Friday, January 14, 2011


It is some 11 years since I have been fighting the Texas Democratic Party and demanding greater access for highly qualified Latinos. Chairman Boyd Richie continues to believe the Texas Democratic Party is a plantation where uppity Negroes and Mexicans are to be kept in their place. Why? Power.

Since Mary Beth Malcolm as the Republican plant declared war on the Latino vote and effectively worked hard to get George W. Bush elected as president by silencing Texas descent against then governor Bush Texas has not had a Democrat elected to state wide office. This trend will continue into 2012 if Chairman Boyd Richie continues to hold the position as party chair.

The TDP needs a party chair who will not hesitate to come to south Texas and demand reform. He/she must make known that the Cameron and Hidalgo County Democratic Parities will mandate that candidates sign pledges to not use politiqueras for the mail ballots or the TDP will denounce both county parties. Democrats are in peril of losing Dallas county because corrupt Obama officials like Ron Kirk are pushing for protection of a corrupt DA, Craig Watkins and his refusal to address the resurgence of politiqueras in Dallas.

Dallas unfortunately remains a highly divided community based on race. Race baiters who are both Latino and black work 24/7 to keep the community divided. Craig Watkins is under FBI investigation for public corruption. I met with highly place court staff and lawyers while in Dallas to find out how the investigation is going. All anyone would tell me is he is firing people who get caught working against him, and tries to use pressure through his office to have you fired if he finds out you work elsewhere in the county.

I will get there - but somehow this piece is taking on a life of its own - but it ties in to the incompetence of TDP Boyd Richie. Dallas Democrats took the county during a lull in the endless battles between the Latino’s and blacks. You now have a full fledge war between the Latino’s and blacks, and the gay leadership against Craig Watkins. Even former court employees are now yelling new Democratic judges are replacing everyone who is not of the same ethnic group or race as themselves. The complaints by the Latino community against Craig Watkins are real. He hides behind the “Freedom Project.” as justification for his corruption. At least in Dallas, no one I buying it any more.


The only way Democrats can take any state wide office in 2012 is to have a highly qualified Latina as the nominee for US Senate. This may be what saves Dallas county from going back to the Republicans. I know the racists cannot read through their anger but I said ‘HIGHLY QUALIFIED” I have no idea who that might be. I think a very successful Latina businesswoman might be the very best candidate because she could then speak to the challenge of running a business and creating jobs. This is something all Texans could relate to.

We do not want a DINOLINO like Noreiga - We want a true Latina who understands what it means to be a Latina in today’s world, but who can also inspire our younger community into becoming successful businessmen and women. She needs to be moderate on abortion and not worry about getting the endorsement of organizations which continue to demand abortion on demand. On this issue she could take a more liberal view by pushing for greater access to the morning after pill for rape and incest victims. There is a balance on this issue which will satisfy independents and Texans as a group.


It is time - number one - but so as to be able to build a real coalition which can put another women in the US Senate, and another Democrat. It would also put Texas into play in 2012 for the Presidential election.

The names I suspect will pop-up first are Bill White (refused to meet with the people of South Texas, while doing lunch with corrupt elected officials) Rod Kirk (currently trying to run interference to protect the corrupt DA in Dallas) and John Sharpe (I’m entitled because I am John Sharpe).

Somewhere in Texas there is a highly qualified Latina who can unite Texas, and finally give the Latino community a reason to vote. The Latino community in South Texas will not vote for her if she attempts to align herself with the elected Democrats of South Texas. This will be a difficult challenge, but if she is smart (a requirement for the job) she can do it. It will demonstrate she can finesse her way through the minefield of politics.

With a strong Latina heading the ticket, the blacks could possibly field a highly qualified candidate for the Texas Supreme Court. A Latina for Senate will bring out the votes for the black candidates seeking statewide office.

Do I think this will happen?- no - the DINO’s who run the TDP will never allow for a voice of the people to be heard. They believe their best path towards power is to keep the uppity Negroes and Mexicans in their place. So my prediction is - 2012 will be another great year for Texas Republicans.

What is truly sad is, by having a highly qualified Latina leading the battle for US Senate, it could put Texas in play for President Obama. Yea there is no one in the Obama Administration willing to take on Texas - to take on Texas means addressing the fact the TDP is in name only and stands for nothing put the continuation of “Plantation Politics” with its current chief overseer, Boyd Richie.

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crying a tear for Craig Watkins

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I will note both the TDP and national have read my piece on putting a Latina as the nominee

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