Friday, January 28, 2011


Any given morning you can park in front of Porter High School and see the SUV's with Matamoros license plates lined up dropping off children.  People are very confused about the law on this issue.  I do not care if the child is from Mars and lives in Brownsville illegally, if they live here within BISD's boundaries they are entitled to attend BISD.  I realize there are idiots out there who care nothing about reality, but their parents do pay taxes.  The owners of the house or apartment they rent pay property taxes based on the rent money they receive from their tenants.

The law is also very clear about having to live in the district in order to be allowed to attend school in the district.  For example - if BISD were to recruit a 10th generation American born kid who lives in Port Isabel to play football for BISD, the UIL would issue fines.  The UIL can also issue fines for a kid who plays soccer, but lives in Matamoros.  The issue is not the kid, but whether the kid actually lives within the BISD district.

If these kids live within the BISD district, then why do the plates on the SUV's show Matamoros?  This needs to end.  BISD needs to review the law and see what its options are in terms of questioning the drivers of these SUV's and children in the SUV's.


I have no problem with the fact most of these kids illegally attending BISD are American citizens because their parents could afford to pay for doctors and hospitals on the US side of the border.  There is nothing new in this and it is what it is.

This is how these kids legally get social security numbers.  Many of these families then allow someone on our side of the border to claim this child on their taxes, in exchange for establishing a Brownsville address.  The U.S. American then gets the deductions and child tax credits for this child who does not even live with them.  This is costing the American people millions of dollars in fraud.  We are not only providing these kids a free education, we are paying the payoff to the U.S. American who is party to the fraud.  This must end.

Until and unless BISD establishes a policy to end this abuse, it will not be serious about budget cuts and saving as many teachers as possible.


BISD must look to every non-teaching position and determine if that position is absolutely necessary.  Teachers are always necessary.  Non-teachers are not essential.  BISD should not be looking at balancing this budget on backs of the teachers until every non-teacher who is not 100% essential to BISD's mission has been laid-off.

BISD's busing policy is ridiculous.  High school kids get dropped off at every corner.  The buses stop at every corner.  Where I grew up you needed to be 2 miles from the school to get busing.  And even then we had to walk about 4 blocks to catch the bus.  There needs to be limited general area stops.  This nonsense of picking kids up in front of their house must stop.  It is wasting gas.  We are very close to seeing $4.00 a gallon.  BISD must take a serious look at its busing policy.

Open for ideas on other budget cuts.


Anonymous said...

If these kids live within the BISD district, then why do the plates on the SUV's show Matamoros? This needs to end -BV

some of these instances are probably the reverse of the BISD/matamoros issue. maybe some of these vehicle owners legally live in Brownsville but use an address in matamoros to register their vehicles there. No need to carry US car insurance; probably cheaper too (not sure about this). If you drive around the residential areas around the city, how many MX registered vehicles do you see regularly parked in front of homes? So when you see MX plated vehicles dropping off kids in BISD schools, the issue is: either we are educating kids who live in Matamoros or we are losing on the vehicle registration fees on these MX registered vehicles owned by brownsville residents. pick your poison.

BobbyWC said...

Your statement is important for several reasons - one and the most important - it extends the discussion to a better understanding of what is happening - this is when BV works best and I feel good about my work.

You are correct - there are a growing number of wealthy people from Matamoros who have relocated to Brownsville because of the violence - there children are entitled to attend BISD.

But this problem developed long before the violence.

So I suspect we haev a mixture of people - some live here and keep Mx plates and some do not

Thanks for the post and thanks for extending the discussion

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

Very good discussion on a very important issue!!!

Anonymous said...

Plyer vs Doe was decided in 1982, federal law we must teach everyone and cannot question citizenship.
Other cuts they are talking about included the cutting of full time offensive and defensive coaches at the high schools saves $780,000. Raising the elementary class size K-4 (I assume) to 25 saves $9,000,000. Cut the teaming in middle school saves 3.9 million, second conference for high school core areas saves 1.8 million. Retirement buy out possibly 9,750,000. Those are a few of the suggestions at the budget workshop. Cutting after practice, games busing would save around 2 million. Best case senario we will e hit with 15,927,633 short fall, next is 31,251,360 worst is 50,577,139. It does not look good for BISD. I was at the budget meeting and the next is on February 17.

BobbyWC said...

your application of Plyer is dead wrong and excuse making.

Other border ISD's are doing exactly as I said

This issue is not citizenship - it is residency - the Supreme Court has made clear the ISD's can investigate fraudulent residency which is why I gave the example of the Port Isabel kid

It has nothing to do with citizenship - most of these kids are US citizens - the question is, do they live in Matamoros or Brownsville

The US Supreme Court has been black and white on this - you can invetigate residency - in fact the law mandates it.

So please stop protecting these deadbeat wealthy mexican nationals who seek a free education for their children on the backs of some of the poorest U.S. Americans in the US.

I do not care where they are from - if they do not live within BISD - send them packing to go to school where they live - we can no longer afford to provide them a free education

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

on a side note-are they breaking any US laws if they legally reside here but have their vehicles registered in matamoros? isn't that a form of tax evasion?

Anonymous said...

Finally, we agree on something Bobby. Oh my God! this is absolutely so true.
As I said before: If all of you blogers would join forces, we most definitely be able to elect better government officials.
Thank you.

Anonymous said...

Bobby, how about Mexican nationals that own developed/undeveloped property in Brownville and ARE paying school taxes, have kids who are US citizens attending BISD schools?

Usually those kids use other family member's address as proof of residing in Brownsville.


Anonymous said...

They should use the following as an example to stop people from sending their children to our schools without paying taxes the way every other citizen does:

This woman spent 10 days in jail for using another address in order to send her children to a different school.

Anonymous said...

Bobby Cervantes you are right (conservatively speaking far winger) on target pushing the anti Mexican anti Immigrant Anti America hate agenda, since you are not originally from the valley you have no understanding that the relationship between Mexico and Brownsvile has been a strong viable one. You have now join the ranks of the hatemongers. Shame on you.

Anonymous said...

"I do not care if the child is from Mars and lives in Brownsville illegally, if they live here within BISD's boundaries they are entitled to attend BISD. I realize there are idiots out there who care nothing about reality, but their parents do pay taxes. The owners of the house or apartment they rent pay property taxes based on the rent money they receive from their tenants." Your statement is correct. However, you have illegal children whose parents rent an apartment or a house where more than one family reside. In many cases you may have four families living in the same address with multiple siblings. The children go back and forth to Matamores on a daily basis or on the weekends but legally they have a residency in Brownsville which they report to the school district. The school district's attendance office often do investigates if the children reside at the given address. What they find is a child living in the given address with more than one family which is not illegal. Therefore, you will see cars with Mexican plates going to drop off children everyday because they are using that address to obtain an education for their children in the United States. This folks are not wealthy but they do want a better educational program for their children.

Anonymous said...

Doubt if anything will ever happen now. At about 4000 to 5000 per head count and the budget being the way it is.

BobbyWC said...

On the bullshit racial allegation - I made it clear the rule applies to an Anglo who is her efor 10 generations

In dallas this is an ongoing battle - They recruit football players from outside the district get caught - an dthe UIL comes in.

This has nothing to do with race.

I went out of my way to defend anyone who lives in Brownsville illegally and state they do pay taxes and their children are entitled to and education.

I went out of my way to say the children I am talking about are probably US citizens

This issue has nothing to do with race or citizenship - if you live in the district then you get an education.

I was clear - if the parents rent or own in BISD then they get an education.

I do not have a problem with families renting low rent apartments to establish residency -
that is the rule - they follow it - they get an education.

As to being poor - bullshit - the only poor people are the poor people who do live in the district being denied resources so these wealthy Mexican nationals can get their children a free education.

Since when is driving a $40-50,000 SUV make you poor

As is always the case - when you cannot win on facts throw out teh race card.

Bobby WC

BobbyWC said...

I am going to admit to a double standard - if the evidene showed that the kids getting the free education were dirt poor I probably would not even talk about -

yes it is a double standard -

These kids parents are driving 440-50,000 suvs, while the parents of a lot of BISD children some of who are here illegally are being denied the resources they need to help their children.

I say it is better the recources go to help the low income Mexican Americans in Brownsville whether here legally or not than to the chlidren of wealthy Mexican nationals.

Now what I have supported, and this may be a good thing for BISD is the legislature allowing Mexican children to attend ISD's on the border for a fee. This could help local school districts to raise desperately needed revenue.

Anonymous said...

I do not think it is a good idea for the bloggers to work together. I feel that the BV is doing an excellent job reporting the issues. It reports are based on unbiased facts with supportive evidence.

Anonymous said...

What neighborhood have you been visiting BWC, my school has many Children whose parents do not drive SUV's. Disappointed that you have join the ranks of "get all those illegal criminal aliens out of the US". You need to change your name back to Roiert Wightman, your moma is crying right now hearing your anti immigrant talk.

Anonymous said...

Educating non-district students is all about numbers and economics for BISD.
We have teachers who only teach 4 and a half hours because of double planning etc.
We have too many very old people that need to retire especially in the main office and some supportive positions in the schools.
I could go on and on but it would take forever.
Everyone needs to tighten his/her belt.
This board needs to make some hard decisions and not worry about being politically correct.
Thank you---God bless you.

Anonymous said...

An explanation was given to you on the families (multi-families)that rent an apartment for the purpose of establishing residency in Brownsville. The number of families that follow this process outnumber the ones that drive the expenses SUV. Yes, the problem exist as you have stated; however, the required educational services mutiply when the school has to provide biligual services, special education services, health services, etc. Schools try to contact parents but more than often there is no response because the parents are in Matamoros or they are afraid that they will be discovered. You do an excellent job of presenting concerns to the community; but please don't over react. Sometime it is better to listen to all the facts and than make a statement. Just like you do when you need verification of the facts.

BobbyWC said...

I specifically stated Porter - anyone can go there in the morning and see what is happening.

I have clearly stated I am not talking about illegals in Brownsville - they are protected and should be protected.

I get there are some people who are here illegally and are afraid to meet with BISD

This is a good issue - BISD needs to do a better job in telling them they are safe so that they will be more active parents - We need to insure these parents feel safe, IN dallas it was done through the churches - DISD would meet with them on what they considered safe ground - BISD should do the same.

I agree this is an important issue where BISD is failing.

On these children speficically - I prefer the money go to low income children who parents are here illegally to help them with bilingual issues and special ed - over going to teach children whose parents are weathly and live in Matamoros.

But as is always the case - Quintanilla who is making these postes seeks to defend the wealthy - so how much are they paying him to insure their kids get a free education while poor immigrant children face fewer resources.

I will defend the poor children of undocumented workers any day over the wealthy parents in Matamoros who seek to have these limited resources used for their children.

Shame on them and anyone who defends them

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

Bisd has a very large and active attendance department. The schools check out the students who are suspected of not residing in the district all year long. Everytime a report card is mailed out and returned because of the wrong address a visit is made to that address. They are removed from school if they can not again prove residency. Many of the parents who drive the expensive vehicles own a business in Mexico or work in Mexico and register their vehicle there. As long as they have a residence both places the registration is most likely legal. The Winter Texans who spend even 6 months in Texas do not register their vehicle in TX unless it is cheaper than their home state. Many of the students requiring the ESL programs were born in Brownsville have lived here all their lives but the family speaks spanish in the home. Many of the day trippers or those who rent to get a BISD education learn English very quickly. They are motivated to get ahead not like those who have lived in Brownsville their entire life not needing to speak English.

BobbyWC said...

again all I care about are those coming from Matamoros - no one else - this is easy to verify - Porter security takes down the license plate and have border security check it against anyone who cross over within the hour. This is how you start.

I will be the first to defend any child whose parents are here illegally - these are the true victims in this con -

we need to make sure they are getting the resouces they need.

School districts all along the border have reduced the number of illegal students attending their schools why such a fight in Brownsville.

BUT i thing a solution may be the legislature allowing BISD to charge these parents a fee - it becomes a way to raise revenue and keeps everyone legal

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

The BISD web site has a very good article about the possible budget cuts. It is a very comprehensive lists and would affect all areas of the district. Many of the things are the list are nice and have been enjoyed by the administrators,teachers, staff and students in BISD but most would not drastically change the education provided to the children.

BobbyWC said...

Thanks for the helpful information.

I think any honest person can agree - programs and teachers should be off limits until Administration can certify there is no choice.

This is all the more reason why teh Healthsmart lawsuit must go forward - we need that money

Anonymous said...

While I understand your arguments about Mexican national students who are being sent to school here in BISD, we also don't know the situation.

Things may look one way but might be something else. There are no absolutes when it comes to an education and residency.

Some of these students may be living with family in Brownsville but visit their parents in Matamoros/Reynosa/insert border town on the weekends or during vacation.

It is also possible that the parents have given their child a vehicle and the student drives to Matamoros on the weekends to spend time with the family. Because the vehicle was purchase in Mexico and is probably under the parents' name, it has Mexican license plates.

If the child is living with family IN THE SCHOOL DISTRICT, then technically taxes are being paid and technically, that student has EVERY right to be here.

I am not trying to be argumentative but I am trying to point out that different circumstances affect the outcome of what is a student in the school district and who has a right to be here...