Tuesday, January 25, 2011


What does a convicted drunk do when they cannot attack the facts, they attack the messenger.

Montoya and Quintanilla are judgment proof. I defy them to produce any document wherein Rick Zayas is my attorney of record. In the defamation lawsuit filed by Quintanills against me, I was dismissed. I am not even a party. Why would I need an attorney in a lawsuit wherein I am not a party.

These people cannot stop lying because they have no moral compass. Accion American nor Quintanilla have a lawsuit against me. It is that simple.


After you minus sales tax and non-profit items how much of the gross is left? We do not know - but yet somehow the vendor is cheating the sheriff. If you do not know the number how then can you know if the sheriff is being cheated?   If a number is ever produced and it shows the sheriff is being cheated, I will certainly denounce it.

What is the mark up by the vendor - no when knows - but yet it is gouging.

The state legislature decided that the taxpayers should not have to pay for inmate services. If you think this is wrong then ask Oliveira and the Lucio's to change the law.

Here is the plain and simple truth. If an item before tax costs one dollar $.35 of that dollar goes to the sheriff for inmate services. The only way you can significanly reduce the cost to inmates is to reduce the amount the sheriff gets.

If Cascos wants to do that - hey I am cool with that - but then he will have to look to the taxpayers to make up the loss - or reduce inmate services. Which will it be Judge Cascos- which will it be?

But back to numbers -

Let's say the item which costs a dollar actually only costs the vendor $.50. This would mean $.15 profit for the vendor and $.35 going to the sheriff. Okay fine cut the profit to $.05. This would mean based on rounding off numbers for every item of this nature sold the sheriff will get $.02 less. Who is going to make up that loss of revenue.  It is not about the one item, it is about reducing the vendors profit by 2/3rds, which will impact gross revenue across the board, thereby reducing significantly the amount received by the sheriff.

As I said from the first post - I will not defend Texas law on the issue. It has been a problem for as far back as I can remember.

All I have done is point out the facts - you cannot say the vendor is cheating the inmates when it is the sheriff getting 35%. You cannot say you are defending the taxpayers when the only real way to significantly reduce the costs to the inmates is to reduce how much the sheriff gets, which in turn means raising taxes.


Anonymous said...

Bobby you could do great things if you did not attack the messenger who whether you like him or not is bringing out the questionable practices of the past.

BobbyWC said...

Whlie I do note he is a convicted drunk which raises questions about his judgment - what am I saying?

Zayas has never appeared anywhere for me as an attorney I have been dismissed from the Dallas lawsuit. It is a lie

These are facts.

On the jail commissary contract I have been very specific

I do not support these contracts - period - I have not defended any contract

All I have done is point out the facts and the lies.

How can you say the vendor is gouging the inmates when you do not even know the vendor's markup?

How can you blame the vendor when it is state law which gives the sheriff the 35% mark-up to fund inmate services.

If you want to argue that we should get rid of the sheriff's mark-up and cap the markup by the vendor - you will hear no complaints from me - I will support it

This is exactly what I said in my first post on the issue.

If they truly care about the inmates why not join me in calling for an end of the 35% sheriff's markup and a cap on the markup by the vendor.

They have not, because the person behind the scenes wants a high markup - something I oppose - regardless of who has the contract.

Anonymous said...

How can you say the vendor is gouging the inmates when you do not even know the vendor's markup?

compare what inmates pay for an item and see what it costs on the outside ....it's not rocket science bobby.....you are just blinded by your hate.

BobbyWC said...

Again I 100% support a cap on the mark-up - but if 35% of the markup if for the sheriff and you refuse to even acknowledge how that is gouging the inmates, then why should I believe you care about teh inmates.

Let's join forces on this

End the markup for the sheriff - this means every item which costs a dollar will now be $.65.

Join me in demanding the legislature cap the mark-up by the vendor.

But assuming the mark up is a lot is just dishonest.

The VA commissary is more expensive than Walmart - why because they cannot get the same valume discounts as Walmart - this is reality

Trying to compare the small time vendor to Walmart is dishonest

Communities all over the US have fought to keep Walmart out because they know they will go out of business if walmart sets up shop - why? they cannot compete.

Blaming Zayas and Cortez for this is dishonest.

Now if you want to say no relative of a vendor can sit on the reviewing committee - I am good with that - no relative of a vendot shoold be allowed to sit on the reviewing committee.

So let's help the inmates and join forces on these three things.

No relatives on the reviewing committee

A cap imposed by law on the mark-up by the vendor

Elimination of the sheriff's 35% markup

This will cut in half what the inmates pay.

Now - do you oppose or support my three ideas.

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

If you agree with Quintanilla who has pointed out the disparity and abuse of this contract why do you attack him. Why not say good job Quintanilla.

BobbyWC said...

he is not pointing out teh disparity - he is claiming the county is not getting enought - the sheriff already gets 35%

I have never defended the system - my opening sentence on the issue was - I will not defend the system

He is playing a numbers game - I agree the sheriff is gouging the inmates - but be clear inmates - if we cut the 35% tehre will be no inmate services - no one even teh great carlos cascos is going to call for taxing the people to pay for inmate services.

This is about a distraction to do injury to Zayas and Cortez whle using inmates as pawns - that makes his evil.

Let's see him join me in calling for a cap - something I did day one - calling for an end of the 35% mark-up by the sheriff -

no relatives on the reviewing committee

now ehen we do teh first two - how do we pay for inmate services.

Until this conartist answers that question he is nothing more than a conartist

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

I think you could accomplish so much more for Brownsville if you,Montoya,Quintanilla etc. joined forces and fought the corruption together instead of fighting each other and never realizing the fruits of your labor.
The corrupted depend on you all fighting each other while they squander our hard earned money.


Anonymous said...

I have a better alternative why don't you join Quintanilla and having the County in house the contract, eliminate the vendor, end the gouging and reduce the costs of items to Inmates. taxpayers win and the Inmates win of course the only losers in this would be Zayas and Cortez.

BobbyWC said...

Name one exampe wherein I called for the cover-up of corruption - evidence not accusations.

I have denounced for breaking the story over escobedo's million dollar contract - they defended it

I brought the successful complaint against Escobedo for using BISD campaign money in his County race

They have attacked me for it.

I have been clear - I do not support any of these jail contracts - what else do you want me to say

But I will not be quiet while people play number games - we know Lehmann is behind this - we know Lehmann helped to orchestrate the million dollar contract

So long as they eat with Escobedo and Lehmann you are delusional if you think they are against the corruption - they are the corruption.

On teh jail contract - to that poster

do you still not understand if you cut the mark-up of the vendor (which you do not even know what it is - but you complain anyway) you cut the amount received by the sheriff - this means raising taxes or cutting services to the inmates

This is why I know they are playing a con on the people.

A fundamental problem is a small vendor cannot compete with Walmart - this is why thousands of small businesses have gone out of business every time Walmart moves in.

This is about attacking Zayas and Cortez when they have nothing to do with the problem.

I would support the State of Texas operating a vendor shop for all jails and prisons. This would improve the discounts received based on volume. I have always supported this for some 20 years - I have always opposed the use of local vendors because they cannot the best price based on volume.

BUT DUDE WE ARE IN TEXAS - do you really believe Texas will support the government taking business away from small business men and women? They will yell communism -

I have posted endless comments on why I support the state going into business and making a profit and lowering costs to the people - I have been arguing this for over 30 years.


It will not happen.

This is about Cascos and Lehmann embarassing teh sheriff so when the new contract comes up they can use it as a political issue.

The pawns = the inmates - shame on them.

Another thing - you do understand
if teh sheriff runs the show he will have to hire people to manage the business - which means health insurance and other benefits paid for by the taxpayers. Are you ready to make those payments

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

Thank you for reporting the facts!

Anonymous said...

Me thinks you have missed the point. Quintanilla and Montaya's crying about the costs is totally self serving. Look, both are deadbeats, liars, and cheats. It's a matter ot time before they are in jail again, where they are most comfortable, without a dime to purchase from the commisary. What will they cry about next?

Anonymous said...

Look, both are deadbeats, liars, and cheats.

Were u talking about Montoya or Ruben Cortez?