Saturday, January 29, 2011


From the Herald - current healthplan out performs Healthsmart and just about everyone else.

BISD costs go  down under current plan while health insurance costs all of the U.S. go up.  Looney was  a genius who had to be destroyed for the crime of competency.

"A summary provided to committee members by administration showed that net costs for the plan in 2009-2010 totaled $37.05 million compared to $43.45 million in 2008-2009 and $37.67 million in 2007-2008"

"In an executive summary provided to the committee, MAA said the plan had a per-employee, per-month cost of $448.53, which calculates to $5,382 per employee per year. The report said Mercer’s National Study of Employers for 2010 showed a national average PEPY cost of $9,562, meaning BISD’s costs so far in 2010-2011 are 56 percent of the national average."

"Oh, Cata, I love your shit it is so much better than my husband's, I cannot wait for us to be lovers in prison."  "Oh Luci goosy, my shit will always be yours." 

Facts prove Looney was a victim.

Saavedra declares "fuck the employees - I was made promises - fuck the employees."

Escobedo declares "there's always the next deal."

It is time the unions declare an end to the corrupt 4.  The unions need to take the lead in insuring Saavedta cannot show her face in any educational setting without being tarred and feathered.

Now we know - we can end this people - to the group that met with me, my $1,000 remains on the table.


Anonymous said...

I guess Cavazos wasn't the bad guy after all. Voters get with the program the facts are out there. I hope they don't dismiss the Healthsmart lawsuit.

BobbyWC said...

But Cavasos is part of the problem - every major provider wants in to the Valley - he has them convinced they must go through him - it is up to the entitied to educate providers that no one person control thems - this will end this abuse.

There was no wrongdoing, but so long as Cavasos control the process perception will remain a problem.

And let's not forget - Presas-Garcia was best friends with Cavasos until the day he stopped using his profits to buy her lunch

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

I stand corrected on the Cavazos issue. Every company should have a fair chance at. the business if they truly have the best deal.

BobbyWC said...

To be clear the only problem with Cavasos is the perception issue - clearly BISD did great under this deal - so there is no wrongdoing -

It also shows the Antonio Juarez was trying to take BISD down the wrong path.

To end this perception problem the political entities must take the lead and make known all entities are open to the best deals and no one broker.

But in this case Cavasos delivered a good product

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

Did anybody else notice that there was no mention of the firing of Looney, the insurance consultant who saved BISD all that money in this mornings Herald?

It almost sounds like the story was written to make us think the current board majority should be worshiped as the ones responsible for the savings.

Was the omission simply a mistake or something else? I thought news was intended to provide readers or viewers with the all the facts of a story.

I guess that may not always be the case.

BobbyWC said...

Daniel Cavasos is an active participant in this criminal conspiracy - I can say that now - now that I know all the evidence

Daniel Cavasos has no interest in reality or facts - he believes the TEA conspired against Hector Gonzales and Art Rendon - he is determined to punish Rick Zayas and Ruben Cortez for a reality which only exists in his convoluted polluted mind.

Because of this the story is being blocked

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

Actually it is best to not bring up the firing of Looney as this was an excellent report of a meeting held to report on the progres of the plan. If Mr. Looney was still involved he would have been involved. I am glad thaqt Gary Long was invited so this story could be written it is a great start for the truth coming out.

Anonymous said...

Dude, you ask me for specifics yesterday to enhance my post yet resort to sprinkling your own with ridiculous angst. BV always produces superior critical anaylsis but, unfortunately you cannot seem to get out of the way of yourself. The perfect stage has been set to drill the truly corrupt on facts. Keep your poise. Otherwise, you just continue to provide them fodder to "shoot the messenger".

Anonymous said...

The Herald did not mention how much it cost the district to fire Looney.

BobbyWC said...

I rejected a comment which basically goes like this - there is a conspiracy between the insurance committee and the Herald to coverup the wrongdoing by the current provider and make Healthsmart look mad

I am certain this will show up on Montoya's web page

further - people are not commenting on their blogs - it is bogus - in at least once case we now have the statement of the person alleged to have made the statement denying any involvement and has assured me full cooperation in going after Quintanilla and Montoya for lying about him.

facts are facts

people have asked me why I have not commented on this so called internal document from UTB/TSC - Montoya has lied about nearly everything - why would I believe this document is anything but a fabrication?

His entire story about the IFA money is false - the TEA verified that - other than Montoya no one in the state is reporting about this bogus story

People I think we have this won - we are close - the only reason indictments have not issues is - it takes the FBI for ever to do anything. I was told that they are so overwhelmed in Brownsville they just cannot react as fast as is needed.

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

I can just see it right now.....C. Presas-Garcia, E. Escobedo, L. Longoria, C. Quintanilla, P. Lehmann, J. Montoya, A. Miller, and M. Rey all sitting around at New York Deli plotting the next dose of their playground strategy "I know you are but what am I" BS. It is truly unfortunate that Brownsville has such an ignorant, apathetic electorate.