Saturday, January 1, 2011


The Cameron County page shows he is to be released on Monday - I am not sure how this works - but based on past stories they seem to release them at midnight so that can be run down on 511. I hope this is not the case. But I can assure you - given a choice between being released as it hits midnight, for most of these people is better than waiting until sometime during the day on the 3rd.

I suspect he will have his blog back up and running by Monday or Tuesday. Those who enjoy his writing should look for new posts come Monday or Tuesday.

The city commission election has a lot of hot issues which need to be covered. The more bloggers covering the election the better. On Monday I will start with a series of posts on the election and issues I think are important.

I think all of the bloggers will agree Imagine Brownsville needs to be like a ton of bricks around any candidate who supports it. I suspect support for the sports park could have a similar unity among the bloggers and act like a ton of bricks around any candidate who supports it.

Beyond that I am not sure where we might agree. I personally believe a real mayor comments on the educational system in the community. In my mind every candidate needs to take a position on the UTB/TSC mess, and BISD mess.  They should not be allowed to hide.

I also believe Brownsville needs a coherent water policy, hence the weir dam.

I also believe Brownsville needs to start looking into its future infrastructure needs while money is cheap - possibly a joint effort to bring passenger rail to the valley. There remains the issue of a convention center. The old airport may function as a great cargo airport (Alliance in FTW is a cargo airport and in fact made things better at DFW after Alliance opened).

For commercial purposes I believe it is time the city buy land along 77 for a new airport. Maybe we cannot build it now, but we can buy the land now while land is cheap and money is cheap.

Anyway I can go on an on.

Come Monday people might check back to see if Montoya is posting again. I know people have been asking when he is getting out. Assuming the Cameron County web page is current he gets out anytime after midnight Sunday which in fact is Monday.

There are a ton of issues which need to be addressed in the up and coming city elections.  Hopefully with a diverse number of bloggers all of the issue will get covered - especially the social issues.  Hopefully Montoya will get out into the poorer areas of Brownsville and insure their issues are heard loud and clear.


Anonymous said...

I'll be glad to give him a ride home.

Anonymous said...

So Mr. Montoya will be a free man this coming week. Are you sure he doesn't have to go to a half way house?? I know they are require to attend classes for 12 weeks out in Olmito, or they use to.
Hopefully, Mr. Montoya has learned a lesson, drinking and driving don't mix. It is unlawful, against the law, you can go to prison.

Anonymous said...

Bobby, you found Jesus, good for you.

BobbyWC said...

I have been a student of Joshua all of my life - there is no finding Joshua - you are very, very confused