quintanilla seeks to do is say - oh Wightman is blah blah blah and therefore what everyone is seeing with their own eyes is the result of mass hallucinogenic hysteria caused by Wightman.

First, my legal name is Wightman-Cervantes. As far back as I can remember I carried my mother's name out of respect for the fact she raised us after my father died in 1963. Who but a convicted felon disrespects a Latina who successfully raised 6 boys and a girl on her own? Four of the boys are veterans. She actually went back to college to become a social worker with 7 children in the home. I call that a reason to celebrate her by carrying her name with honor and respect. The felon and Montoya disrespect her. I guess had she stayed home on welfare and food stamps she would have been a better Latina in their eyes.

The facts are the facts - I stand on who I am. My willingness to openly talk about the mental health problems associated with being in the closet has helped thousands of closeted gay men amd women. Without honesty in educating the ignorant change is not possible. The fear is always a con man like Quintanilla will take quotes out of context to bring you humiliation. Never no mind - I will continue to talk about how a long time ago - a very long time ago - I allowed the depression caused by being in the closet to result in bad sexual behavior, which I do not deny, drinking which I do not deny, or the use of pot, in the late 70's, which I do not deny. But for over 20 years I have been preaching abstinence until you meet the right person and using my lessons to help men deal with the destructive behavior associated with being in the closet. I use my lessons from the 70's and early 80's to educate on the dangers associated with contracting HIV. I take pride in the fact I have not been intimate in 6 years. Why? Because when I am asked to hop in bed on the 1st date and say no, there is no second date.

One of those destructive behaviors is beating your wife to blame her for you being gay. I am very close to releasing that affidavit. It may be time that everyone know the truth about a certain attorney.


The battle belongs to the people and no one individual. If the people are not willing to defend their interests then the responsibility does not fall on any one individual. The people will get the shaft because they want the shaft.

I am getting a lot of people telling me they want to fight. I am being told to please be patient and allow for the votes to give the money to Rendon and Juarez and the dismissal of the Healthsmart lawsuit. I am being told that I am interfering with the plans to take them down with indictments. I know the FBI in Brownsville - no one is ever held accountable. You are delusional if you think the FBI will ever tackle the corruption in Brownsville.

When Quintailla takes to defending DA Villalobos you know he has gone off the deep end. If I were to defend DA Villalobos Montoya and McHale would rightfully so take me to task and ask if he paid me for the post. Yea they will remain silent over Quintanilla’s defense of the DA who helped cover up the theft of 21.4 million dollars from the taxpayers, and allowed a confessed murderer of a Latina to walk out of court so his former law partner could make a couple hundred thousand dollars on the released bond money. Not much brings Brownsville together, but DA Villalobos tends to make enemies friends.

He has defended Juliet Garcia’s destruction of TSC - a matter which Montoya has rightfully taken to heart in his attacks of Juliet Garcia, but yet he and Mchale remain silent on Quintanilla’s defense of Juliet Garcia - in fact Montoya now joins Quintanilla in defense of Juliet Garcia an DA Villalobos. He is a con artist who does not even know that people who normally agree on nothing agree that Villalobos and Garcia need to go.

Finally, a word on Arg Miller - who are her allies?

Takes plea bargains in two different criminal cases - Peter Zavaletta
Takes plea for multiple DWI’s Juan Montoya
Convicted felon Carlos Quintanilla.

Do you think we have a judgment problem here.


Well I just saw he has joined Quintanilla in defending a convicted federal judge and extortionist. I feel sorry for his children - they will live with the ridicule - how sad he can care so little for his children. With one tongue he decries Juliet Garcia, but now defends Quintanilla who has attacked me for decrying Juliet Garcia. He decries Villalobos, and now defends Quintanilla who attacks me for attacking Villalobos - But then Villalobos basically allowed him to walk on 3 DWI’s which should have been bumped up to a felony charge - as good a reason as any to now become a defender of Villalobos.

I do not doubt he believes there was wrong doing in the discharge of Rendon and Gonzales. I have repeatedly said they were fired over politics, although the decision was correct because the incompetence was real. I know this because I filed the complaints against them which the TEA found to have merit.

I have asked people in the past and now again, please do not include him in the lawsuits - and there are many around the corner. I would prefer he be allowed to get beyond the BISD mess and hopefully find peace. If he continues to live in false accusations he will drink again and go back to jail. His judgment will not be in loss of money, but in loss of liberty. No good person wants that.

I only write these last words because I fear for him. I know Quintanilla - I have interviewed a lot of people and they all start with the same thing - he is a con-artist. I would hate for him to con Juan back into jail, but he will. There is no avoiding Juan being sued by three different people - it is a formality. He will drink, hopefully he will not drive.

But Juan, think - your argument in defense of this board is the old board did not care about evidence so why should they? Do you know how bad that makes you look - evidence is all that matters.

I predict Juan will drink again to deal with his endless lies. This is sad because the real victims will be his children. The TEA agreed that the evidence justified the discharge of Hector Gonzales - a court of law would call that evidence. Federal Judge Hanen found no evidence to support the allegation of contract rigging.

Attacking me will change nothing. The people will watch and continue to react. The blogs play to two type people - people who ignore evidence and people who look for evidence. The BV always posts documents - complete documents.

I guess the TEA conspired against Gonzales when they upheld his discharge, and Judge Hanen conspired against Quintanilla when he found no evidence of contract rigging.


Anonymous said...

The people that have been following BV since before the election cannot be fooled. Thank you for reporting the facts with evidence.

BobbyWC said...

I have zero concern that anyone who is not delusional, an alcoholic, drug addict or simply just plane corrupt will even consider their words- The fact they defend garcia and Villalobos speaks about just how disconnected they are from Brownsville.

Not that reality matters - but taking my words out of context proves malice. I have repeatedly defended the people of Brownsville - one just need read my Plantation Politics piece from 2006, before it became fashionable to bash the Dems.

Their buddy McHale along with Montoya paint the border as corruption caused by Mexico - a thousand times I have called this racist.

I have never and never would call the people of Brownsville as a class bigots.

In fact my post on Broke Back Mountain praised the people of Brownville for embracing the film.

Anyone can take words out of context and make them seem like something they are not.

Now on Obama - I truly dislike him - he is a coward - he threw key black civil rights leaders under the bus. People who made it possible for him to even run for office.

Within the true left there has been discussion for a long time about blacks and browns who do the bidding of the white establishment to get power. For Latino's we call them DINOLINOS. This is nothing new.

But what do you call a black man who agrees with his Anglo advisors to throw black civil rights leaders under the bus so that he can move forward in the presidential race?

The word is not nice.

The left in this country dislikes him. He has refused to stand up against the racist tea baggers and repubicsns - exactly how does that serve our communities?

It does not.

The Dream Act died because he refused to take action against the abusive use of the filibuster. Innocent children are now being denied an education.

Carlos Quintanilla and Juan Montoya the opportunists they are believe this is good and a reason to praise the president for throwing innocent Latino children under the bus.

I call it unforgiveable. It is Harry Reid who is now saying enough is enough and is going to put the filibuster back the way it was. It will only be used to delay a vote. If he wins the issue it will never again be used to prevent a vote.

Had Obama gone to court and did the same thing a year ago the Dream Act would have passed.

Latino Children have lost on this one because Obama cared more about pleasing his Anglo handlers than doing the right thing.

Now to be clear - there are far more Anglos on the left fed-up with the president than minorities. Anglos standing up for Latinos and Blacks are a dime a dozen - unfortunately Obama prefers to listen to the ones who think throwing Latino children under the bus is acceptable.

Sooner than later one can hope Obama realizes not all Anglos think like his ignorant handlers,

Harry Reid is one of them - and he is moving forward to end this abuse - without the support of Obama. For all you people who cannot read - again it is the Anglo Reid defending the Latino's and Blacks while Obama throws them under the bus.

This of course is something Carlos Quintanilla and Juan MOntoya find to be honorable conduct on the part of Obama

But then what should we expect from a felon and a drunk who cares not one bit about the impact his conduct has on his children.

Boy I tell you - two cups of coca tea before noon and I am awake until 3 a.m.

I only do it once a week

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

Bv where people go to for an unbiased factual report of politics based on evidence.

Anonymous said...

Brownsville Voice- An Unbought voice of the local Taxpayers!!!