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Some people are confused about my comments about past and current BISD Board members not taking action against the corrupt 4 - Escobedo, Presas-Garcia, Longoria and Saavedra. Guys I get these people live in fear and they believe their family comes first. But they are wrong in their mindset. Their family is exposed because of their silence. Ruben Cortez remains silent because he thinks this will save his wife’s job - he is wrong. She is already fired - the paperwork is a formality. It is his silence which has guaranteed his wife being fired.

If you are a teacher and do not understand how this applies to how you teach - quit - you are not qualified to be a teacher. If you do not know the meaning of neurological pedagogy
- quit - go back to school - and then come back to BISD after you learn the truth about how children and in fact you yourself learn.

The community is a bastion of corruption because everyone thinks that by focusing in on themselves they are protecting themselves. False - they are feeding the corruption and they are next.

Why is my writing at time so caustic and mechanical to the point of being dry? You would think caustic would draw people in, but it does not when combined with mechanical reasoning which is both abstract and finite at the same time.

It is my socialization combined with the chemical process which directs my mind. I know 5 year olds who can look at a person and do a pretty good job drawing their face. I cannot draw a circle. I cannot see the circle in a way which allows me to duplicate it. I see what is in the circle, what is around the circle, and what is coming at the circle - but I do not see the detail of the circle.

When I view problems I do not see the problem in its simplest form. My brain automatically looks to what is in the problem, around the problem, and what is coming at the problem. We know in neurological pedagogy we all do not see, hear, touch, taste, sense or process information the same. We also know that we have learning styles, and predispositions to learn one subject better than another. Most people who are good at learning everything equally are in fact not the smartest. They are average. Our classrooms are geared towards them. The smartest people are normally only really good at two subjects.

You may look at something and see orange. I see every shade which went into the creation of the orange color. I see the texture - I see the flaws in the color - I see the most finite aspect of the color. What I do not see is the color. It does not make me better or worse than anyone else.

When I write and read I write in substantive context and not words. We speak in context and not words. This is why you cannot learn a foreign language through the study of words. Language is not words but substance. That substance is seen in not just the linking or words, but in the person expressing the words. A sentence by John may have a completely different meaning than the same sentence by Mary.

I do not see words - even as I type. I will edit this 4-5 times and miss endless grammatical mistakes. I know the rules - hell I have a library of grammar books I study on a regular basis (guys I have not dated in 6 years I have to do something to not lose my mind). The only way I will catch every mistake is to print this out and take a pencil and go word by word using the pencil. It would take me hours.

When I realized I read intuitively I became a reader. I was always in the slow reading group and considered to have learning disabilities. At the same time my teachers knew if they gave me any word - words which were 5- 6 grades ahead of where I should be, I could read them. I just could not read them if they were next to each other. Hell I was spelling and reading by kindergarten. But one word at a time.

One day I just stopped trying to read every word and all of a sudden I found myself reading big books. Most word patterns are the same - does not matter who you are. Concepts are pretty basic. My brain has the word patterns memorized along with their associated concepts. I have been reading intuitively for so long I can no longer see words as separate from one another.

So while I want to cut my ears off when I hear people speaking in a butchered English, I cannot see the same thing when written.

We are all different.


I do not see me fighting for the public good as being concerned with how it might hurt me. The concept is irrational to me. I do not see me as an individual, I see myself as a member of a community. So in my mind when I fight for the community I am fighting for myself. If it is good for the community, it must be good for me. (The previous comma, I missed three times.)

For me fighting in the context of self and how the fight might impact me is alien and irrational. I cannot imagine why anyone would think such a narcissistic approach is actually good for themselves. When you ignore the communal virus long enough, you are next. This self approach goes back to the earliest communities when lone early man found himself having to defend himself. Civilization only advanced as we began to understand “Ordered Liberty.” The Tea baggers are determined to go back to the days of the caveman while defining “Ordered Liberty” as communism. For the record “Ordered Liberty” has been around in some form or shape since the first two early men decided to work together as a team.

So there you have - how my mind works

So when I say someone does not care - I am focusing in on how I perceive reality - for me caring is community first because I am the community. Yea - at this time my mind set is a super minority.

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