Friday, January 14, 2011


A reader gave me the Joe Rod lawsuit.  Having now read it, I know why Presas-Garcia's con man convict buddy never disclosed the lawsuit. 

It shows an audit showed over $7,000 missing from the Aquatic Center where she worked, and Presas-Garcia admitting to depositing Aquatic Center money into her personal account.  At a minimum this act showed incredibly poor judgment, even if the intent was good.

The lawsuit shows her vindictiveness.  She was all buddy buddy with Johnny Cavasos so long as he was buying her lunch on a regular basis.  He stopped buying her lunch and now he became public enemy number one.  Vindictiveness.

Side not on Cavasos - I have blogged on this - the local political entities have allowed him to legally corner the insurance market in Brownsville.  While not illegal, it still hurts all elected officials when it appears they are giving him the market - they are not - he built a business on convincing outsiders they must come through him.

The only way to fix this is for now on all offers for bids must include a clear statement that it is not necessary to go through any local agents to have access to the commission - board etc.  There must be a clear message that independent committees will look at  these matters and choose which ever company is best for the city, county or school district.  This is how you solve the appearance problem with Cavasos - encourage outsiders to to use people they trust and not feel like they have to go local.

The Rodriquez lawsuit also shows Presas-Garcia becoming vindictive after he refused to endorse her.

The lawsuit also provides Hector Gonzales letter effectively clearing Joe Rod.

Any investigation of Joe Rod must include Presas-Garcia turning a blind eye to these so called abuses until Joe Rod refused to endorse her.  It must include Lehmann for the same thing - he sat on BISD chairs, drank beer, and ate food with no complaints - well, until he was thrown off the board.

Yes let's have an investigation - let's get to the entire truth.  Why did Hector Gonzales cover-up these alleged abuses?  Why Hector?  What were you promised?

This is how I know Presas-Garcia, Escobedo, Longoria and Saavedra are not about cleaning up BISD, which I believe needs cleaning -

They refuse to address Escobedo going to Rendon and Juarez and compromising BISD's position in the litigation.  They refuse to even acknowledge the million dollar payoff to Escobedo's brother in exchange for settlement with Rendon and Juarez.

They refuse to address Presas-Garcia's deposit of Aquatic Center money into her personal account.

They refuse to address the fact Escobedo consistently votes the way of the vendors who give him money.

Long before the corrupt 4 and their Talabanic followers, I called for the removal of Springston and Jimenez.  Escobedo and Presas-Garcia ran cover for them - until Escobedo lost his job with Joe Jimenez - now it is vendetta time.  This is not how honest elected officials operate. 

I agree - BISD needs a major house cleaning - we begin with the top heavy administrative side.  We end the policy of transferring failed principals and administrators around.  We report BISD trustees to child protective services for targeting principals who seek to stop the abuse of children by teachers who are friends with BISD trustees. (I really want this  story but the witnesses are running real scared - they are waiting for the TEA to act.  They claim to have filed a complaint with the TEA alleging the Board Member is retaliating against them for disciplining teachers who abuse children)  I really wish this person would go public before the cameras.  It will shock Brownsville and end this trustee's tenure on the Board.


Anonymous said...

Wow! Thanks for also explaining the stuff on the insurance companies, everyone inxluding BISD employees need to know the truth, this topic is to confusing.

Anonymous said...

Great work Bobby! So when will the lawsuit go to trial??? I would like to see it!

Anonymous said...

So WHY do you not name the trustee who is interferring with Teachers who are abusing students??? Is it because it is not proven fact?? You reported that Cata Presas-Garcia put BISD money into her personal account. Why not give name of Board Member allowing child abuse at BISD???????????

BobbyWC said...

Can anyone help me with who R. Ayala is and his/her connection to Judge Elia Cornejo Lopez.

I made an agreement with my source to not discuss names without permission and investigation is complete - I will keep my word

Bobby WC

BobbyWC said...

Thanks for the heads up on Rachel Ayala - it tells me a lot - Springston will have just one more piece of evidence against the corrupt 4 -

If what I have been told is true - Ms. Ayala might find herself on the losing side.

I will not publish any claims without proof. the presumption is she has done nothing wrong.

It is up to my sources to help tell the story in a way I can verify the essential facts.

bobby WC

BobbyWC said...

This article I am posting about Ayala is confusing - it appears she was moved to fix a problem - most people would consider that a good thing - who knows.

Does she still have her super certificate - anyone know - maybe she has been promised teh interim when the get rid of Springston - _ it is a formality Brett - best to just step aside dude

Bobby WC

BobbyWC said...

here is another interesting article wherein Springston called Ayala accomplished - is this a bad thing - or was her being moved a demotion - This is all very confusing to me - if you are asked to move so you can fix a problem this is considered a good thing - why is it bad at BISD?

people I want real evidence before I saying anything negative about her - I am willing to investigate - but I need real evidence

Bobby WC

BobbyWC said...

Every time I research changes after new supers it angers me - good administrators are hard to find - why would good people want to be endless targets of reassignment every time the political wind changes

Every super has done it - but it certainly does not help morale to wait and see if you are secure every time there is a change in administration or board members

This certainly is hurting employee morale for all employees regardless of whose side they may be taking -

This type garbage needs to end and the employees need to be left alone to do their job

Bobby WC

BobbyWC said...

This is an edited comment - it included negative comments about Ayala and until I can verify them I will not allow them to be posted through.

But this other part is helpful to the discussion.

"Most of the time the changes in principals are not as bad as many claim. Principals who are left too long in one postion tend to big a kingdom and think they can do no wrong. A good principal can make positive changes to a new position when they are moved.'

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

Raquel M. Ayala does have her superintendent's certificate. She has a life certifiate earned in 1982. She started as a teacher's aide before 1970. She started teaching in 1970. So she has been with the district for over 40 years. Time to retire!

Anonymous said...

Principals are left to run their campuses. Then why do we need a Superintendent as well as those other Associate or Assistant Administrators? In fact, the Super and the Assistant Admin. positions should be paid less than the campus principals since they don't have to deal with the students, parents, citizens on a daily basis.

Anonymous said...

I am in total agreement with the last post. The area superintendents make a hell of a lot of money while the principals are under so much pressure to raise TAKS scores. Many of these area superintendents have not been on a campus in a very long time and have no idea what good instruction really looks like. The problem with Springston is that he wants to surround himself with less intelligent people, instead of helping himself by hiring those that have are smarter and more experienced. This is the downfall of many superintendents and it certainly will be his.