Friday, January 14, 2011

The King's Speech Poster


This was an excellent film. It was very witty and relaxing. It gets an A+ across the board for acting, directing, writing ,costumes - you name it.

The actor who played the villain Peter Pettigrew in Harry Potter played Churchill. He did a great job (excellent acting), but was hard to view him as a credible Churchill - I wonder is this was an intentional slap at Churchill?

The story is how King Edward came to abdicate the thrown in favor of his brother King George VI. George had a stuttering problem caused by the abuses associated with being the child of an abusive King who understood little about being a father. Ditto for his mother.

A self taught speech therapist helps him to overcome some of the challenges, but never quite succeeds. Things get a lot better, but never perfect.

The story has many sides to it. I enjoyed the attempted power grab by those concerned that the King had taken into his confidence a speech therapist. The power struggle is classic. You feed the King disinformation to undermined his confidence in his friend and the King dumps him. King George saw the con job in the acts of his alleged adviser's.

This was just a great story overall. Every history buff will love this film.

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Anonymous said...

"no, because you have very bad people involved who wante to silence the people trying to speak the truth."

you are so right, Bobby. Actually this is an understatement. People have no idea. "Power corrupts. Absolute power corrupts absolutly"

keep digging. I have seen what you say and much more.