Tuesday, January 4, 2011


While it is true I did not attend because I had a previous engagement to watch a basketball game - Rivera hosted 9th grade Pace - Rivera won, but almost lost when Pace came back real hard in the 4th quarter. I know some may say, how can a basketball game be more important? Well I promised this kid I would be there. He waited for this moment for 2 years. For privacy purposes my hands are a bit tied. But I will say for the entire family the night was a big triumph. You just never give up on a kid.

(Side note - the 14 month old niece actually just sat there and watched her uncle go up and down the court and loved clapping with us everytime they scored. )

PFLAG is the most amazing thing when it works.  I am being told some 35 people showed - guys this makes it a complete success.  You may think 35 people is not a lot, but believe me 35 means a complete and total success.  If you are a parent who showed please let me know what you think - if you ask me to keep your post private I will.

I am being told the audience ranged from parents of both gays and transgender youth - in high school.  I am so glad these kids feel like they can be out while in high school.  It will make for emotionally  and sexually healthier adults.  I am being told there was a lesbian couple with a child there in support of her mothers.  I am told there were former military personnel.  

35 people is an amazing start.  My source is telling me "but the communication was amazing."  This is what I was saying - there must be a safe haven for all concerned.  When you do not have constant attacking with everyone looking just to serve their agenda you can have communication and success. 

I will submit - our politicians might attend a meeting and learn a thing or three about how to communicate and build something good for the community.

Along these same lines, my source is also saying "It was well-organized, and many many career professionals and students were in attendance. No boundaries, just reciprocal support."

"No boundaries"  this is key - people need to be able to freely speak without being judged.  There is knowledge in freedom.  You cannot fix a problem if your goal is to shout down people and lie about them.  You can only heal if you open your heart and mind to reality.

Again - a lesson lost on our politicians.

I am told teachers attended.  This is good - hopefully they will bring the skill of communicating to the classroom.  It is addictive - the more you open your mind and heart to a diverse world of ideas and values the more you see we are all different, but in key ways really the same.

MY HATS OFF TO A SUCCESSFUL PFLAG.  I will keep everyone informed about the time and place of the next meeting.

Guys - if you have a few extra bucks - send it their way - it takes money to buy supplies.  Also if you attend - check with them in advance for permission to bring snacks and drinks. 

Tomorrow back to politics

Oh does anyone know if the event was in the Herald - I am told a press release was done - but that does not mean the Herald carried it.


Anonymous said...

Bobby, have you seen the agenda for this Thursday's BISD board meeting?
It's all requests by Cata.

I'm beginning to feel that soon we may be required to pay homage to her when passing on the street by raising an arm and stating, "Hail, Cata!"

BobbyWC said...

I will discuss more of this tomorrow - but here is the problem - in principle I do not have a problem with a board member going to the DA with evidence of criminal conduct - I think every board member should be willing to put themselves on the line if they believe the administration is covering for criminal conduct.

The problem we have is, there is clear evidence of criminal conduct by Presas-garcia, Escobedo, Longoria, and Saavedra, and Pena, Aguilar, and Colunga are doing nothing about it - they are cowards who need to be removed from the board - they serve no one but their own existence - there is not an ounce of virtue in the one of them. If they had any honor whatsoever each would announce their immediate resignation as cowards.

I do not know if J rod did anything wrong - in a written statement by Hector Gonzales he did not - so the question becomes - does any investigation need to include Hector Gonzales? - I say yes - According to J Rod's publish stratements hector Gonzales cleared him.

The question is why is Presas-Garcia, Escobedo, Longoria and Saavedra covering for Gonzales? he is the one who wrote J Rod did nothing wrong.

On the attorneys fees issue - there should be insurance - she files a claim under the insurance for a defense - if they deny it she then sues the insurance company -

this is how it is done - rather than sue to force a defense she simply chooses to use taxpayer money and Thompson Horton is all too willing to take our money and be an open participant in the criminal conspiracy.

Thompson and Horton is about to learn a hard lesson

Bobby WC