Tuesday, January 18, 2011


What follows are a series of emails I received from BISD’s employees.

“I love my current insurance. The previous insurance was a nightmare. No one would ever help me and my disabled son went months on end without his medications as I had to fight the same problems over and over again.”

"My pregnant wife was denied coverage by the previous insurance company. We did not know this until the hospital told us while she was being admitted for the birth of our daughter. My son was just born over the holidays. The current insurance company paid everything as agreed to.”

“After my husband was diagnosed with diabetes the previous insurance carrier cancelled his coverage. This cost us all of our savings. The new insurance company has paid for all of his supplies.

Anyone can claim they have spoken to someone or received an email. It is this easy to create a bogus news story to accomplish a political end.

There are no emails - there is no story. I am just trying to prove a point.


Anonymous said...

Bobby was there a savings for the district when healthsmart was replaced? People are being told that there was not.

BobbyWC said...

According to BISD documents there was - not even rusterberg disagrees with this fact - his point is BISD can even do better.

Rusteburg also plays the game that he would use a different model of analysis and then fails to plug in the numbers.

As my post on the bogus emails related to the insurance demonstrates anyone can argue anything.

Bottom line on Rusteberg and Healthsmart is - Looney reviewed Healthsmart after the previous insurance consultant found problems.

If you are to believe the corrupt 4 - two different insuance consultants, an independent auditor, and the city of Lubbock are all in a conspiracy to destroy Healthsmart -

If you believe that - I lost you before I started

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

The problems with healthsmart were over biiling the district? The doctors are not charging less for services under the new plan? The savings to the district comes from not over charging rates under the new plan?

Anonymous said...

Well NOW everyone knows that Accion America and Carlos Quintanilla are just here to help Healthsmart get off he hook for allowing BISD to get overcharged for everything. Healthsmart allowed for people to be denied in certain coverage. Come on everyone wake up Carlos Quintanilla and his Accion America are just here for their own gain, or should I say for Carlos Quintanilla's gain. So Very Sad for our community!!!!!!!!!!!