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We now know Quintanilla has gone off the deep end. He seems to think that by continuing his defamation false light against me he can distract from the facts. He cannot - but he does increase my damages against Jaime Escobedo, Enrique Escobedo, Pat Lehmann and his wife, Lucy Longoria and her husband and Cata Presas-Garcia and her husband to name just a few. They brought him here to create havoc and promote fraud on the people. Under the legal theories of joint enterprise and conspiracy they are all jointly responsible. You watch come late summer when the lawsuits are filed how fast they denounce Quintanilla - it will be too late.

I am the first to agree that something a federal judge said about him in 1995 is irrelevant, unless the evidence shows he is still the same man in 2011.

Quintanilla appears to have done about 6 months for (maybe less with good time - I do not have the exact number of months) one of the convictions. He was given 2 years probation for the other convictions. After he got out of jail motions to revoke his probation were filed. The judge tried to give him a chance but finally decided to send him back to jail “because of a pattern of violations that demonstrated Quintanilla was unsupervisable.” Date of entry 1/13/1995.

Now I agree 1995 is kind of remote to hold against someone - but as late as 2008 he was held in contempt - sentence suspended - for failure to pay his child support. When you look to the bankruptcy of his corporation the judge gave him a second chance after the Trustee recommended dismissal of the bankruptcy. Quintanilla failed to keep his promise and the judge dismissed the bankruptcy. In case after case wherein he has been sued and a judgment has issued - attorneys are forced to file motions to compel him to act in accordance with the law.

So you see - whether it is 1995, or 2011, he remains a wild hair. This is why I goat him on - I know he will respond and give me more evidence against the corrupt 4. Last year according to pleadings in Dallas County he passed 4 checks for $3,000 each to a company doing business with his bogus radio station “La Voz”. His deposition testimony tells a story of people just throwing money at him. He could not answer a simple question about how much of the money he got to keep. We know he did use it to cover the $12,000 in bad checks.


There are three DBA’s for Accion America in Dallas County. The first filed in 2007 shows a General Partnership between Jose Galvez and Carlos Quintanilla. This means Mr. Galvez will be equally liable for the judgment if Zayas and Cortez win their lawsuit.

Here is the problem - in 2010 Quintanilla testified as follows:

“25 Q. All right. And they're all sole -- I'm sorry. Go
page 26

1 ahead.
2 A. And Accion America the d/b/a, also.
3 Q. Okay. And all of these -- thank you. And all of
4 these are sole proprietorships owned by you, sir?
5 A. That's correct.
6 Q. All right. Are there -- do you have any other
7 partners? And when I mean partners, I mean people that
8 either participate with making decisions for these d/b/a's
9 and/or provide monies to these d/b/a's?
10 A. Could you repeat the question?
11 Q. Yeah. Do you have -- is it just Carlos
12 Quintanilla or do you have partners in this -- in these
13 endeavors of all these d/b/a's?
14 A. No. It's just Carlos Quintanilla.”

No, Just Carlos Quintanilla - but yet the DBA shows a General Partnership with Jose Galvez - Don’t worry Carlito Villalobos will not prosecute.

It does not end there - he also testified that he authorized a Margarita Santana to use the name for a Farmers Branch Chapter. Here is the problem - no such filing exists. There are two subsequent filings in 2008, wherein a Margarita Lara is listed as owning a LLC for Accion America. Does not exist - but the address is Quintanilla’s home in Dallas. There is a second in 2008 with the name of Margarita Lara as a sole proprietorship - again using Quintanilla’s address.

If Quintanilla speaks he lies.


The city of Lubbock has problems with Healthsmart and out of nowhere Quintanilla and Ted Parker show up to support a candidate who supports Healthsmart. To read Quintanilla’s deposition on the issue it is 100% coincidental.

BISD has problems with Healthsmart and out of the blue Quintanilla shows up in Brownsville. Now remember, I have already established he committed perjury as it relates to ownership of Accion America. No withdrawal was ever filed as to the ownership with Jose Galvez so he is still the co-owner.


John Barr State Bar # 01798700 does corporate and insurance work. His name came to my attention because I would see him reading the BV on an on and off basis. John Barr is Ted Parkers attorney and in fact filed the lawsuit in Dallas for Ted Parker against City of Lubbock officials. This is the lawsuit which was dismissed after Ted Parker agreed to pay the City of Lubbock $850,000.00


John Barr State Bar # 01798700

According to Quintanilla it is pure coincidence that he showed up in Lubbock at the same time as Ted Parker and they both ended up working for the same candidate. According to Quintanilla John Barr a corporate and insurance attorney who just happen to represent both him and Ted Parker. Coincidence my ass.

If you buy this - then please never read the BV again - you are beyond help.

When Quintanilla was asked about contributions from Healthsmart or Ted Parker he testified that the question was irrelevant.

“Page 62

13 Q. Okay. And so I'm asking you now. Does
14 Healthsmart or has Healthsmart and/or Ted Parker ever given
15 you any kind of financial contribution, or in kind
16 contribution, sir?
17 A. I think that's irrelevant. I don't think -- if
18 he's a Plaintiff, if he's a participant, I think that
19 question is irrelevant -“


If Quintanilla speaks he cons and lies. He wants people to believe the Herald just did an article on the Commissary contract - false - the article is a year old - there is nothing going on with the contract.

His complaint is no money is going to the county - false - the sheriff’s budget is county money - the 35% markup the sheriff imposes on commissary items, not Zayas or Cortez, goes for prisoner services. Without this 35% markup charged by the sheriff, the sheriff would have to go to the taxpayers for the money. This 35% mark-up saves the taxpayers money.

Carlos Cascos told NBC 23 he has no jurisdiction over this matter - it is a matter for the sheriff. Under the law the county cannot receive any of the money. Quintanilla lies because he is a very bad person without a moral compass to guide him.

"It’s under the sheriff's jurisdiction and the sheriff's jurisdiction alone. The sheriff is the individual by state statute that determines the commissary award. He reviews the contract. The negotiations are strictly done by the sheriff."

“The judge says although the organization has some valid points, Quintanilla may be misunderstanding some numbers.”

In the video Judge Cascos makes clear Quintanilla is misrepresenting the profits of the vendor.

So why is Quintanilla using a year old Herald article to make it look like something is happening now, and failing to tell people in his bogus press releases that Judge Cascos told him the county has no jurisdiction over the matter, and that he has his numbers wrong?

Answer - Quintanilla is a con-artist liar

Oh, he also testified that he has access to Cascos through Chris Valadez with whom he has had meetings. And we know from pictures he meets with Lehmann on a regular basis. We also know that just before he gave his deposition he met with Lehmann in Dallas, but that the two of them did not discuss the lawsuit according to Quintanilla. Do you believe him?.


Cascos through his actions and Chris Valadez is clearly one of the promoters of this professional con artist.  Through Quintanilla's testimony he had money being thrown out him for "La Voz" radio, but yet according to Dallas County filings wrote $12,000 in bad checks in 2010, - where is the money?

As an accountant you would think Cascos would know better, but then he is a politician first and accountant second.

It is something that Gilbert Hinojosa was so busy trying to defraud the voters it never occurred to him he could win the election by questioning Cascos' ties to this con man convicted felon.

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